Throughout the history of Roblox, ten users have achieved controversial reputations. Listed below are some of the most controversial users in the history of the website, with the background information on the controversy they made.

Table of Controversial Users

Image Username Reason
Jaredvaldez4 Jaredvaldez4 is perhaps the most infamous user on ROBLOX, who is notorious for stealing games, and hiding them behind false images. Some of the most famous games he has copied include Paintball! by Daxter33, The Undead by StealthPilot Coming (which Jared called The Infection), and Welcome to the Town of Robloxia by 1dev2. He is also famous for copying YouTube videos, clothing, group names, and logos. These accusations have made Jared arguably one of the most hated players within the history of ROBLOX. Despite this, Jaredvaldez2 and Jaredvaldez4 were both extremely wealthy and famous accounts. The Jaredvaldez4 account was the first account to achieve over 20 million visits, and had over 23 million place visits before being deleted, the most out of any user. Jaredvaldez2 had over 11 million place visits before being deleted. After Jaredvaldez4 was permanently banned in September 2012, Jared made a new account, titled Jared2Valdez4. That account had achieved over 4 million place visits. Some copied games that were on that account include Galleons by Wingman8, and The Infection by Jaredvaldez4. In March 2013, Jaredvaldez4 was IP banned. He apologized on his YouTube channel and still has an account. He no longer plagiarizes other people's games.
JuliusColesV2 JuliusColesV2 is a banned user who copied and reuploaded games and free models and most notably, Welcome to The Town of Robloxia by 1dev2. He began to receive a negative reputation when he copied the game approximately a month after it was uncopylocked. He is also infamous for reuploading free models as proof he "owns" the Town of Robloxia, going as far as to accuse 1dev2 of copying "his" game. He is also notorious for his YouTube videos where he has made threats against the ROBLOX admins as well as aggressively attacking critics and mocking the dead co-founder of ROBLOX, Erik Cassel, who passed away in 2013 due to cancer.
FireFume FireFume is a controversial user that owns the group "The Robloxian General Hospital". This is a copy of the "Robloxian General Hospital" group owned by TycyRamsaiMD . The Robloxian General Hospital (TRGH) uses free models and hires exploiters to steal models from other ROBLOX medical institutions. FireFume also owns one of the largest groups on ROBLOX, NBC Shirt Creators. TRGH has copied RGH's uniforms and ranks.
Christina8787 Christina8787 is the creator of a popular, yet somewhat detested game on ROBLOX known as Club Christy. The game was despised mainly because of the large use of free models and the advertising campaign about the game. Christina8787 decided to increase the popularity of her game by creating many advertisements that criticized famed game designer IronInforcer, as well as his famous game Iron Cafe. Although IronInforcer did not directly respond, many users criticized the ads as flame, and thought of Christy as an attention seeker. She was also well known for her involvement in a feud between her and famous video maker XiaoXiaoMan. After he made a YouTube video criticizing her place for his series in Raging Roblox Reviewer, she made a YouTube video in response criticizing both XiaoXiaoMan and his review. Many users sided with XiaoXiaoMan in the feud, and Club Christy declined in popularity. Christina8787 then transferred to another account known as FizzyPops, where she created The Pop Club. Pop Club also became famous and was relatively well liked until it was made known that the creator was Christina. The ROBLOX community's hatred towards her has died down since.
SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX first became popular through his game Live in a Five-Star Island Resort. The game was heavily criticized mainly for its large use of free models and the large amount of Online Daters that visited the game. However, the main source for the controversy surrounding Sonic and the resort was the fact that many users accused Sonic of copying Island Resort by Wierdoking. Wierdoking himself accused Sonic of copying the place and stealing much of his fame, which sparked a large feud between the two. Many veteran users sided with Wierdoking, whereas many newer users sided with Sonic. Eventually, the feud died down, along with the popularity of both resorts. 

SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX is also the creator and owner of the largest group on ROBLOX, F.E.A.R. Despite the fact that the group is currently the largest group on ROBLOX, it has also been heavily criticized. One of the main criticisms of the group is the fact that the name of the group and several of its divisions was copied from the video game F.E.A.R. The group has also been accused of being filled up with inactive alternate accounts in order to boost F.E.A.R.'s member count. F.E.A.R., and Sonic himself have been called unskilled as well, even after his Machinima, "Out of BLOXY Cola" and his popular country-clan based roleplay city place, "Welcome to Venezia" were featured numerous times on the ROBLOX Blog.

MSE6 MSE6 was an Admin on ROBLOX, as well as a Super Moderator, Forum Moderator, and an Image Moderator. She has been criticized heavily by the Off Topic and ROBLOX Talk forums for issuing unfair bans. She is a well-known Atheist and thought to impose her views on others and banning people who disagree with her views. Despite the complaints of her abusing her powers, her moderator and administrator have remained intact since she first received them. Although she receives a lot of criticisms, it is known that she does have a large fan base within the forums community. Like Christina8787, the controversy surrounding MSE6 has since died down. It is known that her real name is Anna.
Quackityishot Quackityishot was an account used by the YouTuber, QuackityHQ. On May 1, 2017, Quackityishot was banned for three days for bad behavior. He then asked his fans to raid the forums telling the ROBLOX Admins to unban him. Roblox responded with a permanent ban which made the forum raid continue. Roblox quickly became fed up with all of the messages and put a 13+ account restriction on the forums for all users, which prevented all users, including the actual admins, to post on the forums. Quackityishot is also believed to have a bit of responsibility for the forum merge, and eventual deletion of the forums, due to his forum raid.


Xonnek is a Mexican Roblox YouTuber with over 1M subscribers, he was criticized for stealing YouTube thumbnails, stealing content, witch-hunting other YouTubers, etc. He has been banned on Roblox multiple times for exploiting, he stole the Unjailbreak exploit, he has been deleting comments of English viewers that watch his content. He lies about not speaking English when he actually does, he also steals other Roblox users/groups games.
Im Sandra

im_sandra was a user that was criticized heavily for copying and botting clothing and passing it on as her own. On one occasion before her termination, she and her fanbase began to attack the user do_om for "copying" an advertisement she created.[1] On November 20, 2018, her account was terminated for being involved in exchanging Roblox items for real-world money, in which she denied the accusation, and claimed that her ban was purely because of clothing botting.[2] This was quickly proven not to be the case, according to a handful of players. Roblox YouTuber greenlegocats123 called her out on the issue in one of his videos.[3]


MrSTR4TClaus (aka STR4T) is a Roblox user most known for making the controversial Roblox gambling website: rbxflip. He earned his criticism when a Youtuber named greenlegocats123 made a video explaining rbxflip. The next day however, another Youtuber named KonekoKitten made a video about criticizing rbxflip. Then the week after those videos were uploaded STR4T started to inform his Discord server to dislike the rbxflip hate videos

He was also controversial for getting multiple famous Roblox figures terminated, such as DragonWant, Flamey50 (on the account Doii) and Melankholy.

Controversial types of users

Year User Reason
As early as 2013 Bait and switch users

Bait and switch users are members that pull a scheme known as false advertising in order to gain place visits and ROBUX. The scam involves players changing the thumbnail and name of their game, without actually updating the game itself. This tricks unsuspecting users into playing the game, thus giving the owner more ROBUX and place visits. Many users have achieved their fame through pulling this scam. A list of some of the most notorious users that pull this scam can be found here.

Rarity: Common (mostly with places spammed such as "OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY").

2008 - 2017Roblox guest Guests

Guests were ROBLOX players that did not have an account. In places, Guests could've done most of the things other users could do, however they couldn't talk. They were often the target of scrutiny by registered users, most notably due to their inexperience in-game and their inability to fight back. A cause of this was also their ability to freely exploit and not be banned since they don't have their own account. In October 2017, the Guest feature was removed.

Rarity: Guests have been removed fully from the site as of September 16, 2019.

2006 - present Online Trolls

Online Trolls are people, specifically on ROBLOX that annoy, grief or in rare occassions go a step further to bully or harass other players. These players are usually older users that want to get a rise out of 'trolling' people. Some of these people that troll in more serious methods have recently been a subject of scrutiny, especially by the media due to many of these users causing many younger users to leave ROBLOX, through bullying, sending inappropriate messages, swearing and spreading suicidal messages. Very rare do online trolls do this, usually bullies who are not online trolls do, but rarely some trolls take it a step further.

Rarity: Rare

Since at least 2013 - present

Scambots were Roblox users who spam Roblox Models/groups.etc. with advertisements leading to scam websites. The old Scambot as shown in the picture have been terminated but as of August 2018, they have changed their looks and go onto the Roblox library, mostly audios. Around December 2018, an new captcha was added to stop all Scambots from spamming. However, on January 3rd, 2019, they bypassed the captcha and the spamming continued. Around Februrary 2019, the Scambots seen to disappear from the platform and the spamming stopped once again. However, you can still see the spam messages from 2018 in Models and Audio.

Rarity:  Common

2008 - present
GO AWAY UGLY ODER,not being racist

An example

Online daters

Online daters, or ODers, are players who use Roblox to attempt to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. This is against Roblox's Terms of Service. They are most often found in roleplaying games, and many avatar types and username styles have become stereotyped with them. They claim it is roleplay, but usually they are unintelligent. They are mostly found in games like Robloxian Highschool and MeepCity, attempting to have relationships with other users. Their notoriety increased in 2017, when several media outlets reported of children being exposed to what appeared to be messages from sexual predators.

Rarity: Uncommon

2006 - present

TypicalModders, one of the most famous exploiters


Exploiters are players who uses programs to insert or destroy a game, Many players have criticized exploiters, as they can ruin the game by deleting parts, inserting random models, kicking players out of the game etc. Some players also take it to the extent that they call exploiters noobs. Even in fighting games, users who spot exploiters say they have no skill or talent.

Rarity: Depends, usually can be seen if games do not have an anti-exploit, (e.g Prison Life)

Middle 2017 - present


Brainlets, are players who dress their avatar in a typically ugly manner, which may include mismatched bodyparts, strange hat and clothing combinations, and strange faces. These players do this to attract attention or to look funny, oppositely to humiliate players who lose to them in competitive gamplay. These users can be Trolls that harrass and annoy players, normally not going to any extreme after that. The community sees these players as irritating and are disliked, therefore named Brainlets. These players are commonly found coming from the Flamingo Youtube channel which features many videos of Albert trolling people via similar avatars.

Rarity: Common (Usually in games with character customisation or games Flamingo has featured.) 


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