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Attempts at viewing private inventories result in this message being displayed

The Inventory (previously known as Stuff prior to 2012) is a feature on Roblox that allows a player to view the items that they own or other items that other users own. The Inventory can hold as many items as the player wants and it may only be edited by the player that owns that inventory. User-generated items can also be created from the Inventory.

Roblox also recommends certain items based on what is purchased by the player.

Private inventories

Before this feature was introduced ROBLOX was the only player allowed a private inventory but in December 2018, Private inventories were made available to all players in the Privacy tab of settings.

Players may adjust who may look at their inventory in the Settings; however, this may affect trading as players may only trade with those that allow others to view their Inventory.



The display for sorting through items on the side of the inventory page

A sidebar listing every item group on Roblox is provided to help a player find specific items that they may be searching for. The player can switch between each listing by clicking on which choice they want to narrow their search down to.

The sidebar's hierarchy is as follows:

Inventory Evolution

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