In Roblox, a Lua virus is a type of malicious script that, when executed, replicates itself by modifying other parts and inserting its own code. When this replication succeeds, the affected areas are then said to be "infected" with a virus.

Virus writers use free models and plugins as a drive-by-attack to infect games. Different methods for infecting are used, such as using spreading a “Fire” object or infecting every part with a script that is very tricky to remove. Motives for viruses vary, from demanding Robux, to sabotaging a game's core mechanics, to just no reason at all. Viruses are relatively harmless, however, some have been known to take control of games and insert inappropriate imagery if payment is not met or leaking IP addresses. 

List of Viruses

This list has recently underwent a major restructuring. Most of the items were removed because there was not enough information to fill in all the details. If you have qualifying items, please contact the person who is working on this page. (TheDarkness909)

  • S.Vaccine
    Risk: 5% - Found in fraudulent antivirus plugins.
    Removal Difficulty: Level 1 (Easy)
    Damage: Spreads scripts into all game parts.

  • Plugin virus
    Risk: 10% - Discovered in a Twerking Plugin for Roblox Studio.
    Removal Difficulty: Level 2 (Medium)
    Damage: Unknown.

  • R.ROFL
    Risk: 10% - Found in free models.
    Removal Difficulty: Level 2 (Medium)
    Damage: Causes scripts to break since it renames objects to ROFL.

  • OS.C-REX
    Risk: N/A - Found in a "baldi" model so far.
    Removal Difficulty: Level 1 (Easy)
    Damage: Adds a disco light to the game along with making parts fall from the sky; could potentially cause seizures.

  • PA/S.Firespread
    Risk: 10% - Discovered in free NPC models.
    Removal Difficulty: Level 2 (Medium)
    Damage: Spreads fire across the place.
The virus is a script that...
  • LT - Latency Turbulent - Is designed to slow the game's server down.
  • OS - Object Spawner - Spams one or more objects into the game.
  • S - Spread - Spreads a script or other object to pieces in the game.
  • R - Rename - Changes the name of pieces in the game.
  • PA - Property Automation - Changes values in objects to appear or act a certain way.
  • GTP - Game Teleporter - Teleports a player who joins to another game.
  • PB - Persistence Breaker - Breaks the values of a player's saved data.
  • KM - Killing Machine - Repeatedly kills the player at spawn until they leave.
  • BD - Inserts a backdoor.
  • OUS - Other Unwanted Script - Does malicious actions that have not been categorized.

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