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Legends of the Hidden Temple (2016) is a developer-made event sponsored by the Nickelodeon movie with the same name based on a gameshow from the 90's with the same name. The event started on November 8, 2016, and ended on November 22, 2016. The games were Speed Run 4, Epic Minigames, Hide and Seek Extreme, and Flood Escape.


Name Image Creator/Group
Speed Run 4
Epic Minigames
Epic Minigames.png
Hide and Seek Extreme
Hide and Seek Extreme Thumbnail.png
Flood Escape
Flood Escape Thumbnail.png


Name Game Image Objective
Pendant of Life Necklace Speed Run 4
Pendant of Life Necklace.png
After Level 0 (the starting level) is the special event level. Complete it to get the prize.
Silver Monkey Epic Minigames
Silver Monkey.png
On the minigame 'Hidden treasure trek', complete the obstacle course and get to the treasure at the end (inside the temple) to win the prize!

Twitch Prizes

During the event, there were two challenges created by Roblox that were broadcasted live on Twitch for players to earn two other exclusive prizes sponsored by the event. Users could record gameplay of the challenge then upload the gameplay to YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter. Users then would have to enter into the poll and enter in their username along with the link to the video they recorded. Then they would publish their results and wait for Roblox to give everyone who participated their prizes into their inventories at a certain date while the event was still running. Due to Roblox poorly advertising these two challenges, not many people were fully aware that you could even get these, causing these items to be decently rare, since not much users actually own these items.

Name Game Image Objective
Temple Guard Hat Hide and Seek Extreme
Temple Guard Hat.png
Find four hiders in a round as the seeker.
Green Monkey Flood Escape
Green Monkey.png
Escape the easy or medium difficulty gamemode along with somebody else.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Temple Challenger Hat
Temple Challenger Hat .png
Olmec Mask
Olmec Mask.png
Green Monkey Shirt
Green Monkey Shirt.png


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  • Before the event began, Vurse accidentally opened a game where players could earn the Pendant of Life Necklace by winning the testytest badge at this game.
  • The minigame 'Hidden treasure trek' for the event on Epic Minigames was brought back under the name 'Aztec adventure' as part of an April 9, 2017 update. Although, you can't earn the Silver Monkey gear.
  • Speedrun 4 uses the map intended for this event for Egg Hunt 2019 with minor adjustments.