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This is a list of fan-created websites centered around Roblox. The list is not ordered in any way. The smaller, less popular sites appear in a separate section.

Some sites on here may appear inactive and are only here for archive purposes.

Popular websites

These are a list of websites that are commonly recognized by Roblox players. Some may not be as popular as others.

Website Description Type Status
Roblox Wikia

This is a wiki with articles about the community, history, items, and scripting on Roblox.

Wiki, Forum Highly Active
Rolimon's This is the largest site that is dedicated to storing the aggregated data and community-based values of limited items on Roblox. The most prominent features include an Item Table section which lists all limited items by descending value (until a 3,000 Robux cutoff point), as well as a Deals section where items that are selling for various color-coded percentages underneath their recent average price are listed. It also includes a profile section where players can view their total values by searching their account name. Rolimons values have recently been adopted as the primary source or values for Trade HangoutLimited Database, Website Highly Active
RbxCity RbxCity is a new popular trading site created by Linkmon99 and STR4T (main account terminated, also the owner of a limited gambling site). It is still under beta development and most of the features are not complete. This also includes another active forum revival. Limited Database, Trading site Moderately Active

This is a website created by the user JefemyThe2nd. It is administrated by Chris12902, call23re, Authience, and Aerospaces. It publishes the assets for many items that may be released in the future by ROBLOX. A Twitter account of the same name also exists, which tweets out new leaks as soon as they are found.

Administrators on the site combine the textures and corresponding meshes of leaked items. Once this has been accomplished, a preview is published to the site, allowing users to view the expected form of the item.

The site has a forums feature as well as a comment section underneath item previews. Users are advised to proceed with caution, as these areas can contain strong profanity and/or be heavily toxic.

Leaker, Forum Active

ROBLOX G+ Community

The largest Roblox-related community on Google Plus. Social Network Group Shutdown

It is an older version of Roblox reincarnated into 2012/2016 clients. Unfortunately, the 2007 client was discontinued due to several security issues and the 2010 one is broken.

Be warned, it allows swearing.

Client Active
Roblox Forum

An offsite forum for Roblox discussion among other topics. It is not a replica and uses its own theme as well as being completely unofficial, however is a hotspot for many users who wish to talk about the platform

Forum Active

A subreddit community for serious discussion about Roblox, particularly towards game development. Users on this site often show off their creations to others and hold discussions about certain matters or changes to the Roblox website or platform in order to gain insight and communicate with other members. A few official Roblox administrators as well as some well-known game developers in the community also tend to browse this subforum to make announcements or participate in discussions.

Social Network, Forum Active
Roblox News

A ROBLOX news site created by Arbirator, winner of Best Fan Blog during the Roblox Game Conference 2012. It is no longer updated.

Blog Inactive
TheJKid's Roblox Updates

It is a fansite created by user TheJKId. It is a blog that features useful content such as a place for downloading official Roblox plugins. Sadly, it unexpectedly stopped updating since 2012, as TheJKid quit Roblox after he was majorly offended by many items on the catalog that Roblox made due to his serious Christian beliefs. The site is still up. It has the Roblox 2012 look

Blog, Website



Graphctoria was a old Roblox revival and is now Cubash. It has no client.

(Link leads to cubash)

Website Game (Malware) 


RoGo A former ROBLOX magazine turned into a blog. Nominated for Best Fan Blog during the ROBLOX Game Conference 2012. This site no longer functions correctly, and attempting to load it does not seem to work. Blog Defunct
Roblox HQ

Clockwork's former ROBLOX fansite.

It included place reviews, forums, a level calculator, and more.

Website, Forums Defunct

It was a game review site and forum created by TehTiredTechie. Not much was known about it, however this site no longer exists and most likely has been discontinued.

Blog, Forum Defunct

It was a social network created by Robloxians for users. It was created by ParsingError (ScriptingLegacy) in October 2013. After going through many big updates, it became a large site with many features including messaging, foruming, status updates, groups and more. However, it was later discontinued.

Social Network Defunct


A game created by desertpwn20, with old 2008 client.

Game +Website


Socialblox - A New Roblox Experience

It was a fan site created by user Zerotheheroe. It allowed people to create a free account to ultimately socialize with other Robloxians. Multiple features existed, sch as sending messages, making constructive posts, make groups, and social customization on the user's profile. They could also follow the accounts of other people and be able to see all their posts/updates on their homepage. It was shutdown for an unknown reason.

Social Network


List of less popular websites

These are websites that are not recognized by Roblox players as much.


Description Type


BLOX Caster

A website that has filter parental controls, memberships, messages, profile & more. Forum, Website, Social, Game (Soon) Active


A news blog/forum run by user Taintedkidd . Features news, game reviews, scripting/building support and much more. Blog, Forum Active
Golden Roblox Times A smaller blog documenting news on Roblox. Blog Shutdown
Robloxians Network 

It is a blog that is run by user, Xjack1233x. It exclusively features clan news, catalog item reviews, game reviews, scripting support, and many more.

Blog, Website Shutdown
Roblox Lab It is an exceptionally small site created by Ajedi32 that features scripting lessons, a level calculator, and other gadgets & resources. Website Inactive
Roblox Today It was a small forum site that had several highly active members. The site is currently defunct. Forum Defunct
Robloxian News Network A very active blog made by user Voiaman2. It features a variety of much more diversive topics than reviews, events, specials, etc. Blog Inactive
RQuestions A website to ask questions about Roblox. The site is run by the community and is said to have accurate answers to users. Website Inactive
ThisRoblox An unfinished Roblox fansite with a forum. Forum, Website Inactive
ROBLOX Gamers' Community Created on May 7, 2016. A source for the latest ROBLOX news. Posts are added almost daily, and posts include ROBLOX news, events, game spotlights, reviews, weekly wrap-ups, and more! Blog/News/Website Active
Roblox Fan Site Created on May 16, 2016. It includes a lot of features, including messaging and foruming. Forum, Avatar, Messaging, Website Inactive
Roxolb Dedicated to be the most accurate representation of Roblox during 2007, as well as providing various archives and resources for the same period. Forum, Game, Website Inactive
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