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A staff member of Roblox. They are usually, but not always, on the development team. They have special privileges, one of which includes giving bans.
Blox bloks To kill a player in a Roblox game.
Brick brɪk Stereotypically defining a 2x4 piece of plastic, that can be dislodged from other bricks with a forceful explosion.
BrickBattle brik 'batl A fight using Roblox's classic weapon tools.
Builder's Club ˈbildər's cluhb An upgrade in Roblox that gives more benefits; membership
Catalog Catuh - log The area of the website users will navigate to in which items for places and avatars can be purchased.
Lag lag Commonly used to describe slowness in games in modern times
Lua loo-uh The scripting language used within Roblox, to create dynamic environments and add to the gameplay. It is NOT an acronym
Moderator ˈmädəˌrātər A user who moderates Roblox and does actions such as Content Deleting, Banning, etc.


No͞ob 1. Someone who has at least some experience with the game, but acts/is as smart as a Newb (See 2nd definition.)

2. A person who is new. Short for newbie.

Place pl-ase A game on Roblox, or a player's creation that the player himself can play.




The act of dominating another player or winning against them, usually a word used when one is feeling like nothing can touch them. This will usually lead to the other player calling them a "noob".
Robloxian rø - bläks - ˈ-ē-ən A player's character in Roblox.
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