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For modifications of the chat, see Lua Chat System.

Current design of the chatbox in-experience.

Chat is a communication feature in many multiuser games and platforms, including Roblox. There are two types of filtering for chat; 13+ Filtering (formerly called Safe Chat) and Maximum Filtering (formerly called Super Safe Chat). These features allow visitors to experiences to chat with other visitors and friends in their experience. Chat was added somewhere between June 2006 - September 2006.

Guests were the only users without the option to enable chat (after the revamp of Super Safe Chat).

Custom chat

In late 2016, Roblox reduced the Core Scripts relating to the Chat Window to level 2. This allows for developers of experiences to create custom chat windows and make modifications. Although this does open the opportunity for inappropriate messages to be sent, Roblox demands that developers use Chat:FilterString for system messages and anything extra, or else the experience will go under review. On a positive note, this helps allow developers to make the chat window match their experiences better.


Super Safe Chat {Safe Chat Icon.png} was a feature added in March 2007 to allow Roblox to comply with COPPA. It prevented under-thirteen users from typing custom messages in the chat, to help prevent these users from seeing/typing expletives and/or profanity. Instead, these users could select from a list of predetermined messages. In 2014 Super Safe Chat was disabled entirely, removing the ability to chat from Guests. However, users whose ages are under 13 years gain the ability to chat with words marked on the Whitelist, which has significantly more words than was on the Super Safe Chat menu. Words not marked on the Whitelist have since been replaced with hashtags (#). Users who have an age of 13 years or over can use any word, except the ones in the Blacklist. Any explicit word marked in the Blacklist is replaced by hashes. To prevent this from happening, some users censor their words by placing several spaces within the blocked word or try to make it look like one. Guests always had Super Safe Chat on, unless this was changed by an exploit. However, after Super Safe Chat was removed, the command "/sc" could still be used to summon the Super Safe Chat menu. The command was removed in mid-October 2016.


Emoji support was introduced in 2017, using the Twemoji image set. Some Emojis are filtered by the chat. Roblox has confirmed that they will add an emoji keyboard, but, so far, none has been added.

Chat colors

As soon as a user signs up, or changes their username, they will get assigned a chat color. These cannot be changed in any ways besides the aforementioned methods right now. Roblox has confirmed that the chat color is random.[1] Despite that, if an account received a chat color using the old script below, it will still have that color. Members of teams always have their chat colors in default chat as dependent on the color of the team they are on.

Discontinued Chat-Color Script

For instance, here's our voluntary Acebatonfan.

local Colors = {"Bright red"),"Bright blue"),"Earth green"),"Bright violet"),"Bright orange"),"Bright yellow"),"Light reddish violet"),"Brick yellow"),
local function GetNameValue(pName)
	local value = 0
	for index = 1, #pName do 
		local cValue = string.byte(string.sub(pName, index, index))
		local reverseIndex = #pName - index + 1
		if #pName%2 == 1 then 
			reverseIndex = reverseIndex - 1			
		if reverseIndex%4 >= 2 then 
			cValue = -cValue 			
		value = value + cValue 
	return value%8
print(Colors[GetNameValue('Acebatonfan') + 1].Color)

That script will retrieve Acebatonfan's chat color, and then after print it. Running the code will print out 0.152941, 0.27451, 0.176471. In RGB values, this would be 39, 70, 45. This color is equivalent to brick color of Earth green.


For other types of spam, refer to the Spam article. This is about in-experience chat's filtering of the same spam.

The chat message that appears when a visitor rapidly sends messages in a brief amount of time.

By default, the chat blocks additional comments by blocking the user from creating more messages within a brief period. The cooldown ranges from 5 to 30 seconds, depending on the severity of this spam. If the spam is created by a human, and not a bot, the cooldown won't usually be more than 15 seconds.

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