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The image used as an texture for Apple Pie.


An image being reviewed.

Images are an asset type, and are used by other asset types and objects that link to an image. Images are not a category and cannot be searched on the Creator Marketplace. However, the decal category is the primary way of finding images.


Only administrators can create an image directly without creating another asset. In order to create an image, a user must select an asset to create, which is either a decal or any form of classic clothing (T-shirt, shirt, and pants), and upload an image file. Users can also upload an image file by linking a mesh part to a local mesh file that also links to the image file used as a texture through Roblox Studio.

Users can view their own images on the Creator Dashboard. Images are moderated, and are reviewed before they are displayed.


Images are used by other asset types that link to an image:


Image ID is used in many classes that can link to an image:

Image ID is also used by members in some services and classes such as Light service iconDark service iconContextActionService:SetImage and UserInputService light iconUserInputService dark iconUserInputService.MouseIcon.

There are a few ways to obtain an image ID from another asset ID. For decals and any form of classic clothing, placing the asset in Roblox Studio will reveal the image ID through the object's property. The toolbox also allows copying an image ID from a decal. Subtracting the ID is also a viable method but is inefficient for larger ID numbers.