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Innovation Arctic Base is a sequel to Innovation Research Labs. It is built by Rolijok and programmed by madattak entirely.

The game consists of an underground base in the Arctic where players may perform experiments using machines as a scientist or patrol the labs as a security guard, fending off infected individuals with signs of zombification. In the game, there is two GUIs, a shopping icon, and an orange and blue icon. Pressing on the shopping icon will cause the store to pop up, consisting of countless items/furniture for player labs/plots, weapons, and inventory. Players can buy items with the in-game currency, known as 'funds'. Next to the shopping icon is the orange and blue icon, which players can use to change teams.



Scientists are one of the two teams a player can choose, however, players spawn by default in the scientist team before choosing a role.

A scientist can operate machines and do experiments plus go into scientist-only zones. The disadvantage of scientists is that they may not enter security-only zones and wield types of weapons like security type weapons other than a basic pistol and a zombie taser for self-defence. The minigun is an exception to this.


Security is the other team, they can wield more advanced weapons such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, and machine disinfectors. They can go into security-only areas and operate cameras.

The disadvantage of being security is that players cannot use machines. Unlike the majority of Innovation Inc. games, where players have to be in the security group to access security zones, people can join the security team for free without needing to be in the group, however, being in the group does give players the rifle for free.

Weaponry & Tools[]

The weapons in the game do not drain on clips, however, they must be "reloaded" after a certain number of shots. As of Christmas 2019, No weapons need to be collected.

Name Damage Accuracy Ammunition Price Mode Availability Picture
Basic Pistol Low Decent 6 Free Non-Automatic Everyone Arctic Basic Pistol
Pistol Medium Decent 6 Free Non-Automatic Security Only Arctic Pistol
Christmas Pistol Medium Decent 6 Free, Get from Christmas Gifts 2019. Non-Automatic Everyone Arctic Christmas Pistol
Torch N/A N/A N/A 350 Funds Toggle Everyone Arctic Torch
Medkit N/A N/A 1 1,700 Funds Single Use, 60s cooldown Everyone Arctic Medkit
Zombie Taser N/A, Stuns zombies for 5 sec Perfect 1 2,200 Funds Non-Automatic Everyone Arctic Zombie Taser
Rifle High Very Good 8 2,900 Funds (Free for security group members) Semi-Automatic Security Only Arctic Rifle
Shotgun High Very Bad 3 3,299 Funds Non-Automatic Security Only Arctic Shotgun
Pumpkinator None (puts a pumpkin on the victim's head) Perfect 1 3,800 Funds Single Shot Everyone
Machine Disinfector Medium Somewhat Bad 40 4,000 Funds Fully Automatic Security Only Arctic Machine Disinfector
Jetpack N/A N/A N/A 40,000 Funds Toggle Everyone Arctic Jetpack
Minigun Very High Bad 300 4,800 R$ Fully Automatic Everyone
Arctic-base minigun
Haunted Pistol Low(?) Decent(?) 6(?) Halloween exclusive Non-Automatic Everyone
Snowball None (makes snow come from them) Perfect 1 Christmas 2020 exclusive Non-Automatic Everyone

Labs / Plots[]

Labs are plots located in the facility that players can personally build in through the use of Lab Upgrades. These upgrades are furnishings that can be purchased from the in-game store menu, and vary from purely aesthetic purposes to fully-fledged functionality, such as zombie disinfectors.

When players enter an unclaimed lab, a menu will appear that grants the option to claim it. Once claimed, the player's lab will load in, and they will be able to enter "Build Mode" so long as they remain within the lab. Build Mode lets players place items, change the colours of previously placed items, as well as return them to the player's inventory for later use.

When the player leaves the server, the lab is cleared and made available once more. It is not possible to reclaim a lab without disconnecting.

Keep in mind that Labs / Plots does not provide tycoon functions, it is purely for aesthetic purpose and functional personal machine!

Machinery / Laboratories[]

There are six main machines in-game, the Meteor Crystal Lab, the Zero-Gravity Room, the Spatial Manipulation Chamber, the Mutation Lab, the Form Assimilator, and the Recombinator.

Meteor Crystal Lab[]

The Meteor Crystal Lab is a room with a laser that points on a green crystal. The lease can be activated in four different colours: green, red, purple and blue.

Green is ZMB-13 and if players fire the laser and stand too close then the victims turn into a zombie.

Red is high power and if players stand too close then victims are going to be pulled towards the crystal and explode.

Purple is high frequency and if players stand too close then victims will be teleported to a hole in the roof outside the Top Secret Bunker.

Blue is a scramble and if players stand too close then the victim's body parts will randomize in size.

There are three capacitors if they are fully loaded then victims can fire the laser and choose which color to fire.

The Zero-Gravity Room[]

The room has a turbine which removes the effect of gravity. There is also a computer which has four buttons:

1. Grav-Bomb, the turbine will spit out purple lasers which summon a black hole in the centre of the room.

2. Scientific Spheres, that summons balls that will fly around the room.

3. Repulsor, the turbine will spit out orange lasers which summons a sphere in the middle of the room that will make all players present in the room gravitate towards it and it later implodes.

4. Turbo makes the room spin faster.

Sometimes this machine will glitch the player due to the absence of gravity, such as stuck in the wall or permanent gravity loss because of players flinged out of the without exiting through the gate.

The Spatial Manipulation System[]

The Spatial Manipulation System is a large area with three doors, scientists may change the subject's head size, width, and height.

The Form Assimilator[]

The Form Assimilator is a series of tubes, surrounding a central tube that can be accessed from all sides. A control panel is available on the side of the room, with two levers titled "Power" and "Activate", an array of numbered buttons, and a neon blue button. The power button will cause a hollow cylinder to drop around the centre of the machine, locking in the test subject. Pulling the activation lever will cause them to hover above the ground and be held in place. The scientist can now select one of the 6 numbered buttons to alter the subject's appearance. Pressing the blue button will execute the form assimilation, and subsequently, morph the player. A player can be morphed more than once, but cannot be turned back into their former selves unless through the use of the Mutation Lab's cloning function.

In Tube #1, there is a bomb with robotic legs and robotic eyes. If a player transforms into this form, they will explode soon after transformation, yielding the "Hot Headed" badge, and killing the player.

In Tube #2, there is a female human dubbed the "Zombiologist".

Tube #3, houses a humanoid dinosaur.

Tube #4 features a (thankfully non-explosive) robot.

Whereas tubes #5 and #6 are empty, and upon selecting them at the main control panel, nothing will happen. It can be assumed they will be filled at a later date.

The Mutation Lab[]

The Mutation Lab is split into several rooms, the collective of which is simply referred to as "Genetics and Mutation." The primary machine is accessed through a wide room, and administered via a control panel in an adjacent room that on looks the machine through a large glass window. The control panel has several functions; Proteins, Zombifying, and appearance alteration. Proteins alter the players' speed, jump height, and health, and are separated through four different colours; red, blue, green, and orange. Red slows the player while raising their health, blue speeds the player while lowering their health, green increases jump height and lowers health, while orange lowers jump height and increases health. Depending on what proteins were selected, and the intensity of each choice, the player's skin tone will change. Zombification turns players into a zombie through the use of "Prion ZMB-13." As a zombie, a player cannot use any of their tools and will have their animations updated. Appearance alteration gives the player the option to either Clone or Hybrid the test subject. This will do nothing unless a player has saved their appearance through an alternate machine located in the same room as the control panel. Cloning will make the subject look exactly like the player who saved their appearance, and Hybrid will mix the two appearances. Similar to the Form Assimilator, this machine has a power button and an activate button. The power button boots up the machine, causing it to emit a loud humming sound. Activating it will shoot a green beam that connects to a player in a range of the machine, raising the pitch of the humming noise, moving the player to the middle of it, hovering them above the ground, and locking them in place. Deactivating the machine frees the player and returns the pitch of the humming to its former state, whereas powering off the machine entirely cancels the humming and disallows players from activating it until the power is turned back on. If a player is not in range, the lever will pull to halfway, then revert to its former state.


As of the new update, the Recombinator is now in the game. It lets you combinate 3 items to get something interesting. Just try to combinate different things and see what happens. Items for recombinator are scattered around the map and can be found by specific detectors (exseptions are infected, fire and explosive detectors which are showing: zombies, fire during meltdown, and explosive things which WILL explode on meltdown)

All found items for recombinator:

Gun parts[]

Usage: Getting Experimental weaponry badge along with brand new guns

Location: Unknown, probably in security's HQ

Yellow dye

Usage: Painting yourself yellow

Location: Submarine harbour's right observation room

Green dye

Usage: Painting yourfelf green

Location: Discarded tech room shelf

Portable fire

Usage: Well its a fire but you can hold it. You can lit your tools on fire if it is put in the 3 slot of the recombinator or you can make 3 fires in all 3 slots of recombinator and get a badge

Transit System[]

The train or otherwise known as a 'tram' is a vehicle that travels all through the map via a large tunnel with interlocking doors. It should be noted that these are counted from left to right. No matter the direction it is going, it will stop at each location, opening its two doors and letting passengers out/in. (Except for the core station where only 1 door will open)

Each train stop features a sign that counts down the amount of time it will take for the train to arrive until it eventually says the arrival time is "imminent." It takes one minute for it travels through all locations, which means if players miss it on the first stop they will be waiting two minutes for it to return. All of them feature a small bridge, some bridges opening in closing to connect the two sides of the room. It is possible to glitch into the train by turning sideways and pressing against the wall until eventually the player will be teleported onto one of the 12 seats.

Security Station[]

The first station serves the Innovation Security Team and has cameras only the Security can use.

Main Station[]

The second station serves the Spatial Manipulation chamber, visitors' centre, and access to the main surface elevator.

Genetics Station[]

The third station serves the Genetics and Mutation area.

Core Station[]

The fourth station serves the medical bay and the reactor core.


  • Outside
  • Anti - Gravity Chamber
  • Top Floor Elevator
  • Bottom Floor Elevator
  • Air Vents
  • Security Area 1
  • Clothes shop
  • Visitor centre
  • Train Stop 2
  • Vending machine and crates room
  • Resize Machine
  • Recombinator
  • Main Labs and Main Security Department
  • Train Stop 1
  • Ice Tunnels
  • Storage A
  • Mutation Labs
  • Cafeteria
  • Lab Sets
  • Biolab
  • Medical Room
  • Quarantine
  • Core Area
  • Cooler Room
  • Storage B
  • Train Stop 4
  • Train Stop 3
  • Scientist Area
  • Security Area 2

Facility Map (Provided by: AgentVen0):

InnovationArcticBase Map v1-3



Core Meltdown[]

Core Meltdown is an event that occurs when the main core overheats to temperature 2000 K. The event during the meltdown contains teamwork and survival, with ONLY ONE way to survive the explosion being caused by the reactor core. To survive the meltdown, the players need to find several power cores (initially in the Top Secret Bunker) that were scattered around at the beginning of the meltdown and bring them to the bunker. The players have to be careful while collecting the cores as obstacles will develop. If the player gets killed by a flame, steam or jet of biohazard gas, presumably the Prion 13 infection, they still have a chance to get back and salvage the situation. But if they die again, or die once by falling into created pitfalls, or get blown up by one of the mini blasts, before the final explosion, they wouldn't spawn again during this event. This also happens if they get caught by the ENORMOUS CORE EXPLOSION, in scenarios that they die, they receive the 'Oof' badge. However, if the players manage to get all cores into their respective slots, the bunker door will close 80 seconds after the final core has been placed. There is one exception to this: if the final explosion of the core will result before 80 seconds is over, an "emergency scramble" will be initiated and the door will close right before the explosion. Those who are locked out will earn the 'Denied' badge while those within the safe zone will earn 'Meltdown Survivors. If players died once but survived the final explosion in the bunker, they will be awarded the "Close Enough!" badge. ATTENTION: RUNNING TO THE SURFACE WILL NOT SAVE PLAYERS FROM THE FINAL EXPLOSION. Cores spawn in random locations, but they do spawn in some places more commonly than others. A few of these common places include:

  1. Cafeteria
  2. The corridor that is entered from the left of the genetics and mutation area facing the viewing area (the corridor has lab plots).
  3. Coolant control room
  4. Spatial Manipulator Room
  5. Storage room A or in genetics and mutation near Storage room A.

As many players as possible must go out to find the mini cores to power the bunker. Many players falsely assume that if they are in the bunker, they will survive the meltdown regardless if the bunker is powered. If a player with the core dies, the core will be present at the player's death point. Therefore, a player mustn't die from a pitfall, as the mini core will be inaccessible to other players. Take note that the core location may be inaccessible to the separate teams, so if there are no players on the other team engaged in finding the cores, it's much harder to succeed.

The fires and the explosion points can be detected by a fire and explosive detectors.

Prion 13[]

Prion 13, otherwise known as ZMB-13 or simply virus is a highly contagious infection that spreads through direct contact among player individuals. The symptoms consist of zombie-like animation, inability to use tools and able to spread the virus among other people. A ZMB-13 outbreak can be created if a scientist infects a subject in the mutation lab and quickly turns off the machine, letting patient-zero escape. However, most infections can be dealt with easily with high-security supervision, but sometimes if the subject is small, fast, and jump high, the chances of an outbreak can be reasonably high.

Main Major Infection Spread Route[]

The main major infection spread route is when patient-zero escapes and infects everyone in the area of the mutation lab, then making his/her way to Storage Room A, possibly infecting a couple more people and the train stop near. After that, the patient zero with his/her infected swarm will make their way to the SMS through the ice tunnels or by the train. Once at the resize machine or second train stop, more people will be infected.

This is until the infection makes its way near the main security department and plots where countless people are infected. Only a few people in that area may barricade their block with a shelf or hide in the main security department. Meanwhile, one zombie could head to the clothes shop infecting one person or so, before heading to the elevator infecting a common amount of one or three players until infecting the base entrance.

Rarely any zombies are found in the other areas, due to the fact they are less populated with players, however, if it does happen then only a small amount of infected will be seen. Many minutes later the security will fight back the infection with the help of fellow scientists near the main security department and plots. One or two minutes later, the resize area will be cleared, until remaining zombies are cured at the main entrance or mutation lab.

Tips on Surviving the Infection[]

  • A few people would go inside their plot and block the door with a shelf or similar. Inviting more survivors inside will help you defend against zombies at the window if they manage to glitch in. Another way is to hide in security and scientist only areas because zombies cannot enter.
  • Equip your weapon. It is very recommended to get yourself a gun to defend off the zombies. No pick up needed since 2019-12-26!
  • Use cameras. Using cameras will help, and you should also guide security in finding the zombie threat and to eliminate it before it is too late.
    • Cameras will also help you avoid areas with possible zombies.
  • Purchase a taser. A zombie taser will help in case if you are dealing with fast mini zombies.
  • Wait for security to wipe out the zombies, then you'll be safe.
  • Guide people to safe areas, because if they are in zombified areas, chances are that they'll become infected.
  • Check surrounding areas for any zombies.
  • Use the disinfector machine in the genetic lab to remove the infection from you. You can also bait zombie players into going into the disinfector machine while chasing you.
  • Since the minigun can be used on both teams, scientists can help with clearing the facility if they have it.
  • Don't go in highly populated zombie areas, unless you are well equipped with weapons.
  • Do not go risk letting zombies in your plot, even if they say "I won't infect you."
  • If you are getting chased by zombies, don't yell at an AFK person in their plot with a heavy barricaded door.
  • If you have a secure door, use it for the door as zombies will be completely unable to get in at the cost of nobody in your lab as it is locked to you.
    • Note: Exploiters may still be able to enter the lab.
  • If you have an anti-zombie door, you can use it as a door because zombies will be pushed away from your lab and the zombies will be mostly unable to get in, however, it is possible if you have speed and or are laggy. The lab owner can enter whether they are a zombie or not, and uninfected humans can enter.
  • Get ready your Detector frame boosted Infected detector (Detector frame + ZMB-13 Vial + Detector frame) as it helps you find zombies so you can easily neutralize the remmants of infection.


Available badges[]

Name Image Objective
Gravitational Anomaly Arctic Gravitational Anomaly Badge Get sucked into the core and die.
Vector of Infection Arctic Vector of Infection Badge Get infected by a player zombie or the mutation machine.
Genetic Mutation Arctic Genetic Mutation Badge Be inside the mutation machine while another player powers it on.
Retrograde Arctic Retrograde Badge Press the green button on a computer in the server room, reset, go inside the tower outside and type "DISCO" on the keyboard.
Mr Flibble Arctic Mr Flibble Badge Go to the quarantine room in the medical bay, put in the door password, go inside and get killed by Mr Flibble.
Hot-Headed Arctic Hot Headed Badge Be inside the transmogrifier while another player powers it on, ask them to press the "1 Button" so you get transformed into a bomb and wait until you explode.
Suiting Up Arctic Suiting Up Badge Put on a radiation suit in the room beside the core entrance.
Madattak, y u do dis? Arctic Madattak, y u do dis Badge Click on the photograph of Shedletsky's real face on a desk in the core viewing hall.
Oof Arctic Oof Badge Die during a meltdown.
Meltdown Survivor Arctic Meltdown Survivor Badge Survive a meltdown by working together to bring hidden cores to the bunker without dying.
Denied Arctic Denied Badge Work together to bring the hidden cores to the bunker and stay outside of it when the final explosion happens.
Close enough! Arctic Close enough Badge Die during the meltdown, then work together to bring the hidden cores to the bunker and survive.

Unavailable badges[]

Name Image Objective
Beta Tester Arctic Beta Tester Badge Join the game during its beta stages.
Christmas Gifts 2017 Arctic Christmas Gifts 2017 Badge Find the present on the surface. (2017 exclusive)
Christmas 2018 Arctic Christmas 2018 Badge Find the present on the surface. (2018 exclusive)
Eggsplosion Arctic Eggsplosion Badge Collect the Eggsplosion during the Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time event.
Christmas Gifts 2019 Arctic Christmas 2019 Badge Find the present on the surface. (2019 exclusive)

Awarded the Eggsplosion. |}


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Unlike the labs, players can be on the Security team regardless of being in the Innovation Security group
  • The Machine Disinfector is the most expensive weapon available to ordinary players, although there is a secret minigun for 4.8k Robux.
  • The Shotgun deals the highest damage out of any gun, so long as it is shot from close range.
  • The outside of the base is likely based off in the first game where players teleport somewhere in a cold densely place with the same buildings.
  • The game receives thousands of visits each day.
  • To enter the main facility, players must go through an elevator, that passes through several floors. The first of which is an ice cave, which features the words "The cake is a lie!" just outside of the players' view. This is a quote about "Portal" a 2007 game created by Valve. (Look down to see the picture)
  • On the far outside reaches of the map, there is a lab floating about.
  • Throughout the lab, the player can find messages between the game's two developers; Madattak and Rolijok. 
  • Directly behind the elevator entrance is a snowman wielding two Hyperlaser guns. This was made available as a Lab Upgrade as part of the 2017 Christmas event but is no longer available.
  • The second tube of the Form Assimilator houses the Zombiologist, a character who exists within Innovation Lab's action figure pack.
  • The Taco Teleporter and Burger Machines have a random chance of creating a stick of dynamite, identical to the ones created by Vending Machines.
  • Many features available for player's lab—including the Burger Machine, Taco Teleporter, and Hover-Kart—were features in the original game, Innovation Labs.
  • There is a secret button outside of the map above the respawn tubes labelled "DO NOT PRESS". When pressed the "Wombo Combo" meme will play.
    • This is only possible through the use of exploits or other means, such as glitches.
  • The signal board at the main security area might be a reference to Team Fortress 2's Meet the Spy.
  • Typing the word "disco" on the computer in the radio tower at spawn will grant people the Retrograde badge. Players can only type on the computer if the computer is online, which can be set by a button located in the servers.
  • For Christmas 2019 the name was changed from Innovation Arctic Base to Innovation Xmas Base. But it was changed back on 2019-12-25.
  • The turbo sleigh minigame introduced Christmas 2019 is the first minigame inside any official innovation game.
  • Inside the submarine harbour, there is a secret NPC that sells the minigun, called Agent K. This may be a reference to the cult classic series Men in Black.
  • In the core viewing hall opposite the Shedletsky picture, there is a no entry room with a door. If players glitch through, they can go through the door. Through the door is a room with a poster of Nicolas Cage.
The cake is a lie

The ice level which has the cake is a lie written in red