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item asylum is a reference-filled randomizer fighting Roblox game created by Jean's Bizarre Community. It includes many different custom gear from a variety of different games, T.V shows, and other media. It has gathered over 50,000,000 place visits and 387,110 favorites.


Lobby (LOBBY)

Before a match starts, players will be put in a random-themed lobby and have the ability to vote for the next map (Those who own the Double Vote gamepass place two votes instead of one). Once the timer is up the highest voted map will be loaded and players will be spawned on the map with the map's specific gamemode being played.

Free For All (FFA)

Free For All involves players fighting each other with 3 randomly given items on spawn. These items are categorized into 3 sections: Melee, Ranged, and Misc. The player's main goal is to get the most kills before the round ends. Players will gain kills by killing others in various unique ways.

Boss (BOSS)

Boss maps functions similar to FFA in the way that each player receives items on spawn, but the entire concept and goal is unique, and the item pool the players are subject to is altered to prevent cheesing of the boss. The player's goal is to function as a team and use their given items to defeat the boss before the time runs out, Players have either 6 or 8 lives depending on the boss and 1 life is depleted upon death, if your lives run out you become a spectator and cannot use weapons.

Christmas (XMAS)

Christmas maps are seasonally available (and always available via the admin menu in private servers) and have a unique concept of spawning with no items, and having to open gifts that fall from the sky around the map to receive items. The Christmas gamemode has its own unique item pool with items only available in this specific gamemode themed around the holidays (ex. Christmas Croccy, Christmas Tree, Snowball, etc.*).

Team Deathmatch (TDM)

Team Deathmatch involves players spawning on a red and blue team on opposite sides of the map. Both teams fight against each other. The goal is to be the team with the most kills before the round ends similar to Free For All. Currently, only one map has this gamemode which is tdm_cave.


agreement with the RNG gods

The agreement with the RNG gods gamepass gives the player an advantage with RNG based weapons including:

  • arrow: Increases the chances of the player to get a stand from 34% to 77%.
  • scroll: Increases chances player has to get a god spell, lower chances to get lesser powerful/useless spells.
  • nut: Has a higher chance for a spawned wallnut to be explosive.
  • judge: Grants the player access to the judge's forbidden number 10, increasing the possible numbers from 1–9 to 1–10.


  • Judge number 10 has a similar attack to Judge number 9, which allows the player to have a higher chance of receiving number 9.
  • People have often mistaken this gamepass to be a scam or broken because it doesn't give them a clear advantage in the game. All the owners have to say is: "Read the damn description."

double vote

The double vote gamepass is quite self-explanatory, it gives the player a second vote on a map of their choosing during the Intermission time in the lobby.


you played

You joined the game. Congratulations!

concept of death

You died. Ouch.

killstreak ender

Kill a player who has a killstreak of 10 or more.


  • You cannot obtain this badge in private servers.
  • Assists do not award the badge. The only user who receives it is the person who hit the user with the killstreak last, or made the finishing blow.
  • Ending a player's streak will announce in the chat "You ended 'Users' killstreak", and your kill message will be in red instead of white in your killfeed.
  • There are a unique variety of messages that appear in your killfeed that only show up when you end another player's killstreak.


Pet Mewo in lobby_whitespace during the intermission 100 times before the timer runs out.


  • You cannot obtain this badge in private servers.
  • An autoclicker can make obtaining this badge a lot easier.
  • Usually players will swarm Mewo in public servers, making it harder to obtain. Its suggested to try finding a small server.
  • The owners note that the cat has experienced enough abuse, and to please not obtain this badge.

stando power

Obtain a stand from an arrow.


  • Getting a stand from an arrow is pretty difficult since you only have a 34% chance of actually obtaining a stand (77% with the gamepass).
  • Don't stab your head with an arrow, it won't grant you a stand and you'll just be laying on the floor, dead.

mighty number 9

get a kill with a 9 by using judge


  • Because of how awful the judge hitbox is, this badge is pretty much rare.
  • If you have The agreement with the RNG gods gamepass and kill player with judge 10 you will still get the badge.

long-lasting friendship

survive pacted to another player for half a minute


  • This is sort of hard, since you gotta make sure that your pacted partner doesn't die and the same with your self.

the unspoken one

Type in chat "Luigi" or "weegee" in lobby_mario


  • You can obtain this badge in private servers.

the reflection incident

Equip franklin badge and wait for someone to use a death note on you, or do the shine when someone uses the death note on you to reflect the note back at the user.

combat logged

Obtain and use loggus spell from scroll

american sniper

Get a kill with America from 200+ studs away

1 unlucky fella

Died from 1 by using judge

Criticism and Controversy

Throughout item asylum's peak of popularity, the game has gone through many different controversies. Some of these are simple such as questionably owned assets in a community-made map to the overall idea of the game and its representation.

item asylum is often accused of stealing other similar games concepts and ideas such as infinite welfare (by Official Team Facepalm), Bloody Battle (by nitrorocks5555) and Randomizer (by TheBuilderMC's Group!). These accusations often paint item asylum and Jean's Bizarre Community in a dark light, making the owners look more profit driven and unoriginal. The owners of Jean's Bizarre Community have stated that all assets in the game are owned by them albeit references, concepts, and ideas are either community made or from their origins.


In-game Weapons
Weapon Type Functionality Damage Ragdoll
the man Ranged Throws a cat that immobilizes players on hit. 22 Yes
chinalake Ranged Shoots a projectile that explodes, causing the player who was hit by the explosion to be ragdolled. 30 Yes
michael p Ranged A microphone with an audio of Micheal_P screaming. Any player who is near the player with the gear takes damage depending on their vicinity. 1 No
fish Melee The player will spin with a fish, flinging players when they are slapped by it, and will show a "SMASHHHHHH!" effect and the critical hit sound effect from EarthBound. 15 No
bobm Miscellaneous When used, the player will slam the bobm into the ground, detonating it. The radius is extremely large and kills everyone caught in the explosion instantly, including the person who used it. Instant Death-on user

250-on nearest player

Yes (only when the player detonates the bobm)
bible Ranged Causes lightning to strike down wherever the player clicks on the screen. Has a 1/3 chance to play a different theme which decreases cooldown by a lot. 25 Yes
wand Melee Launches players away from them with extensive power. When used plays a sound of someone saying "beaanzz". A reference to a Minecraft meme which involves having Knockback 1000 applied on a stick. 10 No
fortnite card Miscellaneous Takes the form of a 19-dollar redeemable gift card for the game Fortnite: Battle Royale. Replaces the card with a random gear (doesn't include xmas or admin weapons) when used. Based on the '19 dollar Fortnite card' meme. None No
airpod shotty Ranged Inspired by the airpod shotty meme, it is a gun that knocks back the player when shooting it. It also plays Airpod Shotty Remix music while holding the weapon. 35-Body


nut Ranged Inspired by the minigame "Wallnut Bowling" from Plants vs Zombies, there is a small or medium chance of getting an explosive walnut when throwing it. 25 - Normal

45 - Explosion

pool noodle Melee Ragdolls players when hit by it and also has a somewhat unpredictable hitbox. 25 Yes
borrow Miscellaneous Using this tool will make the player grab in front of them. If this is used on a player who is holding a tool, the player using borrow will take that tool and borrow the item will disappear from their inventory. Equipping the tool plays the voiceline "Give me something great." and taking a tool will play the voiceline "I'll take that, it's mine now." Both of these quotes are from the Bully from Baldi's Basics. None No
parkour Miscellaneous Increases player speed by 20. Also plays "Trance Music for Racing Game", a song popularized by Minecraft YouTuber Dream's manhunts. None No
choccy milk Miscellaneous Increases health and max health by 15 when drank. Can be used three times before being all used up. None No
masamune Melee An incredibly long katana which deals a lot of damage. When held, the track "One-Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII plays, and the player receives one black wing, in a similar fashion to Sephiroth from the aforementioned game. 40 No
brimstone Ranged Allows the player to shoot a red laser. Reference to an item of the same name from The Binding of Isaac. Varies depending on how long held Yes
re-roll dice Miscellaneous Respawns the player and randomizes all gear. None No
puffer gun Ranged Allows the player to shoot carrots using a pufferfish. When shot it utters sound effects of the pufferfish from the 'pufferfish eating a carrot meme'. 25 No
blj Miscellaneous Based on a speedrun trick from Super Mario 64, it sends the player backwards really quickly when held down. None No
harmonica Miscellaneous Increases max health by 15. Also plays a harmonica sound effect every so often. None No
croccy friend Melee Gives the player a crocodile to hold, left click makes the crocodile bite. If another player is bitten, they take damage. This is a reference to Animal Planet. 35 No
distraction Miscellaneous Turns the player invisible for around 2 seconds and distracts player with the default dance from Fortnite, accompanied by a caption before exploding. Based on Roblox Critical Strike. When used it plays the Carnival Night Zone theme from Sonic 3 for a brief amount of time until the distraction dummy explodes. 45 damage on explosion Yes
pow Miscellaneous When used, the player will slam it onto the ground, sending players around them to get flung. Based on POW Blocks from the Super Mario series of video games.

This can be dodged by jumping.

35 Yes
nametag Miscellaneous When used, the user will turn upside down with the name of "Dinnerbone". Based on the Minecraft easter egg. None No
plan Miscellaneous If the player used this tool, it will disappear. However, a few seconds later, a helicopter will fall onto the targeted area. A reference to the Henry Stickmin series of games which features a major character named Charles, who has a tendency of flying his helicopter into enemies while exclaiming that it is the greatest plan. 500 when directly hit No
death note Miscellaneous If a player clicks on another player, it will get killed instantly. A reference to the Death Note anime and manga series. Instant Death No
nokia Ranged Allows the player to throw a Nokia 3310 at a player, instantly immobilizing them for a few seconds. A reference to jokes about Nokia 3310 units being supposedly indestructible and hardened weapons. 15 Yes
real knife Melee A red knife which can be used quickly, dealing a lot of damage. When holding the knife, the player's head will sometimes twitch. Once the player gets 8 kills with the knife, they will unlock the ability true love, once used, the player will gain 50 max hp and will send out a projectile once swung. This is a reference to Undertale. 25 No
ruler Melee Inspired by Baldi's Basics which gives the player a ruler just like the game's antagonist, Baldi. You can only move forward by clicking, which also makes you slap the ruler in your hands menacingly, imitating how Baldi actually moves. If you run into a player while doing this, the victim will take damage and be flung while Baldi's catch sound effect is played. This can be angled using shift lock or going in First Person. 20 Yes
built different Melee Gives the player buff arms when equipped. When used, your character swings their right arm in a forward hook punch while uttering sound effects of the Tank from the Left 4 Dead series. If another player is hit by the punch, they will take damage and be flung. A refence to the Built Different meme. 30 Yes
energy sword Melee Plays the Halo 2 Theme when it's equipped. This is a reference to a series of Roblox gears called Biograft Energy Swords. 35 No
yo mama Ranged Plays a random yo mama joke when used. If directed at a player an 'emotional crit' occurs and the victim is dealt damage and ragdolled. A reference to the Yo Mama series on YouTube as well as the video game Team Fortress 2 in the case of the emotional crit. 35 Yes
gauntlet Ranged When used, the Gauntlet will fire out a color changing beam via an Infinity Stone aimed at wherever the player's cursor is and play Verbalase's Thanos Beatbox song. Inspired by the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel movies Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Aiming near a player will cause the beam to lock onto them.

2 No
spear Ranged Inspired by the character Scorpion's signature move from Mortal Kombat, anyone who is hit will be directly pulled to you while a sound effect of Scorpion's "Get over here!" catchphrase is played. 15 No
bobm on a stick Melee When used, flings both user and the person it has been used on, creates a small Bobm explosion also. In earlier versions, it doesn't ragdoll nor kills the user. 45 damage to whoever is hit

Have a chance of Instant Death to the player using it.

aple Miscellaneous Replenishes the players health by varying degrees when eaten. None No
diamond tester Melee When used, it may freeze the player hit before launching them upwards. Is a reference to the "Diamond tester" meme. When used without hitting someone it will play a high-pitched Nokia ring, when it hits a player it plays the Samsung notification sound. 10 No
skateboard Melee A skateboard, when someone is hit it flings them a few studs and immobilizes them for an extremely short period of time. Also increases speed by 6. It is a reference to the "How Do You Do Fellow Kids" meme. 5 Yes
london Melee Is a low-range dagger that gives an extra 8 speed and, also gives off a Union Jack trail. Has extremely fast attack speed. This item is a joke on how there is a large amount of knife crime in London. 17 No
Kentucky Ranged Shoots chicken that acts like projectiles that damage on impact. These projectiles inflict a fire effect. 5 No
popeyes biscuit Miscellaneous Gives the player an extra 5 health. Replaces the player body with that of a skeleton. Can only be eaten 3 times before death. This item is a reference to the extreme dryness of Popeyes brand biscuits. None No
shine Melee Freezes the user in place while they do a "shining" action. Anybody that comes into contact with the user during this "shining" action will be flung back a few studs and damaged. Also nullifies any damage done to the player during the shine animation. This item is a reference to Fox's Down Special in the Super Smash Bros franchise. 5 Yes
ultra instinct Miscellaneous Gives the player an extra 50 max health and overlays a supreme sweater onto them. This item is a reference to "drip Goku", an image of anime character Goku wearing a supreme sweater. When combined with the Masamune, the sweater will be changed to resemble Drip Sephiroth, and will change One-Winged Angel into the drip remix. None No
cheems cola Miscellaneous Heals the player 10 health. This item references Cheems, an internet meme. None No
cheezburger Miscellaneous Heals the player 30 health. When initially held it plays the phrase "can i haz cheezburger", when eaten it plays the phrase "mmmm cheezburger". This item references a meme circa 2007 of a cat with the captions "can i haz cheezburger". None No
Chicago Ranged A stretched gun model which fires an endless amount of bullets rapidly. This item is a joke on how there is a large amount of gun violence in the city of Chicago. 5 No
America Ranged A extremely stretched gun model which fires a single bullet. This item has extreme knockback and if survived is removed. This item is a joke on how America is one of the three countries where owning guns is legal. Instant-Death No
apparition Ranged A model of Wario's head that is able to phase though objects during its lifetime. when hit players it will jumpscare player with wario face and deal damage. References the "Wario Apparition", an urban legend relating to Super Mario 64. 35 No
there's a bird on his head! Miscellaneous Increases max health by 3, heals for 4, and puts a bird on your head. None No
unrelenting G force Ranged The player will say "Fus Ro Dah" before pushing wherever they are facing with a wall of blue force. A reference to Skyrim, it causes those to be physically pushed aside. 35 Yes
taser Ranged A taser that deals decent damage and some knockback. 32 Yes
comically large spoon Melee Has high knockback. When equipped it says "Hey, dog, can I get some ice cream?" and using the tool plays "Only a spoonful." A reference to King Bach. 25 Yes
camera Ranged Blinds whoever its used on by covering their screen, it also unselects their item. Using this item on a player will have your player say one of the following phrases: "clipped", "caught in 4k", "adding to my cringe comp", "you look like the battle pass" 27 Yes
mine Miscellaneous When placed it quickly changes color to that of the color underneath it to disguise itself. Explodes when walked on, killing the player who walked on it. Instant Death

45 damage to surrounding players.

crowbar Melee When used it will have Half-Life sound effects. A reference to how the main character of Half-Life, Gordon Freeman, owns a crowbar as his main weapon. 25 No
radio Miscellaneous When used it will place a radio that plays various meme songs. None No
judge Melee A black hammer that deal random damage base on the number on it. A reference to Mr. game and Watch judge move in Super Smash Bros games series Varies Varies
shopping cart Ranged Throws out various supermarket related items. Also plays "Caching" sound when a player is hit by a grocery, and plays the song God's Plan by Drake while equipped. 10 No
bow Ranged A bow, that when fired, will shoot out a shovel. If the shovel hits the player, they will get ragdolled and immobilized for a short amount of time. Varies Yes
comedic banana peel Ranged When used it will place down a banana peel. If a player steps on it, they will ragdoll. None Yes
bottle Ranged Will throw a bottle that when hit will ragdoll. Plays a line from "The Room" when used. 5 Yes
comically large fork Melee Has high knockback. Another reference to King Bach. 25 Yes
banhammer Melee A weapon shaped after the Banhammer. Deals medium knockback. Also Insta kill the player when hit 2 times. A player killed by this weapon will vanish after glowing white, instead of dying normally. 55 No
knuckle sandwich Melee The user will punch, the name references to how punches are sometimes called "knuckle sandwiches". 16 Yes
paul Miscellaneous The player will hold a blobfish, interacting with said blobfish will make it talk in Spanish or say "bro momento". it also gives you little speed.[1] None No
granola bar Miscellaneous Heals the user by 6 when eaten None No
belt Melee Has decent knockback, a reference to memes about domestic abuse.[2] 25 Yes
9mm Ranged A simple handgun, has 17 ammo space. 10 No
makarov Ranged A handgun that has a appearance of a makarov, has 8 ammo space. 9 No
m1911 ranged A simple handgun has 7 ammo spaces. Also has quotes of a meme called "TAKE YOUR PRUNE JUICE"

Start playing music while holding this item: Madness 4 by Cheshyre



audacity Miscellaneous The user will say "the audacity" before slamming their fist on the ground, a small red explosion not affecting the user will originate from the user at this point. 35 Yes
frog on a leash Miscellaneous This makes the player hold a leash that is leashing a frog. None No
15 Yes
Hook kick Melee When pressed a player will start running and playing a loud-ish sound. After running for a moment, the player will be able to kick, dealing decent damage and knockback. A reference to a Cloaker from Payday 2. 35 Yes
The man on leash Melee A stretched out cat on leash. If you click on a player, the cat will fling towards that player dealing decent damage. 25 No
franklin badge Miscellaneous An item from the Mother game series. Can reflect few ranged weapons. It can only reflect gauntlet, death note, airpod shotty, 9mm, Chicago, m1911, makarov, spinbot, and taser. None No
axe Melee A Rukiryaxe axe model from Lumber Tycoon 2. 21 No
rebar Ranged Shoot a metal pole out of the player body with slow speed and dealing few damage with humming music in background. A reference to the "The giant enemy spider" video. 5 No
spinbot ranged A sniper that make player spin continuously. A reference to hackers in Team Fortress 2 that use aimbot. 15-body


Stroller Miscellaneous A stroller model from the infamous Adopt and Raise roleplay game. when another player makes contact with the stroller's seat they will explode and be flung very high. 15 Yes
lamp Melee A lamp that deals damage to players when swung. 22 No
Stick Melee Increases speed by 5 and jump by 10 when held, has a high attack speed. 24 No
marketable port Melee A small model of PortABoi when swung it will make a squeak sound effect. 25 No
lawnmower on a stick Melee A lawnmower attached to a stick. 20 No
cane Melee Takes appearance of a cane, when used, it ragdolls the victim followed by an "ehh" sound effect. 20 Yes
mad murderer Melee A Mad Murderer Knife, but larger. 25 No
Spork Melee A small spork for stabbing players and plays audio of a kid asking Roblox to eat some chicken. 33 No
pipe Melee A rusty pipe which has a similar model to The Streets' rusty pipe 20 Yes
trowel Melee A Trowel from the Doomspire Brickbattle game. instead of creating a wall it attacks players with a spin instead 42 No
torch Melee Burns players on hit. 25 No
board with nail Melee A Board With a Nail in It, but larger. 35 No
uppercut Melee Jumps high and uppercuts. A reference to Shoryuken. a special attack move in the Street Fighter video game series. 35 normally,

45 with bossraid equipped.

eyelander Melee A large claymore. when equipped it will show the kill count with this item. Each kill gives the user 15 max health. The maximum amount of kills is 4. Upon killing a player, a Demoman voiceline is played. a reference to a weapon of the same name in TF2, used by the Demoman. 45 No
dimmadagger Melee A dagger with Doug Dimmadome as a handle. He also says "Not right" when used or hit by a player. 15 No
uncle dane Melee A wrech use that can rapidly hit people with Uncle Dane's theme playing in the background.

When put down plays the voiceline "That was getting heavy!" from the Engineer from Team Fortress 2.

A reference to Uncle Dane, a TF2 YouTuber who is popular for making videos on the Engineer.

14 No
fire axe Melee Smash player with fire axe. can instantly kill player if hit on head 76 normally,

250 on headshot.

buster sword Melee A giant sword from Final Fantasy VII. When a player spawns with this item they will be given a LIMIT bar on their UI. It can be filled by waiting or attacking other players. Once the LIMIT bar is full, the player will spin and deal a large amount of damage. 25,

85 with a full limit bar.

Yes (only if limit bar is full)
chaos sabers Melee Based off one of Asriel Dreemurr's attacks from Undertale, they are two large sabers that can deal damage by slashing. Equipping these weapons plays a short starting animation. 35 No
comically large knife Melee Attacks players with a large knife and deals a good amount of knockback. 25 Yes
killer fish from san diego Melee On hit displays an image of a fish, which can be very useful to distract players in a similar fashion as the camera. It is a reference to the "Killer Fish from San Diego" meme. 25 No
scimitar Melee A sword-like weapon that causes the player to dash forward in the direction they are facing. 25 No
secare Melee A sword that give the player an unknown purple effect. 18 No
blaster Ranged A blaster, that when shot it will shoot a green orb and play a "Pew!" sound effect. 15 No
britsh bazooka Ranged A rocket launcher with Union Jack flag skin. It shoots teacups and bread. When equipped, it plays "God Save The Queen", the British anthem. 15 (bread)

30 (teacup)

Yes (only bread)
paddle Ranged A small paddle that shoots ping-pong balls. A reference to the game Purple Skittles 2: Sour Skittles. 16 No
vampire knives Ranged Shoots a random amount of red knives. Can absorb HP from the player hit. A reference to the game Terraria. 4 per knife,

Heals 1 health on hit.

pirate sidearm Ranged A flintlock that gives the user a peg leg. 22 No
football Ranged A throwable stone football. A reference to the Super Mario World TV show. 21 No
supreme brick Ranged A throwable brick with the Supreme logo on it. 26 No
pants Ranged Shoots a short jean and plays a sound effect of a Spotify ad. 25 No
him Ranged A small red rubber ball. When equipped, the Vine boom sound effect will be played. 5 No
freeze ray Ranged A gun that freezes players upon contact with its bullets for a few seconds. 10 No
fantasy seal Ranged Shoots 8 colorful orbs that will target the nearest player and attack them. It is a reference from one of Reimu's spellcards from a bullet hell shoot 'em up video game series called Touhou Project. 4 per orb No
Moscow Ranged An AK47, when equipped the player will get the Ushanka hat and Russian music plays in the background. Very similar to the Chicago, however it knocks the player back a small amount when used. 7 No
pixel gun Ranged A Pixel Gun from the game Pixel Gun 3D, with a magazine size of 12. It plays the classic Pixel Gun 3D theme song when equipped. 12-body


what is the rock cooking Ranged A poorly made model of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, each time it's used the items

he can throw are: ice cream, frying pan, boot or pancake and plays the Vine boom sound effect.

10 (Frying Pan, Ice cream and pancake)

5 (boot)

Yes (only pan)
Pizza rolls Miscellaneous The player eats Totinos's Pizza Rolls and restores 15 HP to the user. Can be used 40 times. It's a reference from BigMastadon's Pizza rolls challenge video. None No
bossraid Miscellaneous Gives the user +50 max HP and a black fire effect on their arms. None No
Scroll Miscellaneous Gives the user a random spell. None No
energy drink Miscellaneous When drinked the user will become invincible for 10 seconds, however they're still vulnerable to a Death Note. None No
Ladder Miscellanceous Places down a step ladder on use. None No
warp Miscellanceous When the user clicks on another player, the user will teleport behind the clicked player, dealing damage and flinging them. Yes
turtle Miscellanceous Spawns a turtle and plays Turtle song persian language while it spins around. None No
arrow Miscellanceous Has a 34% chance to give the user a random stand (77% with the agreement with the RNG gods gamepass). None No
fire force Miscellanceous Increases the user's speed by 10 and burns them for 10 seconds, draining health. When used, the Fire Force OST will play in the background. None No
bucket of studs Miscellanceous Drop 7 tiny bricks that deal damage when step on it.

A reference to stepping on Lego being very painful.

7 per brick No
noob tube Miscellanceous A NoobTube. Spawns a noob with a random name. None No
pact Miscellanceous When clicked on player. both the user's and player's health will be shared. None No
witch brew Miscellanceous When drank, the user will restore 18 HP and get a witch hat. Can be used 3 times. Plays Mutahar's laugh when used for the first time. None No
wish vest Miscellanceous Gives the user a Nerf vest and increases the user's max HP by a random amount. None No
sunshine in a bag Miscellanceous Increases the user's speed by 10, restores some HP, and gives the user a Winning Smile.

Plays the Glamburger sound effect from the video game Undertale on use.

None No
starblox coffee Miscellanceous When drank, damages the user for 5 HP and increases the user's speed by 2.5. Can be used 3 times. 5-on user No
deployable joel Miscellanceous Spawns 123ji123. he will walk straight forward before jumping and explode himself. 75 (normal)

85 (very close)

jackson Miscellanceous Gives the user a microphone. When held down, the user will moonwalk. The user can change directions if they have shiftlock enabled.

A reference to Michael Jackson's moonwalking.

None No
robbery Miscellanceous The user wears a balaclava, and gets 11 extra max health. None No
roomba Miscellanceous Places a Roomba armed with a pistol that will attack other players. 15 No
spogbo popsicle Miscellanceous A cursed SpongeBob popsicle, restores 23 HP with each lick, can be used 3 times. None No
stick horse Miscellanceous A stick with a horse's head, has a similar ability to the BLJ but sends the player forward instead of backwards. None No

Exclusive Items

This list are the item that can be spawned with admin or owner of private server. Some of these used to be in the game.

Exclusive item
Name Functionality Damage Ragdoll
arson A spray can. When used user will burn the player and push them. only burning damage No
breadclip Throw a breadclip. 1.5 No
lute Play Old Town Road with the lute. None No
vuvuzula Causes players to be flung. 15 Yes
snap Makes a snap sound. None No
body pillow Hugs a body pillow of a poorly drawn Robloxian. None No
defibrillater Click to charge. It can be use two times before needing to be charge again. It is used to attack players. 15 No
tsar bobm A extremely large brown nuke. Has a larger radius and more damage than the bobm. Instantly death-to nearby player and user. Yes
[Contenet Deleted] Instantly make a player disappear. Instant death-on user No
bat Hit player with bat and fling them 25 Yes
goblet Drink the liquid in a goblet and heals user 30 hp. None No
iPod When clicked, the players nearby the user will take damage in the iPod radius. Players who are very close will be flung. 25 Yes-If you near enough
wake up When clicked, player will get 10 max hp with LittleMoeFades face with a loud audio of him saying wake up. None No
bat sword A sword that is incapable of attacking players. None No
gender reveal A pipe bomb. When used, it will instantly explode with a pink or blue smoke. Killing every nearby player 150 Yes
chicken attack Spawn a man with Karategi outfit and chicken head. They have 150 max hp. None No
wright Plays ace attorney music in background. When the player clicks, they will say "objection", "hold it" or "take that" and fling other players. 25 Yes
golden knife A knife that can be used to attack others. 35 No
amongus When clicked, the player will shout "AMONGUS" before pushing every nearby players with an Among Us character. 50 Yes
awp An awp sniper with 5 ammo in it. When equipped, the player will jump straight forward endlessly. 100 No
the men Throw 12 the man at the same time. It can also kill a player instantly due to the large number of the mans. 22 per 1 man (Can instant kill) Yes
comical large pool noodle An extremely tall pool noodle that has a large attack range. 20 Yes
the kapi The man but reskined as kapi. It has no cooldown. 22 Yes
cool ice sowrd thing Attacks player with sword and burns them. It turns out this sword is actually not ice and it is actually a fire sword. 25 No
dr pepper Once drinked, the player will gain 500 max hp, 50 speed and 100 jump height. None No
airpod aa12 An upgrade version of airpod shotty. Plays Fresh (Among us Drip Remix). in the background. It has 8 ammo in it and is immune to the franklin badge effect. 12.5 No
zenith When equipped, player will be given with 6 melee weapons floating behind them (masamune, fish, cane, eyelander, comically large spoon and skateboard). Hold click to use the 6 melee weapons to attack players. This is a reference to Terraria's Zenith 10 No
fake knife A disguised version of real knife that does no damage and cant be swung. None No
dion noodle A pool noodle but with red transparents color. deal a lot of damage and have really high knockback than normal pool noodle 65 Yes
apologist Player will drive a car, the car can attack other players and can't be stopped until player unequip the item 12 Yes
nap gummies Once used the player will be ragdolled for 55 seconds None Yes
raygun Will whip players with it, giving them lower defense and the curse effect. 31 No
travvy patty A burger that incapable of doing anything None No
GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET O Gives the player an extra 25 max health while reducing speed and jump by 5. Replaces the player face with that of Smiling Jerma. Is a reference to Among Us, more to its popularity then the game itself. None No
#teamtree Plant a tree. A reference to team trees None No
baby Will place down a model of "Tommy Pickles" when used while simultaneously playing a line of "Soulja boy" saying "baby" from the song "Kiss Me Thru the Phone". None No
brass monkey Spawn a monkey and play Brass Monkey song in background None No
building tools The building tools are tools most commonly used for admins or developers. There are a bunch of ways to kill a player, or even all of the people in the server. You can also mess up the map with the tool, but I don't recommend doing that. None No
car that doesn't work Spawn a car that players can sit on it but can't drive None No
cardboard cutout floppa Spawn a cardboard cutout with big floppa's picture on it None No
moyai Spawns a part with a mesh resembling that of a Moai. None No
gummy bear Spawn a green gummy bear and play a loud audio of an gummy bear song's intro

A reference to the Gummy Bear album meme

None No
combat dummy summon Spawns a combat dummy that user can test items on them. None No
franklin dummy summon Spawns a dummy with the Franklin badge on them. None No


item asylum contains many maps, many of which fare better with certain weapon types.

In-game Maps
Name Cut, if so why Admin Exclusive Description Border
ffa_woodworks No No Covered in blocks of diverse low-lying wooden shapes. Yes
ffa_rooftops No Yes, forced to be used by mod D!sk on 19/06/2021 Rooftops of various buildings below of which was the void, spanning from these buildings to other buildings were wooden planks. These buildings included many apartment blocks, one skyscraper, and one layered concrete area[3]. This is possibly the most easiest way people get spawn killed. No
ffa_skeld Yes Yes Recreation of the cafeteria and storage from the Skeld, a map from the game Among Us. Yes
ffa_spikebottom No Yes, forced to be used by mod D!sk on 19/06/2021 A joke about the map ffa_spiketop but flipped. Large spikes are located at the bottom, and there is nowhere to spawn. Insta-kills players due to them spawning in mid air above said spikes. Yes
ffa_spiketop No No Covered in concrete barriers. The roof however is covered in spikes that insta-kill when touched. Yes
ffa_shipment No No A cargo ship holding cargo and a Bridge. This cargo is usually somewhat interactive, from allowing to be walked through to holding up walkways. The Bridge houses a captain, two guards and some wooden creates. No
ffa_pinball No No Angled downward, this map depicts the inside of a pinball machine. The pinball bumpers thrown the player away from it when hit. The black hole located at the top and bottom kills the player when entered. Yes
ffa_dropship No No Made up of two rooms with two interlocking corridors. Room-One appears to be a control area, with a view into space. Room-two is a storage area, containing an openable trapdoor into space, multiple creates, a "tsar bobm" and a large pineapple. Yes
ffa_bowlingally No No Stylized after a bowling ally. Outside is a boxed-in grassed area. The bowling ally itself is enclosed and has several bowling lanes. If a player goes inside of the bowling lane's end area they will die Yes
ffa_baseplate No No A large base plate suspended above the void. Of note is that high knockback weapons work extremely well here No
ffa_baseplate2021 No No A humongous base plate is suspended above the void. The size of it makes knocking people into the void practically impossible (Unless if you had a wand) No
ffa_incinerator No No Two rooms connected by a catwalk. Both contain some form of lava pit. This is a reference to a gang beasts map. Yes
ffa_spynappleisland No No A island largely based around pineapples containing a hill and a dock, a boat is accessible via walking off the docks. No
ffa_towny No No A town containing various houses, a shop and a park. Yes
ffa_fishtank No No A fishtank containing multiple walkways, fake castles and fake plants. Yes
boss_sage No No A pve map where you fight Ithor inside castle Yes
boss_weegee No No A map with a green background and platform with a giant weegee attack you No
boss_manofnature No No A large field surrounded by dojo. with manofnature constantly spawn chicken and the man to attack players. This is a reference to Man of Nature chicken attack video. Yes
boss_beta No No A floating island map where all players fight against the three developer of this game. JeanRBLX, PortABoi, and Xerroz No
ffa_castleconundrum No No A map of outside of the castle with river near it No
ffa_thunderstorm No No A map of a small village with 6 house and 1 shop. surrounded by mountain and raining. lighting will randomly occur every 10 seconds which insantly kill player Yes
ffa_supermarket No No A map of supermarket consist of an exit door with text "come back or else" above, 8 cash register, a long food frozen shelf, 9 large Floor Shelf and 6 aisle Yes
ffa_grinder No No A large concrete room with a grinder that can instantly kill player and dismemberment player
ffa_hatsuneworld No No A map showing a Hatsune Miku version of a scene on during Third Impact on End of Evangelion No
ffa_rocketarena No A map of Rocket Arena No
ffa_tundra Yes A map of snow forrest surrounded by mountain. have cabin and cave No
ffa_arcade Yes a map of an arcade game place surrounded by arcade machine. also there's kapi dancing on the drr pad with nyaw song in background Yes
xmas_backyard Yes A map of a plain snow with a large Christmas tree in the middle surrounded by wooden fence and house. in this map player won't get any random item. instead they have to get a gift dropping from the sky or they can crate snowball from pile of snow and throw other player Yes

Removed Content

These are items or other content that used to be in game were later removed.

Name Type Functionality
jar of latex Item A jar of strange goo that can be thrown at players, turning them into anthropomorphic animals while dealing 25 damage and increasing their max health by 50. This is implied to be a reference to "Changed", an infamous RPG Maker game. Despite being removed, the jar is still referenced in one of the loading screen messages.
backup plan Item Similar to "plan", but summons 8 helicopters instead of 1. This item was available via the command tool for a short period before being removed.
Stop sign Item Was a stop sign that would knock back players with a long distance, removed during the Halloween/voice chat update. Removed due to its hit box on players

There was also 2 lobbies that were removed, those being lobby_scp:f and lobby_idiot_box


Item asylum has death messages, when you die one of these messages will appear in the killfeed.

Death Messages
Message Reference to Suicide
{user} saw you post cringe Cringe is a word used to describe feelings of social awkwardness No
{user} put you in the femur breaker This is a reference of the way to lure SCP-106 No
{user} turned you into the unfortunate girl on that machine A reference to a gif named Fukouna Shoujo 03. The gif contains very graphic violence. No
Clipped Yes
{user} killed you for progression A reference to Rogue Lineage and a joke about people killing others for progression in their class. No
sus An overused slangs that used in a videogame name among us Yes
Rerolling items? It refers to the same game that knows that you reset your character so that you get better elements Yes
{user} put you in springlock suit A reference to five night at freddy's game No
{user} sent you to Brazil Most likely a reference of the " YOU ARE GOING TO BRAZIL " meme. No
{user} gripped you No
{user} broke your leg No
{user} showed you the concept of death No
{user} consumed your liver No
10/10 Yes
you were slain by {user} A reference to a minecraft game death screen when you get killed by another player No
{user} trolled you Reference to the trollface meme where in a comic a troll with trollface trolls people on the internet and trolls them basically making them rage. (That's a lot of troll) No
{user} turned you into a marketable plushie A reference to a skit named "Peter, please don't turn me into a marketable plushie." No
{user} set your health to 0 A reference to a minecraft game command No
{user} Cancelled you on twitter A reference to twitter cancel culture. No
{user} put you to sleep No
{user} divided you by 0 A reference to a henry stick min choice. To divide the world by zero to nothing. No
'if you're reading this, you're bad' -{user} No
Nice job making a rant on the devforum A reference to the Roblox DevForums. Yes
The concept of death Yes
watch yo jet A reference to a video where a man skydiving gets hit by a jet while the man screams "watch your jet. WATCH YO JET WATCH YO JET BRO WATCH YO JE-" Yes
L Letter L, which often refers to Loss Yes
cope Cope means dealing with something successfully Yes
too much trolling same as {user} trolled you Yes
gg ez skill issues Reference to toxic players Yes
cry about it Reference to toxic players Yes
mad cuz bad Reference to toxic player ( I mean toxic player says this right?) Yes
{user} saw you vent A reference of among us, where a crewmate saw an imposter jump out or in of a ventilation shaft, known as "Venting". No
die a thousand deaths A reference to the Shun Goku Satsu, a super move used by the Street Fighter character Akuma. Yes
couldn't handle the neutron style A reference to a qoute in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius "Looks Like They Couldn't Handle the Neutron Style" Yes
owo what's this? *nuzzles your cowpsey worspy uwu* This is a furry reference. Mostly every furry says "uwu" or "owo" and sometimes types this way. Yes
you the when when you the when Its a reference to a kid struggling to say something about therapy. Yes
hopefully they homie stock you A reference to Super Smash Bros, where if somebody accidentally kills themselves, their opponent does the same to compensate. Yes
can't deal with cancel culture? Another reference to cancel culture Yes
i kid not, {user} killed you. funniest thing i've ever seen A variation of the meme "I kid you not, he turns himself into a pickle, funniest thing I've ever seen" No
{user} turned your blood into vingar No
caught you lacking insert explanation of caught in 4k meme Yes
{user} flagged your devforum post Another reference to the Roblox DevForums. No
thought too fast chucklenuts A reference to a Scout quote in Team Fortress 2 in which he says, "Think fast chuckle-nuts" Yes
{user} reduced you to atoms A Thanos quote in Avengers Endgame where he says, "Gone. Reduced to atoms" No
{user} moderated you Reference to moderation teams in discord or roblox(?) No
bopeebob Most likely a reference to a Friday night funkin song. Bopeebo No
:pogchamp: A reference to a popular Twitch emote. Yes
Protip : don't die, especially to yourself Yes
skill issue A toxic player thing which is now a joke (in this case) Yes
stop asking about how snap works please Snap is an exclusive item that doesn't do anything except do snap finger sound. People expected it to be thanos snap but they got nothing. RIP Yes
Hey look buddy, I'm an engineer. That means I solve problems, not problems like "What is beauty?" Because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems, for instance: how am I going to stop some mean mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous be-hind? The answer, use a gun, and if that don't work... Use more gun. Take for instance this heavy caliber tripod mounted lil' old number designed by me, built by me, and you best hope... Not pointed at you. The entire transcript from a Team Fortress 2 video named "Meet the Engineer" Yes
Aww shucks look like you're dead Yes
{user} forced you to watch jojo A reference to the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It might also be mocking how this anime is bad and overrated. No
just like mari from omori Reference to how Mari died in the game omori Yes
can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? Reference to Mordetwi Yes
get to wiping Yes
2000 iq move Yes
pro tips: you are dead Yes
nice SD you did A reference to the Nintendo series Super Smash Bros, where SD is an abbreviation for Self Destruct. Yes
smell like you farted (farted) Reference to a point in this video. Yes
caught in 4k This is a reference when you get caught doing something suggestive. Yes
inspired by infinite welfare a meme and reference filled randomizer fighting experience. can it get more chaotic? how the experience works: every time you respawn, you get 3 random weapons: a melee (first slot) a ranged (second slot) and a miscellaneous (third slot). use these to fight others. brought to you by JeanRBLX, PortABoi, and Xerroz The item asylum description but slightly edited. Yes
mald Yes
:fear: Yes


  1. or Portuguese, I do not speak either.
  2. Im ashamed to say that its funny to write about something so serious in this context
  3. for use of better terms