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Halloween Treasure Hunt was a Roblox event held during Halloween 2007. The event was exclusive to Builders Club members only, as ownership of the Halloween Lorebook One, then marked Builders Club-only, was required to participate. Users in the event had a chance to earn The Crimson Catseye hat if they located the 12 lorebooks scattered around the map.


Name Image Creator/Group
Content Deleted


Name Game Image Objective
The Crimson Catseye Content Deleted
Collect all the lorebooks.



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  • The event took place on a modified version of the Haunted Hill level, which was built by Shedletsky in 2006.
  • Due to the short and secretive nature of this event, the blog post about it was published after it had ended rather than when it began.
  • Though The Crimson Catseye was the prize for this event, at the time it could also be purchased in the catalog for 50,000 Tickets.
  • The account used to host the event, HauntedHill, has since been terminated. The reason for this is currently unknown.
    • HauntedHill's level in which the event took place has also been moderated, rendering it inaccessible and making it difficult to find information about the event.

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