Imperium Empire is a strategic military force that thrives on expansion and classic combative techniques, on ROBLOX. They are recently switching to a futuristic setting. Under new management, the clan is currently the twenty-second largest group or clan on ROBLOX. Imperium Empire currently has almost 37,400 members, and has achieved many of its members through well designed advertisements and visits to group recruitment centers.


The Beginning

In early of 2010, Darkrider0797 formed a clan called Imperium Empire. Imperium Empire was a gun and swords clan, and was very unpopular at the time due to the creation of bait games for free VIP to get the clan to become a superclan. These scars are still left today deep in the members list. Darkrider proceeded to build up the super clan until his demise in 2012, where the clan was given away to several other leaders before coming into the hands of eclipsin. The clan went through many stages, including becoming a respectful clan within the community as a sword clan, with the history of IE long forgotten except by those who once served it.

The Recent History

Imperium Empire has recently come into the possession of Eclipsin. 


Low Ranks


This rank is the first and most populous rank in the entire group. It consists of all enlistees and inactive members. Active members of IE will not be at this rank for a long period of time. 


This rank consists of the primary source of footsoldiers within IE. Marines have achieved their rank by exhibiting any sign of activity and have the ability to communicate via the wall.


Soldiers of this rank have either completed the ascension course or earned their position through a training session. 


Specialists are expected to be more active within the group, and consist of more skilled and experienced fighters. They "specialize" in lower combative roles.


Operators are considered "handymen", and can are advised to do certain jobs that those below them are deemed incapable of doing. They are often given tasks that they will be expected to complete, but also work as regular field soldiers.

Medium Ranks


Sergeants are expected to uphold law and order for those below them, and are expected to take charge if no other authority is present. They can lead small squads of soldiers to perform small tasks.


Lieutenants are also minor field authorities, and have a similar job to Sergeants, but with more authority.


Captains are more trusted field authorities, and are given more broad and challenging tasks and are expected to remain loyal and respectful to those above them. 


Legionnaires are more experienced and skillful members of the empire, and are expected to uphold authority and discipline when necessary. They are often trusted among the high command, and are expected to be active and loyal.


Marshals are the final rank before high ranks. This rank cannot be obtained through basic training sessions, and will take hard work and dedication to achieve. They are the runner-ups for high ranks, and will undergo a series of tests before they are finally deemed fit to enter the high command. These men and women will be left in charge if there are no higher ranks around, and are expected to uphold authority, order, and any rules that will apply to IE at the time. 

Diplomatic Ranks


These members are allied representatives from allied groups. They are not considered low, medium, or high-ranking members, but they are given the same amount of respect that any of the high ranks of the Imperium.

High Ranks


The Colonel is the first of all high ranks, and is responsible for imposing and taking direct orders from their superiors. They are able to host events, and recommend promotions for events.


The Brigadier is a more respected and experienced member of the high command, and is responsible for any effort that will benefit the group as a whole, and is able to grant promotions and demotions, and assert their authority over all below them. They are expected to be more active, and contain the group's integrity and order.


Commodores are among the most trusted of the high command, imposing authority over the rest of the ranks within the group, and expected to deal with any and all events that will effect the group, including raids, training sessions, defenses, and other events.


The Admiral is the trusted Second in Command, and is responsible for any and all things that the Sovereign is capable of, and will be in charge of the group in the leader's absence. Like other high ranks, they are also expected to keep the group in shape and well-tuned, as well as ready for anything that the clan world may throw at IE.


The Sovereign is the almighty leader and director of all IE affairs and actions. He possesses the final say in all courses of action, and is the most powerful individual within the group. All major decisions are essentially made by him, and no authority can overturn the Sovereign's verdict. The current Sovereign is ValiantCorsair.

Present & Recent Wars (4-1-14)

Present Wars

There is no present war occurring with IE. 

Recent Wars

The Imperium Empire vs. Skilled Force

After the war ended on the date of 4-1-14 and was won by Skilled Force, with the score being IE-12/15 to SF-15/15, a surprising win for SF, but a sad defeat for IE. Both clans plan war soon, and both intend on winning the next war.

The Imperium Empire vs. Velocity Nation

Started when IE raided them in a massive force, and both side got angered. The was started on the date of April 12, 2014 and raids began soon after the declaration of war. The score ended at 2-0, Imperium Empire, as Velocity Nation fell back due to potential leadership changes and a new reform designed to improve activity. The clans are however, friendly at the moment. 

History of leaders.: The Imperium Empire use to be owned by Darkrider0797, Warmystro2, E9Q1, And many others. 

Leadership (2010-present)









There are no current strong holds for IE, however, there have been many past ones, ranging from swords only to guns and swords, these strong holds showed the full power of IE.

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