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Insomniac World Party was an event that started on October 22, 2021, and ended on November 14, 2021. The event is sponsored by the music festival EDC and distributed by Insomiac. The event showcased performances from globally recognized artists for the EDC Las Vegas 2021 music festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas. The event had a minor update on May 19th, 2022 which added 1 free item.


Name Image Creator/Group
Insomniac World Party
Insomniac World Party.png
Wonder Works Partnership


Avatar Shop Items

Name Image Price
Smiley Mask
Smiley Mask.png
55 Robux
Smiley Kandi
Smiley Kandi.png
60 Robux
Watermelon Treat
Watermelon Treat.png
60 Robux
Flower Freckles
Flower Freckles.png
65 Robux
Rainbow Cap
Rainbow Cap.png
65 Robux
70 Robux
Daisy Session Hat
Daisy Session Hat.png
70 Robux
Flower Purse
Flower Purse.png
75 Robux
Petal Hat
Petal Hat.png
75 Robux
Groovy Boombox
Groovy Boombox.png
80 Robux
Star Mask
Star Mask.png
80 Robux
Note Bag
Note Bag.png
80 Robux
Butterfly Blessing
Butterfly Blessing.png
80 Robux
Rainbow Keyboard
Rainbow Keyboard.png
110 Robux
Shooting Star Guitar
Shooting Star Guitar.png
110 Robux
Heartstring Guitar
Heartstring Guitar.png
110 Robux
Soda Pop Pack
Soda Pop Pack.png
115 Robux
Butterfly Backpack
Butterfly Backpack.png
120 Robux


Name Image Objective
Owl Mask
Owl Mask New.png
Talk to Pasquale Rotella upon joining the event game.
PhotoSynthesizer Wings - Insomniac
PhotoSynthesizer Wings - Insomniac.png
Log into the game 7 days in row.