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This article is about the canceled 2015 event. For similar titled events, see Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Kids' Choice Awards 2015 was a canceled event that was sponsored by the Nickelodeon awards program with the same name. The event sported 10 prizes, with three games.

Developers DizzyPurple and Zathara planned to integrate the event into their games, while Davidii, Usering, and Adelli were hired to create a custom game for the event. In a forum post by Usering, he stated that "After about 50 emails back and forth between her (BrightEyes) and me, she told me that the event was canceled because of copyright reasons from the company that was sponsored".


Name Image Creator/Group
Nickelodeon Blimp Race
Nickelodeon Blimp Race Thumbnail.jpg
Davidii, Usering, Adelli
Roblox's Top Model
Roblox's Top Model Thumbnail.png
Adventure Obby
Adventure Obby Thumbnail.jpg


Name Image
Slime Suit
Slime Suit.png
Nickelodeon Umbrella
Nickelodeon Umbrella.png
Slime Hair
Slime Hair.png
Slime Headphones
Slime Headphones.png
Slime Cap
Slime Cap.png
Slime Shades
Slime Shades.png
Slime Tie
Slime Tie .png
Slime Bottle
Slime Shooter


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  • If this event was released, this would have been the first game created by Davidii to get selected for an event, however since this event was canceled, the first selected game by Davidii ended up being the Halloween Zombie Strike game, being made as the custom game for the Hallows Eve 2015 event.
  • If this event was released, this would have been the first annual Kids' Choice Awards event on Roblox. Although since this was scrapped, the Kids' Choice Awards 2016 event ended up being the first since it was the first one to actually release.
  • This event would have been the first Kids' Choice Awards to feature racing in the Nickelodeon blimps, although this concept was later brought back on Epic Minigames during the Kids' Choice Awards 2018 event.
  • On the Roblox Advertising Agency group, BrightEyes wanted members to send her advertisements for the event.
  • The blimp gear was given two icons, one with and without slime. In the finalized version, the icon with no slime was used.