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This list details super clans (commonly dubbed as war groups). The majority of these groups are militant, as they are in connection with militaristic styles and operate in ways much similar to real-life armies. These groups create units similar to forts and bases, as well as declaring war, and fighting more aggressively than an average Roblox group. Some wars have been known to become quite controversial, and are still the discussion of many threads in the Roblox Forum. Super clans are viewed by many bystanders as a disappointment, as they have claimed many of the clans have habits of exploiting and spreading around rumors about other groups of this type. Most clans on this list have used the "Free VIP" method. Therefore, they are VIP clans.

Most war groups are very small and/or not powerful enough to cause the more noted wars, but most in popularity are very large, and a select few have been starred as elite. All of the clans listed on this page are super-clans that have over 10,000 members. This list goes in order from biggest to smallest in terms of members.

First page super clans

Largest Military

Member Count: Around 1,100,000
Leader: Doeke

Largest Military is one of the largest groups on ROBLOX and is the largest war clan in existence (if you count inactive members) on ROBLOX today, by members. It has had many owners for the time it has been up and is currently owned by a user named Doeke who took over ownership in December 2018. it has earned somewhat of a bad reputation in the past as it is believed to be heavily botted as 1M+ accounts are seemingly missing from the member count (the first rank only shows 106K+ members, with the majority being inactive, and there are only 24 members above that rank as of 4/27/19, which is absurd even for large clans) and the visits for their group places are very low for a group of that size. (Only 4K+ visits for their sword base.)

The Roblox Assault Team


Member Count: Around 330,000
Leader: Polymorphic

Main Article: The Roblox Assault Team

The Roblox Assault Team(often abbreviated as R.A.T.) is the largest War group on Roblox, with approximately 170,000 members in the group. Holding the title as one of the oldest war groups on ROBLOX, R.A.T. has seen many leadership changes since its creation. The group once held the title as the largest group on Roblox until they were surpassed by F.E.A.R. in 2010, but regained the title as Roblox's largest group on November 6, 2014. After being surpassed by Vortex Security and Team Domino in 2011 and 2013, respectively, the group experienced another large member growth in 2014, bringing in tens of thousands of new members. Besides being well known due to its size, the group is infamous for its many wars; some notorious examples include the group's 2010 war with F.E.A.R. and its 2011-2012 war with The Vaktovian Empire. R.A.T. is a highly respected group in the clan world, but also a highly controversial one due mainly to disputed war outcomes, civil war, and the presence of some inexperienced low-ranking members. In 2014, they declared war on the "TriClan," consisting of F.E.A.R., U.C.R., and R.S.F. They later declared victory, saying that they won over 100+ raids against the TriClan.

The First Encounter Assault Recon


Member Count: Around 320,000

Main Article: The First Encounter Assault Recon

The First Encounter Assault Recon (often abbreviated as F.E.A.R.) is one of the most successful yet controversial groups on ROBLOX. F.E.A.R. was founded in early 2010 by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, a popular player who was highly controversial at the time due to allegations of his most famous game being copied from another player. Because of his popularity, F.E.A.R. surpassed R.A.T. as ROBLOX's largest group in 2010, and held the title for four more years, until it was surpassed by R.A.T.'s member count again in November 2014. The group is also known for being the first group on Roblox to hit the 100,000 mark in members. The large number of players of the group has been the subject of both praise and criticism, as have been SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX's leadership skills and F.E.A.R.'s battle strategies. F.E.A.R. won the Most Active Group award at the 2013 ROBLOX BLOXcon. In 2014, R.A.T. and SC declared war on F.E.A.R., U.C.R., and R.S.F., otherwise known as the "TriClan. However, SC left the war halfway through. " On 8/25/2014, the war ended, with R.A.T.'s side declaring victory. 

Team Domino

Member Count: Around 120,000
Leader: Pieperson50
Main Article: Team Domino

Team Domino (called either by T.D. or DOM) is the third largest group on ROBLOX. The group is very controversial because the leader of the group, Pieperson50, recruits players with the promise of free V.I.P for his game. This promise is untrue, which leads it to be one of the most disliked war groups in ROBLOX. Team Domino is often credited with starting the trend of promising free V.I.P. in exchange to joining a group, a tactic that has been adopted by several other players and clans as well. They are not renowned in the clan world for especially experienced fighting skills, and Pieperson50's negative reputation as well as inactivity with the group have caused Team Domino to be one of the less-respected war groups on Roblox.  

Vortex Security


Member Count: Around 120,000
Leader: Imnotaguestimagirl

Main Article: Vortex Security

Vortex Security (commonly known as V.S.)  is the fourth largest war group on ROBLOX (and the fifth overall). The group was founded on December 13, 2010 by Justgoaway1.  Throughout 2011, the group experienced massive growth, accumulating over 80,000 new members. At its peak, Vortex Security was the second largest group on Roblox. At the Roblox Game Conference 2012, the group was awarded the Most Active Group award, the first group ever to receive this honor. The group is known for its brilliant scripting and base design, as well as their strength in numbers. Votex Security is currently at war with U.A.F.

Veloxic Empire

Member Count: Around 110,000

Leader: Defamation
Main Article: Veloxic Empire

Veloxic Empire (initialized as VE) is the fifth largest and well known war group on ROBLOX. Veloxic Empire was originally created by Swordy. During Swordy's rule, the group was not popular and the group changed hands quite a bit, then Clasimo took leadership and the group rapidly grew to 30,000 members. Within 8 months, the group had reached 100,000 members. Veloxic Empire is currently working on reputation and military advancements. It is undergoing heavy reputation repairs, due to the former owner using the group to scam people out of their items. The current leader of Veloxic Empire is Defamation. However, since he is busy with real life priorities, such as his job, his college courses, and his upcoming military service in January (United States Air Force), the HCOM (H3+) have taken control of the group and run it successfully.

Other super clans

The Real U.S.S.F.


Member Count: Around 60,000
Leader: BRIANO10

Main Article: The Real U.S.S.F.

The Real U.S.S.F. (The Real United States Special Forces) is the 11th largest war group on Roblox. The group was founded by BRIANO10. The theme of the group is based on the military for the United States of America. Their uniforms, weapons, and bases all have a 21st-century American military aspect. Although the group has faced criticism in the past for inexperienced players and war tactics, dislike towards the group has died down as of recent.  

Lortex Security


Member Count:Around 55,000


Main Article: Lortex Security

Lortex Security is a military-style clan which beats and throws its enemies to the curb. It was founded by a notorious false advertiser, Rebreb97, explaining why in its early days it had a negative reputation. It was criticized as well for the similar names between itself and another popular war group, Vortex Security. The tension has eased. After Rebreb was banned, the clan was passed around several members until it was given to shootingraw1. Shootin made many reforms and lowered to negativeness in LS to a very low standing rate. However, like Rebreb, shootingraw1 was terminated. After that, it was given to darkgodd. Dark had carried out the reforms shootingraw1 had made and his era is the most popular, causing the group to reach 49,000 members. Two notable wars happened during his reign. H.A.U and John's Cobras. They won against H.A.U and have beaten JC. They have also beaten Legionnary Strike Force, Royal Blood, and Iron Force. It is currently co-led by Toltem, McVoss and OkayStopit. The next and now present owner is Wardency he had mannaged to bring up the super clan to 22,400 members then with Royal Entertainment he has gotten it to 14,500 members. as you can see Wardency is great leader and has amazing skils.

The Robloxian Army

Rbx 15
Member Count:
Around 55,000
Leader: Sandiamond


The Robloxian Army (T.R.A.) is the 13th largest group on Roblox. Founded by ToniToni, the group is known for the large wars it has participated in, as well as the skill of its soldiers. Like many of the other groups of its size, it's allies with a variety of larger clans. The group has gone through an array of bases and leaders throughout its duration as a super clan. One of the most notorious wars that T.R.A. ever fought in was the Grand Super clan Coalition (G.S.C.) vs. United Nations war, a war that occurred in 2012-2013. T.R.A. was one of the larger groups and organizers of the G.S.C.  

Vortex Special Ops

Member Count: Around 55,000


Leader: VSOGeneralShain1

Main Article: Vortex Special Ops

Vortex Special Ops (abbreviated V.S.O.) is 14th largest group on Roblox. The group was originally founded by Shain1 (which is the first account of the current leader), as a division of Vortex Security. When the group was not accepted as such, Shain1 turned the group into a different military group not associated with Vortex Security. The group has received a lot of negative attention primarily due to the large dislike of the group's leader, as well as stealing bases from Roblox Infantry Corps and using the Free V.I.P. recruiting method to gain soldiers. 


Member Count: Around 50,000
Leader: SilentSwords

Main Article: WIJ

WIJ (Dutch for "We") is the 16th largest group on Roblox. The group is a science fiction-based group, and a majority of their places have some kind of space theme to them. This group grew incredibly fast, due to its popular places and credentials of its owners, SilentSwords and Owen0202. The groups are known mostly for their exceptional technology, as they have led the way in clan technology ever since their creation. In the past, WIJ has faced off against large war groups (10,000+), such as Noble Blade, the Roblox Assault Team and John's Cobras, winning in all cases. In the past, a very advanced clan combat system, called the WIJengine 3.0, was released by SilentSwords, first to WIJ base Cerulean, then to all WIJ places. In a much anticipated project codenamed Back in Business (BiB), WIJengine 3.0 was upgraded to W6. This project included the release of a new base (Outpost Vermillion), new weapons, and other new technology. BiB was recently released to an extremely positive response from both WIJ members and non-WIJ members alike. On February 23, 2013 SilentSwords released wARC, it included Outpost Indigo II, the successor of Outpost Indigo.

The United Clan of Roblox

UCR current

Member Count: Around 70,000
Leader: Tune

Main Article: United Clan of Roblox

The United Clan of Roblox (U.C.R.) is one of the oldest super clans on Roblox. It once held the title as the largest group on Roblox, before being surpassed by R.A.T. U.C.R. is currently the 20th largest group on ROBLOX. It is run more like a democracy than most clans, with the High Ranks elected by members of all ranks. Also, the leader doesn't make decisions without the approval of the Directors and Senate. They have been through multiple wars, along with multiple leaders. They have an extremely rich history and take much pride in it. They were originally made to destroy their former rival clan X-101st. U.C.R. is currently coming out of a dark age that it was suffering in for an extremely long time. The group is sometimes criticized for mediocre combat ability and for being inactive, as well as lagging behind other war groups in their technology and bases. They are close allies with RSF, WIJ, RAT, and F.E.A.R., a group which they have once fought against and defeated in a war.


Member Count: 
Around 35,000

Leader: Fruitbox

Main Article: RSF

RSF (short for Roblox Special Forces) was founded by LSW (legostarwars999) and currently being lead by Fruitbox. It has over 33,000 members and is currently Roblox's 27th largest group. This group second in command is Valkeri. This group has some super clan allies like X-101st Legion, F.E.A.R. and Vortex Security. Their motto is "RSF Forever!". RSF always mass raid when raiding some groups. RSF has been defeated by WIJ and U.A.F. They are currently at war with R.A.T.

Imperium Empire

Imperium Empire
Imperium Empire

Member Count: Around 33,000
Leader: ValiantCorsair

Main Article: Imperium Empire

The Imperium Empire (I.E.) is a modern military organization and currently the 28th largest group on Roblox. The group is currently the 24th largest group or clan on ROBLOX. Imperium Empire currently has over 33,000 members and has achieved many of its members through well designed advertisements and visits to group recruitment centers.

—Ä—É—Ā—Ā–ļ–į—Ź –į—Ä–ľ–ł—Ź [Russian Army]

Member Count: Around 32,000

Leader: Treys1

—Ä—É—Ā—Ā–ļ–į—Ź –į—Ä–ľ–ł—Ź, meaning "Russian Army", is a superclan of ROBLOX. With more than 32,000 people in the group, it is also a famous clan. Currently led by Treys, it was founded by Nerfmodder. The group gained fame back in the early years of Roblox with Nerfmodder through his zombie survival games. ¬†

The group is famous for it's extreme levels of discipline and NKVD, the law division. NKVD law is one of the longest and most extreme lawbooks on Roblox. Other divisions include Spetsnaz (attack force), FSB (defense force), and RUS (economical and development division). 

The group has a handful of haters and wannabes either trying to live off the fame or people who were exiled for immaturity. So far RA has gone through plenty of bases the most famous being Mosocw. A total number of place visits for RA bases would be around 15-20M (Moscow having 4-5M) 

Urban Assault Forces


Member Count: Around 25,000

Leader: Falsewarrior000

Main Article: Urban Assault Forces

The Urban Assault Forces (U.A.F.) is another big military group, with over 23,000 members, and is the 48th largest group on Roblox. Modeled after a Communist Russian army, UAF is one of the very few clans with a democratic-style leadership. They have seen a large amount of leaders, which have included ColourTheory and Benblue9. Their current leader is bloxman26, who led UAF after DiscoHeaven resigned as a commander of UAF. They are known for their strength, the large amount of wars they have participated in, and their rich history. Although they have been in a dark age, they have been able to begin a new era under their current leader. They have lost wars to clans such as VAK, but won in wars against X-101st, IL, TRA, Noble Blade and Electro Legion. They currently are at war with Vortex Security.

Nightfall Clan


Member Count: Around 21,000
Leader: BelmontLegend255

Main Article: Nightfall Clan

Nightfall Clan (N.F.C.) is famous for its skilled members, fair bases, strong leadership, and long history. They have gotten in many wars, achieving both victory and defeat. Nightfall Clan also has many allies, including large war groups such as F.E.A.R., Vortex Security, and R.A.T. They have gone through eight different leaders, each bringing an era of progress and reform to the group. Nightfall Clan was founded by Soccerpr89, and is currently led by Fireantfive, NFC's eleventh leader. They have over 21,000 members, making them a super clan and the 52nd largest group on Roblox. Nightfall Clan is sometimes criticized for having some power abusing high ranks, and fighting unfairly in wars.

Frost Clan

Frost Clan

Member Count: Around 24,000
Leader: jjjakey

Main Article: Frost Clandata

Frost Clan (F.C.) is a war group currently lead by jjjakey, previously led by its founder Dignatio. Frost Clan's primary stronghold is Fort Wolf; where its members routinely patrol. Frost Clan has earned a great deal of positive attention throughout the community, as well as having an expansive array of defeated enemies. Although the clan has not grown rapidly since early 2010, they are still considered an active and respectable clan by many groups and members of the clan world.

The Sky Clan of Roblox

Member Count: Around 84,000 

Leader: Incending
Sky Clan
Main Article: The Sky Clan of Roblox

The Sky Clan of Roblox (S.C.R.) was a large war group founded by Mattapplestar in 2011 as a rebellion to destroy U.C.R. The group quickly became popular and grew to over 4,000 members. After Mattapplestar quit Roblox, S.C.R. then entered into a period of decline, where member growth and overall activity decreased rapidly. The group was then passed through a series of leaders. A large amount of advertisements were then created for the group, which helped The Sky Clan of Roblox to gain over 20,000 members in 2013, but then lost many of those members due to inactivity. They are the 58th largest group.

Sky League

Sky League Logo

Member Count: Around 20,000

Leader: FireFume

Sky League (S.L) is a war group commanded by Firefume.

The Nighthawk Imperium

Member Count: Around 213,000

Leader: Cryptonox
The nighthawk imperium logo by colourdefied-d8r19k7

Main Article: The Nighthawk Imperium

The Nighthawk Imperium (T.N.I) is a large war community which mostly takes play in roleplay. It was founded by iTradiing and is currently being lead by Crpytonox. The group takes place in a sci-fi like timeline, and troops have to patrol a border containing citizens and possible rebels trying to pass through. The group grew fairly slow during the rule of iTradiing and other previous leaders, however, when Cryptonox took over, the members grew in the thousands per month, and the activity was high. They are still growing to this date and hit 50 thousand members as of the 23rd of May, 2018.

The Imperial Robloxian Federation

Member count: Around 180,000


Leader: PresidentVasily The Imperial Robloxian Federation (IRF) is a clan lead by PresidentVasily (A.K.A. VasilyevIV, VasilyVonTotter, etc.). The group was transferred from one of his alternate accounts (WarDistrict) in mid/late 2018. It was formerly a WWII nation, but has since then moved to be a Cold War era nation, the Military mainly focusing on clanning. Active divisions in this nation include "Military of the Imperial Federation" handling border defense and defense of [RAID] bases, "Federation Admission" handling border duties, "IRF Ministry of Administrators" handling game moderation, "IRF Ministry of Internal Affairs" acting as a civilian police force, "The Commissariat of the Federation" handling intelligence operations. 

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