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This page shows the history of Roblox and related game's logos. It is to be noted that this page only shows primary logo variants, not seasonal ones or ones used for events.

Knowledge Revolution[]

June 19, 1989[]

The spiritual predecessor to Roblox Corporation, Knowledge Revolution, was founded by David and Greg Baszucki on June 19, 1989.

Interactive Physics[]

June 19, 1989[]

Roblox's spiritual predecessor was known as Interactive Physics, which was published by Knowledge Revolution on or shortly after June 19, 1989.


December 12, 2003-January 29, 2004[]

DynaBlocks was a planned name for Roblox along with GoBlocks, which began consideration on December 12, 2003.[1] Its logo was only shown during ROBLOX BLOXcon 2013, where it was seen on a site mockup, utilizing the Arial Black typeface along with an unknown basic pixel font. Contrary to popular belief, there is no official GoBlocks logo, and the 'alpha' GoBlocks logo that has been circulating was created by an unknown DeviantArt user in 2018.


Early 2004[]

The name Roblox was settled on on January 30, 2004[2] and the logo shown below was the first logo used, a very simple one created with the Arial typeface, which attempted to convey fun and creativity with its variety of colors.[3] The trademark was officialized in March 2004.

July 2004-May 2005[]

On July 27, 2004, the Roblox site was made public, sporting this revamped logo with a futuristic design and custom font, along with the now iconic red border, and an accent over the 'o' to signify that it is pronounced with a long vowel sound.[4] Several variants of this logo were made with a variety of colors.[5] Though it is unknown who for certain designed these logos, the user "Todd" allegedly confirmed he designed a "prototype logo" around this time when contacted via SMS.

May 24, 2005-November 7, 2006[]

On May 24, 2005, the Roblox logo was redesigned by David's father-in-law, making it larger and in order to more express Roblox's power as a physics engine.[3][6] Upon the release of ROBLOX 2.0 in March 2006, the "beta" text was removed.[7]

November 8, 2006-September 25, 2009[]

On November 8, 2006, the Roblox logo was updated to its arguably most iconic design, with a custom, fun font, giving the brand more visibility and making it seem more inviting.[8][9] This logo was taken from a site mockup designed by Mike Rayhawk on October 22, 2006, with an earlier rough version of the logo dating back to another mockup from September 27, 2006.[10][11] Its respective favicon was used until November 2, 2015.

September 26, 2009-August 11, 2010[]

In September 26, 2009, the logo underwent a slight change, smoothing the edges and introducing slight shading within the letters.

August 12, 2010-March 24, 2012[]

The logo's color and design were slightly modified and cleaned up in a subsequent site mockup by Rayhawk on December 5, 2006, with a proper vector version made in March 2007. It came about from Rayhawk being unhappy with the general roughness of the prior logo.[10][11] Until it was made the primary logo on August 12, 2010[12], it was a secondary logo used for merchandising and appeared as the welcome decal in the 2008 "Happy Home in Robloxia" map.

March 25, 2012-November 1, 2015[]

In 2010, the logo was modified again, this time sporting a new three-dimensional look, though was only used occasionally. It was eventually made the main logo on March 29, 2012, and was used on sister websites until 2017.⁠[citation needed]

2014 (unused)[]

In 2014, Roblox hosted a private competition to choose a new logo, but this logo didn't end up winning and was replaced with the 2015 logo so it became unused, but it was present in the Roblox files for a few weeks before being removed.

November 2, 2015–January 9, 2017[]

Roblox introduced this logo on their Twitter account on November 2, 2015.[13], and was added throughout the website by the end of the day. It was a flatter, cleaner take on the prior logos. Following this change, the site favicon was updated and was used until January 10th 2017, completely removed from the main website on February 17, 2017.[14] This logo was reused during the 2024 event The Classic.

January 10, 2017–October 2, 2018[]

On January 10, 2017, Roblox introduced an entirely new logo for the first time in nearly 11 years, set partially in the Gill Sans Ultra Bold typeface.[15]

October 3, 2018–August 28, 2022[]

In 2018, Roblox updated their logo to be monochrome.

August 29, 2022-present[]

On August 29, 2022, Roblox announced they were updating their logo with a different take on their prior logo, changing the second 'O' to its standard shape and utilizing the Gotham typeface.[16]


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