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Korblox's Empire is a medieval fantasy group created by shadow7777777 on ROBLOX. The Korblox's Empire is the sworn enemy of the Knights of Redcliff and their allies.

This group is an official group recognized by ROBLOX. In addition, there are gears, packages, and hats published by ROBLOX to help support this group.

The current leader of Korblox's Empire is ostrichSized. However, he has not interacted with the group very much, leaving General Grom as the closest thing to it's leader, with Bloxtoz and Zairky as acting commanders.


A collection of items themed around the KE can be viewed here.


Korbloxian society is organized into 13 tribes, with one in secret. They are based in the frozen wastes, a harsh, inhospitable land, uninhabitable to normal humans. They follow the Archlord. Below the Archlord is the General. Below the General is the Scourgelord and the Mage King. Below them are the 13 deathspeakers.

Korbloxians themselves are former humans that either adapted to their harsh surroundings or were raised from the dead to become ice zombies. They have been made more barbaric than their neighbors on the map, but this hasn't stunted their acquisition of knowledge.

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