Labyrinth is the first Roblox event of 2018. It began on January 16, 2018, and ended on January 30th.


Name Image Creator/Group
Parkour Tag
Parkour Tag Thumbnail 11.4.17
Flood Escape 2
Flood Escape 2
Crazyblox Games
The Labyrinth
The Maze Runner Thumbnail
Nitenity Studios


Name Game Image Objective
North Star Headphones Parkour Tag
North Star Headphones
Find levers and activate one of three hidden switches in the new map, Crete.
Minotaur Mask Flood Escape 2
Minotaur Mask
Collect the Hidden Treasure found in a hidden room in the new map, Forgotten Tombs (Normal).
Maze Glasses The Labyrinth
Maze Glasses
Enter the maze, then find the temple. Complete four parkour, then climb onto the temple and touch the crate.


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