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Hallow's Eve 2016: Trick or Treat Countdown was an event that was sponsored by Nerf. It served as an extra prequel to Hallow's Eve 2016. Unlike other events, only the prizes were revealed and players were given a hint and had to figure out which game the prize could be found in. A new prize and hint were revealed every few days. The games featured were Design It, Blox Hunt, Retail Tycoon, MeepCity, Super Bomb Survival and Dinosaur Simulator with one prize per game.[1]


Name Image Creator/Group
Design It! Design It!.png tktech
Blox Hunt Blox Hunt.png Aqualotl
Retail Tycoon Retail Tycoon-0.png Haggie125
MeepCity Meepcity Thumbnail 1.28.17.png alexnewtron
Super Bomb Survival SuperBombSurvival!!.png Polyhex
Dinosaur Simulator Dinosaur Simulator Thumbnail 2.3.17.png ChickenEngineer


Name Image Game Objective
Pumpkin Shoulder Friend Pumpkin Shoulder Friend.png Design It! Place in the top 3 in a Halloween-themed round.
Nerf Cape Sponsercape.png Blox Hunt Find two hiders as a seeker in one round.
Pumpkin Launcher Pumpkin Launcher New.png Retail Tycoon Sell 250 candies.
Nerf Top Hat NERF Top Hat.png MeepCity Catch 100 fish at the fishing ponds.
Spider Cap Spider Cap New.png Super Bomb Survival Collect 20 candies.
Nerf Candy Basket Nerf Candy Basket.png Dinosaur Simulator Survive 100% into adulthood.

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