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The I Love ROBLOX Event, also known as the I Love ROBLOX Parade, was a Roblox event which started on January 13, 2009, and ended on January 22, 2009. Unlike most Events at the time (which were video events or events where users had to make a place), users had to take a picture of themselves and a sign promoting Roblox.[1] This event was also the first Roblox event of 2009.

Entrance Procedure

In order to participate, users had to print a sign which read "I Love Roblox and This", in either in a JPG, GIF or PNG format. Then, they had to take a picture of themselves holding the sign in one hand and something else that they love in the other. Participants were not allowed to show their face and had to either crop it out, wear a mask, or black it out if it were to appear in the picture. Then, the picture had to be emailed to Roblox with the subject being the participant's Roblox username. Links to 3rd party hosting sites were prohibited.

Winners and Rewards

Every single user who participated were rewarded with a free, random hat.[2]