There are a few hidden gear items on Roblox. All of these gear items require other gears related to the hidden gear in order to be obtained. Once they are in the backpack, they will form in-game after a few seconds.

The All Seasons Sword

The All Seasons Sword is a special sword which requires all 4 season swords to obtain, ranging about 20,000 Robux to buy all of them. The 4 being:

To read more about the All Seasons Sword, visit this page: Season Swords

The Epic Katana

The Epic Katana is a special katana which requires all six colored katanas to obtain, ranging around 150,000 Robux to buy all of them. All six being:

Rainbow Periastron Omega 

The Rainbow Periastron Omega is a sword made of all existing Periastrons, having insane abilities. It requires all other Periastrons.

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