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The Hats for Haiti program started on January 15, 2010, by the Roblox Corporation to help relief efforts in Haiti to help ease the damages caused by the 2010 7.0 Magnitude Haiti Earthquake by donating money for every Blue Hat for Haiti (worth $.10[1] USD) and Red Hat for Haiti (worth $.65[2] USD) to the American Red Cross. The program ended on January 21, 2010, with 16,000[3] players donating to the cause. The program was successful and helped raise $5479.00[4] USD for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund.[5]

Attatched Letter to The American Red Cross

The check made out by David Bacuski to the American Red Cross International Response Fund by the ROBLOX Corporation and the attached letter.

"Dear American Red Cross:

Attached is a $5479 check for the International Response Fund. This donation was collectively raised by more than 16,000 players of ROBLOX, an online virtual building game. These players believe in your mission and wish that the money be used to benefit the people of Haiti after the terrible disaster there, in whichever manner your organization deems best.


David Baszucki,


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