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Giftsplosion 2016 is one of the last events in 2016. With much surprise, many people were disappointed with the lacking of 12-13 gifts this year. As for this year, in a blog post, the Roblox team will be giving away 3 stylish gifts this year for free. Blog:

In the blog, people were greeted with 3 free gifts:

The first one was the "Warm Gift of 2016", which later turned into the "Warm Winter Scarf".

The second one was the "Festive Gift of Fun", which later became the "Festive Winter Shades".

The third and final gift was the "Gift of Winter Future", which became the "Snowy Red Ice-Nine Drone Helm".

When people were done reading it, they were stunned from what the changes of this year's giftsplosion was going to be. They took their opinions to the forums (mostly RT and OT) where they posted about how "lazy" the Roblox team was this year.


Name Image Description
Warm Winter Scarf
Thanks for playing Roblox! This scarf will keep you warm all winter long! Pixels are the best! This item was formerly the Warm Gift of 2016.
Festive Winter Shades
Festive Winter Shades.png
You'll look cool with this festive gift of fun! Formerly the Festive Gift of Fun.
Snowy Red Ice-Nine Drone Helm
Snowy Red Ice-Nine Drone Helm.png
Your future, like the winter sun is bright! Formerly the Gift of Winter Future.
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