IronNoob is NOT an official ROBLOX website. ROBLOX had their own forums on

IronNoob Forums was a website dedicated to hosting forums that discuss ROBLOX, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, and Blockland, as well as several miscellaneous forums. 



A Picture of the IronNoob Forums

IronNoob was founded by Shedletsky on May 30, 2011, in an attempt to create a project with the community users. Shedletsky's influence was actually the biggest reason IronNoob had survived for the amount of time it did, however; many users joined the forums in an attempt to be able to chat with the ROBLOX employees, even though they didn't visit the site too often.


The IronNoob forums attempted to separate themselves from the majority of ROBLOX by holding to a higher standard of maturity. Grammar and intelligent conversation were expected, and anyone who fell short of this level would generally be looked down upon by most other members, and sometimes insulted if they acted like it was the ROBLOX forums. Cursing was not only tolerated, it was explicitly allowed, under a general guideline: "If you cannot handle swearing, you're too young for this forum.". Mature content is allowed, although outright explicit things are prohibited.


Several prominent ROBLOXians, as well as ROBLOX interns, kept a sporadic presence on the forums, meaning that discussions that occurred in these forums would have probably not even be read by them, sometimes to a much greater extent than that of the regular forums.


On January 13, 2014, due to the massive amount of spambots tackling the website, Shedletsky had disabled registration on the site. Since then the site had been becoming less and less active and more members were starting to quit or were moving to the Roblox Developer forums. Activity had been declining since March 2014. As of May 22, 2014, the site's moderators had decided to quit the site. Along with that they also banned everyone's accounts and deleted their own accounts. It was impossible to register on the site, the site was proclaimed officially dead.

Temporary Revival

At some point in late August, site owner Shedletsky had reversed everyone's bans on the site made by the moderators, allowing discussion to roam freely. Registration had also been reopened as well allowing new members to join in, including older members who had previously deleted their accounts. The site had been slowly but surely been gaining new activity since the first death in May. There were, however, no Global Moderators, and the old moderators never rejoined. 

Second Death

Activity died down in the Autumn, and more and more members saw the site as becoming pointless to visit. Most members moved to other sites while a very few stayed on the site reluctantly.

As of now, IronNoob is inaccessible by anyone, with the error message "Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy, please try again later". It is unlikely this is to be fixed, thus resulting in the likely permanent death of IronNoob.

The domain is currently being sold for $2000 USD.

Newest Revival

IronNoob was brought back in 2015, with a large majority of the userbase and most of the administrators following to the new site. The new IronNoob URL is While this website is not condoned or endorsed by Shedletsky, it is widely considered to be the most current and active IronNoob revival. This revival has been active for two years so far, and has garnered over 10,000 posts. However this site does not exist anymore, and that could possibly mean the death of IronNoob forever.

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