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Lab Rats was an event that took place February 7, 2012 to (?) (?), 2012. Not much is known about this event, other than the sponsorship was to promote the Disney XD live-action show with the same name. There were 3 levels all together in the event and 3 items to find in each level to move on to the next level in the game. In the final level (Davenport's Inventions) if you found all three items you would be given a prize.


Name Image
Power Up for Your Next Mission
Lab Rats Event Game.png
Fix Eddy
Lab Rats Event Game 2.png
Davenport's Inventions
Lab Rats Event Game 3.png


Name Game Image Objective

Lab Rats Cap

Davenport's Inventions

Lab Rats Cap.png
Find all the Lab Rats items in the scavenger hunt.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Disney XD Cap
Disney XD Hat.png
1 ticket
Disney XD Lab Rats Tee Shirt
Lab Rats Shirt.png
1 ticket


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  • All of the maps used for the 3 games were reused maps from existing game places, however the creators themselves did get credited in the event, those being:
    • Power Up for Your Next Mission's map was a reused map from Underground Base, a game made in 2008 by Fractality except the map was modified for the event game.
    • Fix Eddy's map was a reused map from Roblox's Crossroads except it was modified for the event game.
    • Davenport's Inventions was a reused map from Samonji's game called Blox City] with the map being modified to be smaller and some changes towards the map for the event game.
  • The games can still be played today but Power Up Your Next Mission and Fix Eddy cannot be passed due to various Roblox updates while Davenport's Inventions can still be passed by performing a glitch that you will need to perform with another player.[1]
  • Users who worked on the event include: Roblox, SuperAlpacaMan, Samonji, stickmasterluke, and tarabyte.