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For similar tilted events, see Roblox Imagination.

Roblox Imagination (2017) is a Roblox event that began on August 15, 2017, and ended on August 28, 2017. There are three games included in the event; all with objectives to obtain prizes.


Name Image Creator/Group
Dinosaur Simulator Ds.jpeg ChickenEngineer
MeepCity Mc.jpeg alexnewtron
Fashion Frenzy FashionFamousThumbnail.jpg Fashion Famous


Name Game Images Objective
Monstrous Cardboard Tail Dinosaur Simulator Monstrous Cardboard Tail.png Find ten hidden isotopes in the map.
Monstrous Cardboard Pauldrons MeepCity Monstrous Cardboard Pauldrons.png Decorate your own estate with three pieces of Imagination Event furniture.
Monstrous Cardboard Helm Fashion Frenzy Monstrous Cardboard Helm.png Become a top 5 finalist by wearing at least two Imagination Event items.