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KRE-O Transformers was a 2014 event created by the user Games to sponsor the KRE-O Transformers: Age Of Extinction playsets.


The game had two teams, Optimus Prime and Lockdown. The goal of the game was to run around in the city to find all of the pieces that your team needed. If you seen a piece that was on the enemies side you could shoot it with your blaster so then the piece would disappear and make it to where it would take longer for it to respond on the map, making it more difficult for the opposite side. When you collected all of the pieces on Optimus Prime's team you would win a KRE-O Optimus Prime Helmet, and if you collected all of the pieces on Lockdown's team then you would win a KRE-O Lockdown Helmet. If you failed to collect all of the pieces for your team then simply you would earn a participation prize which was KRE-O Bumblebee's Helmet. Then the game would simply restart again after the round ended, and would randomly assign players to different teams for the next round.


Name Image Creator/Group
KRE-O Transformers Game
KRE-O Transformers.png


Name Game Image Objective

KRE-O Optimus Prime Helmet

KRE-O Transformers Game

KRE-O Optimus Prime Helmet.png
Play on the Optimus Prime team and collect all of the pieces before the Lockdown team.
KRE-O Lockdown Helmet KRE-O Transformers Game
KRE-O Lockdown Helmet.png
Play on the Lockdown team and collect all of the pieces before the Optimus Prime team.
KRE-O Bumblebee Helmet KRE-O Transformers Game
KRE-O Bumblebee Helmet.png
Play on either team and fail to collect all of the pieces before the opposing side.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
KRE-O Grimlock
KRE-O Grimlock.png
1 ticket


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  • This was the only event to have been silently announced by Roblox, as unlike other events, this one had no event page or mention on the event section of the left tab.
    • Instead it was announced only on the blog and on a few of their social media posts[1][2].
  • This event was tested out early by three admins which were BrightEyesCoatp0cketninja, and Tarabyte at the time on November 5th before the event came out to the public later the next day.
  • This is the last event that was created by the user Games, and by the official Roblox Administrators altogether.
  • This event reuses a lot of scripts from the LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout event.
    • This could be seen as such a coincidence, seeing the fact that the KRE-O toyline is considered a rip-off of LEGO.
  • This is the second KRE-O related event, the first being the "KRE-O Battleship" event.
  • This is the second event related to the Transformers Universe and the first in the Paramount movie saga directed by Michael Bay.