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The Labor Day Sale 2017 was a special sale on Roblox, preceded by Memorial Day 2017. The purpose was to celebrate the federal holiday known as Labor Day. It took place on the avatar shop from September 1, 2017, to September 3, 2017. A few items had their price cut and some items were released in each individual day of the sale in 'waves', or one new item was released per hour. A few lesser-known items went limited and new items were released as limited unique.

Day 1

Day 1 started off by releasing a few casual items that were exceptionally affordable:

The Bigheads and BiggerHead accessories were brought back on sale with a timer:

An abundance of items had their price cut along with a hat go back on sale:

Two items went limited:

To end the day, a Swordpack was released:

Day 2

Day 2 started off by creating several new exclusive Goldlika hats. A few shortly went limited after release:

A few cheap-priced items were also created:

A very expensive and precious new limited unique Sparkle Time Fedora was individually released:

Some miscellaneous items were made:

To end off the day, a limited unique hat was created:

Day 3

To start off Day 3, four new limited unique faces were made:

A lot of miscellaneous items also created:

Several hats were brought back onsale:

To end the sale, an individual timed new fedora was created: