Knights of the Splintered Skies is a medieval fantasy group initially created by Sorcus on Roblox, with Stickmasterluke as the current leader. The Knights of the Splintered Skies are one of the Knights of RedCliff's allies that have sworn to help defeat the Korblox's Empire. The Character Encyclopedia reveals that they discovered and utilized the power of flight to build a kingdom in the sky, and since then they have sworn to defend Robloxia.

According to its description, it is an official group recognized by Roblox. In addition, there are accessories published by Roblox to help support the group.


LR = Low Rank | MR = Middle Rank | HR = High Rank | HC = High Council

Ranks Description Rating
Apprentice Peasant aspiring to be a Knight. LR
Sky Guard A starting knight, knows basic knowledge and is a foot soldier training to guard the lower mists. LR
Avian Knight Knights of the lower mists, protecting closer to the earth than stronger brothers. LR
Paladin  Lowest ranking Officers in the Skies, they help Avian Knights defend the lower mists. LR
Alar Knight The Knight worthy of power, these knights are the highest ranks in the lower mists, often sent down to lead. MR
Empyrean Protector A protector of the high mists, these knights are amongst the most elite in the skies. MR
Divine Justicar  A knight who would stop at nothing to defeat all and any who would pose a threat to the Splintered Skies' kingdom. HR
Aether Guardian A knight, with leadership capabilities, who has mastered the lore and art of combat. They shall continue to study these things until they prove themselves and graduate to a commander. HR
Firmament Commander A strong and able-minded leader to lead and help knights in battle and training. HR
High Council The councilors and leaders of the group, directly selected by the Aether Overseer. HC
Foreign Dignitaries Farlanders appointed to help the group. Ally
Aether Overseer The Legendary Seventh Knight of The Council. Owner


The full collection of items themed around the group can be viewed here.

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