The La Repubblica Italiana is a Roblox group that was founded in 2012 by GiulianoEmiliani, also known as Juliane14 or Julian. After leaving the Royal Military of Roblox he had been part, he moved on to leading a nation which soon turned out to be one of the biggest influences throughout a community full of other nations, inspiring others to create nations of their own, leading to the formation of a massive Roblox community full of many people. Specifically, 24,000 members have joined this group and this group has won a BLOXcon 2013 Hall of Fame award for Best Recreation of a Real-World Place.

What is this Group?

The Italian Republic is a national group that consists of several departments such as Carabinieri (police), Italian Armed Forces (military), Emergency and Transportation (E&T), and the Media Ministry (news). These departments recruit and often allow people to apply for a position and train once accepted. Many of these departments operate
HOF 2013 Winner for Best Recreation of a Real-World Place City of Rome, ITA

HOF 2013 Winner for Best Recreation of a Real-World Place City of Rome, ITA

Roblox uploaded video of the City of Rome created by Juliane14 and Italian developers.

within an in-game recreation of Rome in which is provided by the group.

Leadership and Recent Issues

In recent years GiulianoEmiliani stepped down as the group's leader. The current group now remains at 36 members with user Neptosoxyde as the group's current leader.

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