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For similar titled events, see BLOXtober.

Hallow's Eve (2018) is an event on Roblox. It has been stated on the Developer Forum that there are at least 10 games that award prizes.[1] It is sponsored by the film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.


Name Image Creators/Group
Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Awesome Ship-Bee Websites
Stylz Makeover
Stylz Makeover (Halloween).jpg
Finders Keepers
Candlelit Games
Robloxian Highschool
Robloxian Highschool (Halloween).jpg
Robloxian High School Group
Mystic Tower
Hallow's Eve (Halloween Event).jpg
Darkenmoor (Hallow's Eve).jpg
Boid Studio
Boardwalk Tycoon
Boardwalk Tycoon Team
Escape Room
Escape Room (Halloween).jpg
Flee the Facility
Flee The Facility (Hallow's Eve).jpg
A.W. Apps
Roblox Deathrun
Roblox Deathrun (Halloween).jpg
Team Deathrun


Name Game Image Objective
Here Lies... Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Graveshaker Pauldrons.png
Obtained upon entering the game for the first time.
Spider Antlers Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Web Infested Antlers.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 1 to Stylz Makeover.
Clown Head Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Creeps the Clown.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 2 to Hunted.
Spritely Shroud Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Spooky Flame Head.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 3 to Finders Keepers.
Pumpkin Backpack Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Jack O' Lantern Book Bag.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 4 to Robloxian Highschool.
Skeleton Grappling Hook Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Grave Grappler.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 5 to Mystic Tower.
Pumpkin Treat or Trick Pale Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Jack O'Pail.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 6 to Darkenmoor.
Spider Headphones Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 7 to Boardwalk Tycoon.
Cat Eye Glasses Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Cat Eye Glasses.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 8 to Escape Room.
Pumpkin Fedora Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Jack O' Lantern Fedora.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 9 to Flee the Facility.
Grim Reaper's Hood Hallow's Eve: Sinister Swamp
Grim Reaper Hood.png
Obtained upon walking through Hidden Door 10 to Roblox Deathrun.
Imaginary Companion Escape Room
Imaginary Friend.png
Escape the new Twilight Manor map.
Niffler Companion Escape Room
Niffler Companion (New).png
First, begin the quest by clicking on the briefcase in the lobby. Catch the Niffler by walking up to it on the Treasure Cave single player map, then by clicking on it in three different locations on the Prison Break single player map, and finally touch it one last time on the Twilight Manor multiplayer map.
Possessed Cat Head Robloxian Highschool
Creepy Kitty.png
Complete the Halloween maze by finding the way to the center and then reaching the top of the wooden tower.
Pickett Shoulder Companion Robloxian Highschool
Pickett Shoulder Companion.png
Collect all 5 Fantastic Beasts scattered around the map.
Skeletal Masque Darkenmoor
Bone Tired Mask.png
Survive the new Horde mode until Wave 3, then defeat the Pumpkin Spice boss.
Elder Wand Darkenmoor
Elder Wand.png

Talk to Edwin, then help him find the Zouwu (lobby), Briefcase (horde mode) and The Lure (monster mode).

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
Newt's Magical Case
Newt's Magical Case.png
Earn all event prizes before November 17th, 2018.


Although the general concept, prizes, and objectives of the three picked games were well received, many players criticized that 10 of the 18 prizes were simply earned by walking through doors in the game lobby, and 7 out of the 10 games only rewarded a prize for walking through their respective doors without any additional challenges.

Individual objectives in the games were criticized too; some players found the maze in Robloxian Highschool to be difficult as it was randomly-generated on each server and held a few monsters that sent players back to the start if touched.

Escape Room's objectives and its new map Twilight Manor, suffered moderate lag and several bugs such as the book puzzle not working.

Darkenmoor has also been criticized due to the spawn rate of the Lure being very low, and many people would be trying to get it at the same time. Another criticism was of the horde mode, which was unfair for inexperienced players.

A small factor that got the event criticized was the lack of BLOXtober gifts like 2017, but again, new items in the long-lasting Vlad the Impaler and Sinister lines were added in the avatar shop.


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  • This is the second time a Hallow's Eve/BLOXtober event did not include any gifts. The first time was Hallow's Eve (2017).