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For similar events from different years, see Innovation.

Innovation (2018) is a Roblox event sponsored by the new Marvel Studios film, Black Panther. It began on February 5, 2018, and ended on February 18th.


Name Image Creator/Group
Build Battle!
Build Battle Thumbnail.png
P&J Studios
Moon Tycoon
Moon Tycoon Thumbnail.png
Miner's Haven Resurrection
Miner's Haven 𝐑𝐄𝐙 Thumbnail.png
Berezaa Games™


Name Game Image Objective
Builder Shades Build Battle!
Builder Shades.png
Win 2 consecutive rounds in a row.
Black Panther - Claws Build Battle!
Black Panther - Claws.png
Place in the top 3 in all of the three Innovation event themes.
Innovator's Headphones Moon Tycoon
Innovator’s Headphones.png
Find 3 parts in the caverns in order to craft the ultimate weapon.
Black Panther - Dagger Moon Tycoon
Black Panther - Dagger.png
Capture the new futuristic planet and hold it for 5 minutes.
RoboDog Miner's Haven Resurrection
Find the 3 hidden elemental mines: Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Then combine their ore in the Innovator's Research Center.
Black Panther - Spear Miner's Haven Resurrection
Black Panther - Spear.png
Fill up the generator by processing ore in the Innovator's Research Center.

Grand Prize

Name Image Objective
Shuri's Gauntlets
Get all event prizes within the deadline.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Black Panther Mask
Killmonger Mask
Killmonger Mask.png
Black Panther Hat
Black Panther Hat.png


  • Build Battle! segment received criticism for it being “Pay to Win” with the extra colors gamepass and how players with budget PCs were having issues as the GUIs are too large to build on 1366x768 displays, however general issues were identified as being the unnecessarily long intermissions and no way to specifically vote for Innovation event themes.
    • It was also criticized for being way too difficult to obtain the prizes on Build Battle!.
  • Miner's Haven Resurrection segment had received some criticism because of the objective for the Black Panther - Spear taking too long as you had to wait over 1,000 seconds (over 16 minutes) with unupgraded ore and you would be kicked from the server for idling for 20 minutes. More experienced players would have an easier time getting the Spear as they own more advanced items that fill up the generator faster. Such items include traits like faster ore drop rate and bigger "upgrade count" (one upgrader can apply 20 upgrades at once).
  • Moon Tycoon had received criticism for not saving prizes and how people would constantly camp near the flag. It was also criticized for the boss being really easy to defeat even with the weakest gun.


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