Heavy Assault Unit (H.A.U) was a Roblox group created in 2012 as an air-force clan. The clan is inactive and unofficially disbanded. H.A.U was known as a superclan, one of the top 25 active war clans, and widely regarded as the best sword-fighting only clan at its peak.


Practice's First Reign

At the time of its inception, H.A.U grew in size and strength. However, after its original owner left, H.A.U went into inactivity for a long period of time, with the group being sold to new owners at a weekly frequency. This would halt in November 2012, when Practice purchased the group. H.A.U would go from an air-force based clan to a sword-fighting based clan. The group steadily grew from around four thousand members to more than six thousand by the end of his first tenure as Chancellor. The second-in-command at the time, Bomatic, would take over as Chancellor for a few short weeks.

Sloppycanada's Reign and Rebellion

Practice would take over for the resigning Bomatic. His return lasted a few days before he was forced to step down due to matters outside of Roblox. Sloppycanada would become the new Chancellor, having a handshake agreement for a temporary stay until Practice is fit to return. During this time, H.A.U grew and reached new heights in levels of activity. The clan would sustain numerous war losses and Sloppycanada's was not very popular amongst other clan leaders. A rebellion began, led by Practice, near the end of Sloppycanada's reign and would succeed with Practice receiving ownership once more.

Practice's Second Tenure

Practice would stay as Chancellor from May 2013 to November 2013. The group would experience its peak in many areas, along with a membership growth of twenty-six thousand to thirty-one thousand. The clan, however, would be viewed as the top sword-fighting clan during his tenure, with victories against many top sword-fighting clans. The summer would be capped off with a victory against John's Cobras in July 2013. The victory against Black Wolf Empire in November 2013 would be Practice's last war. As Chancellor, the clan only fell to the United Clan of ROBLOX, who later became close friends and allies with H.A.U.

Bidoof77's Reign

Bidoof77 would take over for the retiring Practice, with his tenure filled with highs and lows. To end 2013, the clan was still at great strength. The clan's activity and membership count would start to curtail off to begin 2014, and he would attempt to shut down the group in May 2014. Practice would return for a short time and attempt to become Chancellor again to 'revive' the clan, but Bidoof77 would sell the group to WereWolf7 instead.

WereWolf7/Rainway's Reign

WereWolf7's tenure would last from May 2014 to December 2014. The clan hit rock bottom under his tenure. He began his reign by facing an onslaught of enemies (including the Roblox Assault Team and United Clan of ROBLOX) as there was much disdain over him becoming Chancellor. Many wars were lost, and activity hit an all-time low. The membership count would rise from thirty-five thousand to fifty thousand, but the activity steadily dropped as the war losses piled up. He faced numerous issues with Roblox and his account was terminated for credit card fraud. The leader of Noble Blade received ownership of the clan as WereWolf7 created his new account. Rainway would be terminated a few months later for the same reason as before. WereWolf7's time as Chancellor was one marred in controversy and inactivity, with the clan beginning to disband and fold due to inactivity.

From January 2015 to December 2015, AdminMe56 would be the Chancellor of H.A.U. The clan would still be owned by WereWolf7. The group would participate in little wars and have almost no activity during AdminMe56's tenure.

WereWolf7 would continue to hold the clan despite AdminMe56's resignation in December 2015. He attempted to revive H.A.U in January 2016 but failed. The clan would sit dormant on a holder account until alertcoderf was given ownership in January 2017. There has been no activity in H.A.U since December 2015.


H.A.U has been dead since January 2015. The clan is unofficially disbanded, with a memorial group created by Practice for all Heavy Assault Unit veterans.


Diamond Outpost 1

Diamond Outpost 1 was a fort created in late December 2012 and served as the home for H.A.U until August 2013. The fort is most notable for being the home base during the various wars of Summer 2013 against John's Cobras, the United Clan of ROBLOX, and many others.

Famous for its small path to the 'flag' which enemies had to hold for 1200 seconds (20 minutes), the sword-only base became incredibly popular for other sword-only clans due to its fast pace. Raiding clans would describe the fort as 'chaos' due to the number of people in each instance and the small size of the fort.

Diamond Outpost 2

Diamond Outpost 2 was a fort created in August 2013 and has served as the home for H.A.U until the group was unofficially shuttered. The fort was famous amongst war clans for the many paths and fairness to enter the fort and capture the 'flag.' Sword-only clans would raid often, whether for war reasons or practice.

The fort improved on Diamond Outpost 1 by providing more ways to enter the base as well as a slightly longer path to the base. Diamond Outpost 2 was built off of ideas from the previous fort and the idea made popular in the video game Call of Duty, where there are multiple lanes for both friendlies and enemies to fight each other.

Diamond Outpost 3

Diamond Outpost 3 was a fort in development for H.A.U. Progress on the fort began in September 2013 after Diamond Outpost 2 was released. The fort was never released since it was never completed. Diamond Outpost 3 featured the same ideas as previous forts, but with a slightly longer route to attack and capture in order to slow down gameplay.


# Username Tenure Length of Tenure
1 deadbillybob June 2012 - November 2012 5 months
2 Practice November 2012 - February 2013 4 months
3 Bomatic February 2013 - March 2013 3 weeks
4 (second tenure) Practice March 2013 - March 2013 1 week
5 Sloppycanada March 2013 - April 2013 1 month, 2 weeks
6 (third tenure) Practice April 2013 - November 2013 7 months, 2 weeks
7 Bidoof77 November 2013 - April 2014 4 months
8 WereWolf7/Rainway April 2014 - January 2015 9 months
9 AdminMe56 January 2015 - December 2015 11 months
10 WereWolf7/Rainway December 2015 - January 2017 2 years, 1 month
11 alertcoderf January 2017 - present Ongoing


Date Enemy Result Enemy Leader H.A.U Leader
December 2012 Valor Legion Win Tenal Practice
Early 2013 Fire Warriors Clan Loss CoejoeTheGreat Sloppycanada
Early 2013 Valor Legion Loss Tenal Sloppycanada
Early 2013 Nightfall Clan Loss bob104810 Sloppycanada
Early 2013 Galvanic Legion (rebellion) Loss Practice Sloppycanada
June 2013 United Clan of Roblox Loss Jkoscar02 Practice
July 2013 John's Cobras Win Pspjohn1 Practice
August 2013 Nightfall Clan Tie fireantfive Practice
September 2013 Green God's Win EmperorRyzoft Practice
November 2013 United Clan of Roblox Loss Jkoscar02 Practice
November 2013 Black Wolf Empire Win EmperorJD Practice
2014 Roblox Assault Team Loss Polymorphic WereWolf7/Rainway
2014 United Clan of Roblox Loss Growncool7 WereWolf7/Rainway
2014 Coastal Combat Loss Practice WereWolf7/Rainway
January 2015 Black Wolf Empire Win EmperorJD WereWolf7/Rainway


Unit 9

Unit 9 was a division of H.A.U for elite troops to participate in final battles. The division was only used for one final battle, against John's Cobras. The division was formally disbanded after the battle and remains in H.A.U lore for their victory over John's Cobras.

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