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This article is about a discontinued feature.

Let's Make a Deal (often abbreviated as LMaD) was a Roblox sub-forum dedicated to discussing trades and making deals with other users. LMaD had over 37 million total posts and around 5.6 million threads. That made it the most popular forum on Roblox. Let's Make a Deal was located under the Club Houses category on the Roblox forums. Like the Clans & Guilds forum, LMaD received a heavy amount of criticism because of the fact that a large portion of its threads was off topic. The main purpose of LMaD was to buy and sell Limited and LimitedU items for the best prices possible. In Let's Make a Deal, players often used to barter and negotiate trades and the prices of the Limited and LimitedU items. After deals were negotiated, players used the Trade System to buy and sell the items. Another large item of discussion on Let's Make a Deal was players setting values for many items, both new and old. Many non-limited deals also took place in LMaD, including group selling and exchanges between items/Robux and real money, despite being against the rules.

Terms and acronyms

Understanding LMaD jargon can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the sub-forum. A list was published by ReeseMcBlox listing common terms and abbreviations but was later removed on account of being outdated.


Term Definition
BaCon Roblox cards, as it's against the terms of Roblox to sell BC cards for limited items, people used the word BaCon to not get noticed by the moderators.
Bias Favoring an item because one owns the item.
Boat Bot
LPP Lowest Price Possible
Macs "Scam" backwards, with the same meaning.
OP Overpay
Projected An item with a high selling price but has a low demand and low RAP compared to its selling price.

Recent Average Price

RAP Trader A trader who goes entirely by RAP.
Sharking Sharking is tricking players into believing that an item is worth more than it actually is.
Snag A highly controversial term that can refer either to an item up to 25% off of the next price or 25% off of the RAP.
Snipe A highly controversial term that can refer either to an item up to 50% off the next price or 50% off of the RAP.

Trade Currency

TS Trade System
UP Underpay
A or D Accept or decline
High demand A limited item that is very popular and favored by lots of people.
Low demand A limited item that is very unpopular or favored by a small group of people.
A or C Accept or counter
Garbo/Garb Garbage - Used to describe a very bad item

A limited item that has been associated with a hacker that had stole a user's limited items. Mostly leads to termination to the latest person it has been traded or sold to.

rbx place A blackmarket site that users can purchase limited items and robux with real money.
Circulation The amount of copies a limited item is being traded.
Lowball Trading an item for less than it's valued.
Rare A limited item that has a very small amount of copies in circulation.


Acronym Hat
AC Arctic Commando
BRMVA Bronze Roblox Music Video Award
CC The Crimson Catseye
CF Classic Fedora
CWHP Clockwork's Headphones
DB Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom
DC Domino Crown
DH Darkheart

Desert Scout

EK Epic Katana, consisting of all colored katanas.
Emp Dominus Empyreus
EST Eccentric Shop Teacher
FB Firebrand

Dominus Frigidus

GR The Golden Robloxian
GRMVA Gold Roblox Music Video Award
GW Ghostwalker
IC The Ice Crown
ID Ice Dagger
IK Iris Katana of Goldengrove Unleaving
Ill Illumina
Inf Dominus Infernus
Interns Classicx89's Stylin' Intern Shades
JK Jade Katana of the Darkest Forest
KotSA Knight of the Stygian Abyss
JJ JJ5x5's White Top Hat

Azurewrath, Lord of the Void

NMoA Ninja Mask of Awesome
NVG's Night Vision Goggles
Ollie ): Gold Ollie
OK Ocherous Katana of the Setting Sun
PSTF Purple Sparkle Time Fedora
RF Rainbow Fedora
RS Rainbow Shaggy
RSTF Red Sparkle Time Fedora
SaC Subarctic Commando
SRMVA Silver Roblox Music Video Award
STF Sparkle Time Fedora
TS ): Star Tailslide
V* OR Void* Void Star
Vesp Dominus Vespertilio
VS Venomshank
WF Windforce
WWA Wanwood Antlers
WWC The Wanwood Crown
BSF Bluesteel Fedora
SL Skeleton Lord
TGC Tough Guy Cap
Messor Dominus Messor
Euro Euro Skate Helmet
BETH Brighteyes' Top Hat
Legit Fedora Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat
SSHF Super Super Happy Face
Supa Supa Fly Cap
CWS Clockwork's Shades
Troll GoldLika: Troll
CWHP Clockwork's Headphones
Valk Valkyrie Helm
Blue Plaid Blue Plaid Fedora
Baron Disgraced Baronness of the Federation
STTC Sparkle Time Traffic Cone
CF The Classic Roblox Fedora


Let's Make a Deal was seen as the driving force behind the trading economy while it was around, however many users and non-users alike often found it to be quite a toxic community. There was usually some sort of drama between users that was also made public business due to the users posting about their dislike for each other on LMaD, which also turned people away from the sub-forum.


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  • There is a Let's Make A Deal salesman toy.

    A Let's Make A Deal toy