Halloween Sale 2019 was a minor sale that celebrated Halloween 2019. It began on October 21, 2019 and ended on November 1, 2019. Different Halloween-themed items were discounted and several off-sale items returned. Some UGC items were also discounted. Like many previous sales, there was no official announcement regarding this one.

Official sale

New items

Name Image Price
Sinister F
Sinister F
800 Robux
Dominus Formidulosus Dominus Formidulosus 13,000 Robux (31-hour timer)

Discounted items

Name Image Price
Gourdphones Gourdphones 250 Robux → 125 Robux (50% off)
Brain Brain 150 Robux → 75 Robux (50% off)
Sophisticated Bat Sophisticated Bat 125 Robux → 63 Robux (50% off)
Werewolf on your Head Werewolf on your Head 175 Robux → 88 Robux (50% off)
Friendly Mummy Friendly Mummy 100 Robux → 50 Robux (50% off)
Ghostly White Hair with Black Bow Ghostly White Hair with Black Bow 50 Robux → 25 Robux (50% off)
Gothic Top Hat Gothic Top Hat 600 Robux → 300 Robux (50% off)

Returning items

Name Image Price
All Hallow's Hawk All Hallow's Hawk 150 Robux
Pumpkin Inferno Pumpkin Inferno 250 Robux
Halloween Stage Prop Halloween Stage Prop 30 Robux

UGC sale

New items

Name Image Price
Bewitching Battress Bewitching Battress 99 Robux
Wings Of Wrath Wings Of Wrath 170 Robux
Monster Backpack Monster Backpack 100 Robux
Pumpkin Purse Pumpkin Purse 150 Robux
Pumpkin full of Treats Pumpkin full of Treats 150 Robux
Friendlies Friendlies 125 Robux
She-Devil 'Do She-Devil 'Do 150 Robux
Big Back Skelly Friend Big Back Skelly Friend 100 Robux
Invictus Scythe Invictus Scythe 500 Robux
Horns of Destructias Horns of Destructias 260 Robux

Discounted items

Name Image Price
Vampress Double Buns Vampress Double Buns 175 Robux → 99 Robux (57% off)
Pink & Blue Dipped Blondie Pink and Blue Dipped Blondie 150 Robux → 99 Robux (66% off)
Pumpkin Beret Pumpkin Beret 150 Robux → 75 Robux (50% off)
Spider Friend Spider Friend 100 Robux → 70 Robux (30% off)
Black Button Eyes Black Button Eyes 99 Robux → 49 Robux (50% off)
Pumpkin Stack Pumpkin Stack 175 Robux → 99 Robux (57% off)
Black Crown Black Crown 400 Robux → 199 Robux (50% off)
Dark King Dark King 400 Robux → 199 Robux (50% off)
Cursed Wolf Skull Cursed Wolf Skull 200 Robux → 160 Robux (20% off)
Chest Mimic Chest Mimic 320 Robux → 160 Robux (50% off)
The Rattling Skull The Rattling Skull 500 Robux → 250 Robux (50% off)
Blue Wolf Mane Blue Wolf Mane 100 Robux → 80 Robux (20% off)
Totally Normal Noob Head Totally Normal Noob Head 250 Robux → 200 Robux (20% off)

Off-sale items


Name Image Price
Candy Corn Antlers Candy Corn Antlers 250 Robux
Wrappings of Demise Wrappings of Demise 80 Robux

Amazon-exclusive items

These items were only purchasable through any Amazon device or a device with the Amazon Appstore installed.

Name Image Discounted Price
Grinning Grim
Grinning Grim
300 Robux → 75 Robux (75% off)
Magic Broom Black Cat
Magic Broom Black Cat
1,000 Robux → 250 Robux (75% off)



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  • The descriptions for the two Amazon-exclusive items, the Grinning Grim and the Magic Broom Black Cat, are the only items from this sale that shared a different description for it in a different format than the rest.
    • The descriptions of these stated "LIMITED TIME ONLY (Oct. 21 – Nov. 1): Featured Halloween Items on Amazon", while the rest have the main aforementioned description "LIMITED TIME ONLY (Oct. 22 – Nov. 1): Stock up on the spookiest items this Halloween!" instead.
  • The Bewitching Battress UGC item was created exclusively for this sale, along with its availability, which could have only been purchased during the sale.
  • The release of the Dominus Formidulosus caused many limited item prices to drop.
  • Throughout October, Roblox also released one new Halloween themed item everyday from October 1 to October 13.
    • These were also the last items officially made by the Roblox avatar shop team that had a theme.
  • This is the first Halloween sale that didn't have a new Vlad the Impaler (series) hat, a 10 year long hat tradition.
  • Sinister F being released out of nowhere lead some people to believe that the Sinister hat series was cancelled, similar to the Vlad hats.
  • Halloween Stage Prop initially came out of a gift and is one of the first gift items to come back on-sale.
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