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KRE-O Battleship was a Roblox event that started on May 18, 2012, and concluded on June 12, 2012. This sponsorship promoted the KRE-O Battleship playsets through on-site advertisements for users without Builders Club and two games that provided players with three items that players could earn by completing tasks in each game.


In KRE-O Battleship Showdown, one player would play as an Alien while everyone else plays as a crew member. The Alien would have the ability of deploying planes and other aircraft to shoot at the ship to kill the crew members; the Crew Members had the ability to control turrets located on the front and back of the ship, giving them the ability to shoot down these planes and damage the Alien. These turrets, much like the Alien and their aircraft fleet, have health meters. Although these turrets were effective against the Alien's fleet, there were a limited amount of them on the USS Missouri, so players that were not able to control one of the three turrets on the ship would have to use pistols. Pistols did much less damage than the turrets, but still damaged the Alien and their aircraft. If the Crew Members successfully defeated the Alien, they would receive the KRE-O Battleship Admiral Shane; if the Alien triumphs over the Crew Members by taking out all of the ship's turrets, the Alien player would receive the KRE-O Battleship Trophy.

In KRE-O Battleship Scavenger Hunt, players would navigate around a shipyard looking for nine pieces of equipment to repair the USS Missouri. These pieces were: a turret, a missile, a GPS, a hull, a pistol, a personal floatation device, a piece of ship armor with "63" written on it, a KRE-O Battleship USS Missouri playset, and dual turrets. Finding all of these pieces would reward players with the KRE-O Battleship Hopper Hat.



KRE-O Battleship Trailer

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.


Name Image
KREO Battleship Showdown
KRE-O Battleship Game 1.png
KRE-O Battleship Scavenger Hunt
KRE-O Battleship Game 2.png


Name Game Image Objective

KRE-O Battleship Hopper Hat

KRE-O Battleship Scavenger Hunt

KRE-O Battleship Hat.png
Find this by completing the KRE-O BATTLESHIP Scavenger Hunt.

KRE-O Battleship Admiral Shane

KREO Battleship Showdown

KRE-O Battleship Hat 2.png
Win this by prevailing as the humans in KRE-O BATTLESHIP Showdown.

KRE-O Battleship Trophy

KREO Battleship Showdown

KRE-O Battleship Trophy.png
Win this by being a victorious alien commander in KRE-O BATTLESHIP Showdown.

Avatar shop items

Name Image Price
KRE-O Cap.png
1 ticket
KRE-O Battleship Cap
KRE-O Battleship Cap.png
1 ticket
KRE-O Battleship Shirt Black
KRE-O Battleship Shirt 1.png
1 ticket
KRE-O Battleship Alien Shirt
KRE-O Battleship Shirt 2.png
1 ticket
KRE-O Battleship Shirt Blue
KRE-O Battleship Shirt 3.png
1 ticket

Criticism and Praise

Many users criticized the KRE-O Battleship event, with many users going to the forums to call the event the "end of Roblox."[1] Some compared the packages used in the sponsorship to the 3.0 Bodies, which were recently shown off on the Roblox Blog.[2][3] Others conveyed that the KRE-O sponsorship was Roblox's way of competing with LEGO.[4][5] Classic players were disappointed that the event was not a building contest like many of the prior events. Nevertheless, many of the players that participated in the event did not mind the character packages; some players even wanted to purchase and wear these packages.


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  • The KRE-O Battleship Scavenger Hunt game was last updated on February 7, 2015, which was when Roblox had shut it down.
  • You can still play the "KREO Battleship Showdown" game but it is now broken due to Roblox updates.
  • This is the first KRE-O related event, the second being the "KRE-O Transformers" event.
  • In the early days of the event, many users believed that the glock used by the Crew Members in KRE-O Battleship Showdown could have been obtained through some means. This rumor quickly dissipated after it became clear that it could not be obtained and was exclusive to the event.
  • Another rumor that arose with the announcement of the KRE-O Battleship sponsorship was that Hasbro, the company that owns the KRE-O brand, was looking to acquire Roblox. There was virtually no evidence to back up this rumor and it disappeared with the end of the event.[6]

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