Knights of RedCliff is a group led by Sorcus. It is both a role-playing and a war group, and regarded as an official war group of Roblox with its own collection of themed items.


Players are knights that defend Robloxia from evil. They defend with honour, and with pride, they protect the weak from the Korbloxian invasion. The group has around 9 thousand members in it. Knights of RedCliff is one of the few groups on Roblox that is active and owned by either an Administrator or a Moderator


The Knights of RedCliff are a group of knights that were born to defend Robloxia and inhabit the center of the Robloxian world. They were founded by the mighty Knight Xargas in 1324 I.R., when he and his Knights finally managed to exile the Barbarian King Canavus and his men out of Robloxia. During the current year of 1543 I.R, the Knights were on their way to the Wizard's Tower to aid their allies against the Korbloxian hordes when they were ambused by the DarkAge Ninjas.

Because of this, the Wizard's Tower and surrounding town fell, starting a war between Redcliff and Korblox, with both sides' allies joining the fray. This in turn threatened the Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum, unholy and undead knights who watch over Robloxia, to resurface to return stability to the world.


The group is famous due to being owned by Sorcus, an Administrator who lurked in the scripters forum and is widely considered to be a troll, even by ROBLOX's standards. Every year, ROBLOX releases several different Redcliff related items in the Catalog, and used to have multiple blog posts, further adding to its popularity. All the various Gears, Hats and Packages that have to do with RedCliff are all based on the group, though some are considered less canon than others.

Blog Posts

Over the course of four months in 2011, multiple blog posts were made that detailed the lore of the Knights of RedCliff, their weapons, their allies and enemies, and the war that was hinted at. Below are the links to said blog posts.

The first mention of the Wizard's Tower.

The first mention of RedCliff and Korblox.

The first mention of the Ninja and Samura.

Details of Korblox's weapons.

The first mention of the Knights of the Splintered Sky.

The continuation of the story and the Wizards' final stand.

The fall of the Wizard's Tower and town.

A continued look at Korblox's weapons.

The first mention of the Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum.

(Only the bottom bit is relevant to the story.)




A collection of items themed around the Knights of RedCliff can be viewed here.


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  • Back in April 2011, Knights of RedCliff first hit 1,000 members. To celebrate this milestone, Sorcus changed the group settings to Request To Join and instructed the high ranks not to accept anyone in. All existing members already in the group would receive a free RedCliff hat as a 1,000 member bonus once John Shedletsky, under the username Telamon back then, got back from vacation to give the OK. The free hat members within the group got was the Redcliff Infantry, before it was put on sale.
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