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For similar titled events, see BLOXtober.

Hallow's Eve (2017) is a sponsored event that began on October 18, 2017, and ended on October 31, 2017. This event was sponsored by Nerf. The event includes a game that was made for this event, called A Tale of Lost Souls. It was made by Swift Dev .


Beware, the night of fright is almost here! Roblox is counting down the days ‘til the spookiest time of the year with a bone-chilling seasonal event, sponsored by the Nerf brand! Grab your Nerf blaster and join your friends, because this is one frightful adventure you won’t want to embark on by yourself. Complete the missions and play the ALL-NEW Roblox game, “Hallow’s Eve: A Tale of Lost Souls,” to win exclusive virtual prizes from now until October 31!


Name Image Creator/Group
Hallow's Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls Hallow's Eve 2017 A Tale of Lost Souls Thumbnail.jpg Swift Dev
Azure Mines Azure Mines.jpg
Blox Hunt Blox Hunt 2v.png Aqualotl


Name Image Game Objective
Skeletal Crown Skeletal Crown.png Hallow's Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls Complete all of the quests in Dungeon Two.
Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt NERF Zombie Strike Dreadbolt.png Hallow's Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls Defeat the boss.
Skeletal Shoulder Pads Skeletal Shoulder Pads.png Azure Mines Mine 10 Sulfur and bring it to the Mad Scientist.
Nerf Zombie Strike Scarf Nerf Zombie Strike Scarf.png Azure Mines Shoot down and collect 20 Pumpkinite above the mine.
Ghostly Tricorn Hat Ghostly Tricorn Hat.png Blox Hunt Win a round on the Blox Manor map as a seeker.
Nerf Zombie Strike Fedora Nerf Zombie Strike Fedora.png Blox Hunt Win a round on the Blox Manor map as a hider during a Flipped Roles round.

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
Hallows’ Eve Zombie Mask Hallows’ Eve Zombie Mask.png Collect all of the prizes before the event ended.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Nerf Dart Crown NERF Dart Crown.png Free
Nerf Shoulder Companion Nerf Shoulder Companion.png Free
Nerf Zombie Strike Beanie Nerf Zombie Strike Beanie .png Free
Nerf Zombie Strike Tie Nerf Zombie Strike Tie.png Free
Nerf Zombie Strike Shirt Nerf Zombie Strike Shirt.png Free


Hallow's Eve 2017 received "generally positive" reception for it's great use of smooth terrain and simple quests. People criticized the event for the maze in the haunted mansion and a bug with the Headless Horseman quest.

People also criticized it for the removal for BLOXTober Gifts. Despite the removal, Vlad The Impaler XII and Sinister. E were released on the catalog without their gifts. A small flaw people called out was the NERF sponsorship again, giving lacking looking prizes.

Overall, the event got positive reception.


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  • In A Tale of Lost Souls, there is a dabbing skeleton in the maze.
  • The maze also has eggs from Egg Hunt 2017. Some include EGG9000, ROBLOX Egg, Sand Shark Egg, Pegguin, and more.
    • DieSoft and Ravenshield are additionally depicted in the maze in a cell, with the EBR Egg.
  • There are zombie forms of the Heroes of Robloxia team in the maze map in A Tale of Lost Souls.
  • The maze also features Swift Dev developers, who you can talk to. One developer even asks you to leave feedback about the game.
  • The Sleepy Hollow map in A Tale of Lost Souls refers to the American Revolution.
  • This is the third time Blox Hunt has been sponsored for an event and the second time Azure Mines has gotten sponsored for an event.
  • This is the second year in a row that Blox Hunt has been featured for Hallow's Eve/Bloxtober.
  • This is also the fifth year in a row that Hallow's Eve/Bloxtober had a custom game built.
  • This is the second time this year that both Azure Mines and Blox Hunt have been in an event.
  • This is the third year in a row that a Halloween event has been sponsored by Nerf.
  • During February 2018, you could've still been able to get the Skeletal Shoulder Pads in Azure Mines and the NERF Zombie Strike Dreadbolt in Hallow's Eve 2017: A Tale of Lost Souls since the developers haven't shut down the original existing servers from the event
    • However a few months after a lot of users started discovering this glitch, Berezaa later patched the glitch in Azure Mines.
  • 2017 is the only year (so far), to feature a two-part Hallow's Eve/Bloxtober.
  • This is one of the only years to not feature BLOXtober gifts.



Hallow's Eve Trailer 2017

The teaser trailer about the new custom game for the event.