Honor the ROBLOX Interns was a contest held between August 4, 2010, and August 9, 2010. The objective was to make games for the summer 2010 interns. The interns were BloxxerGax, socom1880, yumyumcheerios, Zacropetricopus, and ZontanFerrah. This contest was sponsored by ReeseMcBlox.[1]


Highest Rated Places



JediNica 1970
jdog9841 1921
gameguy233 1913
modern21 1901
gallup23 1906

Most Accurate Voters


Voting Accuracy

DragonManTy 99%
norbi197 99%
HiperPower 99%
Aerideyn 99%
ashyyy1234 99%


Name Image Objective
ROBLOX Interns 2010 Mug ROBLOX Interns 2010 Mug Awarded by getting a rating of 1,450 or higher.
Solid Gold Pyramid of Interns Solid Gold Pyramid of Interns Awarded by getting a rating of 1,650 or higher.
Chair Racing Intern Chair Racing Intern Awarded by getting a rating of 1,850 or higher.
Interns Rock! Baseball Cap Interns Rock! Baseball Cap Awarded by having a voting accuracy of 95% or higher.


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