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This article is about the 2018 event. For similar titled events, see Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Kids' Choice Awards 2018 is the third Kids' Choice Awards annual event by Roblox, and is based on the awards show with the same name on Nickelodeon. It features three prizes to obtain and three games to go to obtain them.


Name Image Creator/Group
Epic Minigames
Epic Minigames .png
Blox Hunt
Blox Hunt .png
Escape Room
Escape Room.png



KCA 18 – March 24

The teaser trailer about the new event.


Name Game Image Objective
Blimp Headphones Epic Minigames
Blimp Headphones.png
In the Minigame Blimp race finish top 3 and get the blimp headphones with a special badge for the event.
Slime Shoulder Pads Blox Hunt
Slime Shoulder Pads.png
Hide 30 seconds as a skateboard and 30 seconds as a blimp in the Skate.
Blimp Trophy Escape Room


Find the clues to unlock the safe to acquire the blimp. You must escape with the blimp in the new Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Themed Map for a prize!

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Slimed Body Suit
Slimed Body Suit New.png


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This event has faced a little bit of criticism from the community due to there not being a lot of avatar shop items, unlike the previous annual Kids' Choice Awards events before. Some players also criticized the event because near the end of the event map for Escape Room, you have to click on a computer and sometimes the GUI to enter the code won't show up meaning that you have to rejoin a different server again until you would get the GUI to show up.