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LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout is a past event held by ROBLOX, promoting the LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout toyline from 2012, with the series serving as a successor and a spin-off to that of the original Bionicle franchise.

Two teams had to fight each other and find their teams pieces to win prizes.

The event's account is "LegoHeroFactory", which was to used to create and host the game. As of 2017, the account is terminated.


HF Stringer Video

HF Stringer Video

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.


Name Image Creator
LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout
Hero Factory Breakout


Name Game Image Objective

Furno's Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun

LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout

Furno Gear1
Win a round on the Stringer team in the LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout game.
Arachnix Drone LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout
Arachnix Gear
Win a round on the Voltix team in the LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout game.


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  • People who worked on the event include: Zacsac, Garret The Intern, SharpTH, Robloxian25537811, Aurarus, Flamingiceriver, Merely, V2-Blox31, bayat, FusRoBlox, TREVOR1817130, Paul12448, and VinnyTheGreat.
  • As of 2017 the game has been [Content Deleted] and the creator has been terminated.
  • This was the first LEGO sponsored event.


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