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Hallow's Eve 2014: The Witching Hour Returns was the sequel to BLOXtober 2013: The Witching Hour. It was sponsored by Kirby Buckets. In the one game in the event, players fought different types of monsters in order to protect a cauldron. Users could also gain prizes by defeating different types of monsters. There is a fully functional exact replica of the game called Hallow's Eve 2014 Rebooted.


Name Image Creator/Group
Hallow's Eve 2014 : The Witching Hour Returns Hallow's Eve 2014 Thumbnail.jpg Games


Name Image Objective
Construction Zombie Construction Zombie.png Defeat all four types of zombies during a zombie wave.
Biker Werewolf Biker Werewolf.png Defeat all four types of werewolves during a werewolf wave.
Crystal Skull of Defeated Skeletons Crystal Skull of Defeated Skeletons.png Defeat all four types of skeletons during a skeleton wave.
Royal Serpent Mummy Royal Serpent Mummy.png Defeat all four types of mummies during a mummy wave.
Frankenshades Frankenshades.png Defeat all four types of Frankensteins during a Frankenstein wave.
Ghost Fedora Ghost Fedora.png Defeat all four types of ghosts during a ghost wave.
Wizard Lizard Wizard Lizard.png Defeat all four types of dinosaurs during a dinosaur wave.
Macho Taco Macho Taco.png Defeat one of the Dawnzillas during a Kirby Buckets wave.
Umberhallow the Extinguished Umberhallow the Extinguished .png Defeat Lord Umberhallow when he rarely appeared during a wave.
King of the Vlads King of the Vlads.png Defeat Vlad the Impaler when he rarely appeared during a wave.
Obvious Troll Obvious Troll.png Defeat the Troll Warlord when it was summoned by a player with the Troll Summoner.

Catalog Items

These items only worked in Hallow's Eve 2014 : The Witching Hour Returns.

Name Image Price Function
Candy Bomb Candy Bomb.png 700 Robux Unknown
Monster Compass Monster Compass.png 250 Robux Unknown
Monster Radar 3f9a55e70716557abb8f74d857255d3e.png 100 Robux Unknown
Rapid Candy Launcher Rapid candy launcher.png 1,200 Robux Unknown
Troll Summoner Troll Summoner.png 99,999 Robux Allowed players so summon the Troll Warlord.

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