Clan bases are forts that are often made for a certain war group. They often contain places for members to meet each other, and are modeled after modern military compounds. Most of them have armories, prisons, meeting areas, and other buildings. Most forts are raidable, and a good portion of time spent my a member of a clan at the clan's base is spent defending the base from raiders. The forts can get extremely popular, and are often used as a source of growth for clans. The forts listed here are the most well known forts for the most well known clans in ROBLOX. Some clan bases are extremely well built, while others are criticized for their free models buying bases.

Other Clan Places

Often, clans have places other than just bases. One example is a training facility, where low-ranking players are trained by higher-ranking members. These places are not raidable, and often result in a ban if being raided. They often sword fight, gun fight, complete obstacle cources, and practice discipline. Those who excel in trainings often receive promotions and other rewards.

Another clan place would be the clan headquarters, also called a HQ. Unlike clan bases, these places are often not raidable, and result in a ban if you try to raid them. They are often modern skyscrapers, and contain offices, meeting rooms, and other features necessary to run a clan.

One more clan place would be a recruitment center. These places help to draw new members into the group. Some of the biggest clans on Roblox get extremely famous through their recruitment centers. Sometimes raidable, players often talk to members of the group in order to be recruited.

Famous Clan Bases

The bases on this list most be owned by a clan on the war groups page , and have over 200,000 place visits.

Outpost Orion (United Clan of ROBLOX)

Place Visits: Around 2,000,000 (All versions)

Other UCR Bases: ORIION, Dante, Velocity, Fuoco, 555, Syrio, Horizon


The United Clan of ROBLOX's ORION

Outpost ORION is one of the most visited, and well known clan forts in the history of ROBLOX. This base is often credited as being the fairest fort in the clan world and has been active under five different presidents of UCR. This base was originally builty for RAT by TDFall in 2011, but when TDFall was given the UCR presidency, he converted ORION to a UCR fort. This base is often used as UCR's "back-up" base in case something goes wrong with any others.

The base consists of three islands with the spawns all sittign on the main middle island (see picture to right). The main island has a small watchtower where you can pick up a magnum. The entrance to the main base is inside the waterfall and the main base contains two of three flags. The second island lies north of the main island and you can pick up an Assault Rifle there as well as capture the final flag (C). The third and final island lies south-east of the main island and contains a secret bomb room entrance where skilled users can select to bomb a certain room in the main base every 5-10 minutes.

===Fort Vulcan (Vortex Security)

Place Visits: 1,568,060 (All versions combined)

Other V.S. Bases: Fort Valor, V.S. Headquarters, and the V.S. Recruitment Center
VS Fort Vulcan 2.5

Fort Vulcan 2.5

Fort Vulcan is arguably one of the most well known forts on ROBLOX. This fort has been re-released several times as different versions (1.0/1.5, 2.0/2.5, and 3.0/ 3.1). One of the trademarks of this fort is the tri-sector design. Allies and VS members spawn in Sector 1. Sector 2 is accessible only by certain divisions, and often is the biggest. It usually contains vehicles and numerous buildings. Sector 3 is at the back, and raiders must reach this point and hold it for a certain amount of time in order to win a raid. Fort Vulcan is hard to infiltrate, with raiders needing to break a code that opens the gates to a sector until they can get into Sector 3. Most versions of Fort Vulcan were built by Vortex Security founder Justgoaway1, but other members contributed to these forts as well. All players earn credits in the game in order to buy better weapons, both these weapons and credits are saved after leaving each game. Credits are also given to each side when one player kills another player on the opposing team. Although version 1.0/1.5 were the most liked by members of Vortex Security, 2.0 was the most visited, achieving over 1.4 million visits.

Recently, Vortex Security, now led by imnotaguestimagirl, had the first Fort Vulcan revamped, with new VS technology for both sides. It has claimed positive feedback, especially from VS veterans who had wanted the old Vulcan over the others.

Fort Fang (J.C.)

Place Visits: 1,172,288

Other J.C. Forts: Fort Libertas

Fort Fang is the main fort of the military group John's Cobras. It is owned by Pspjohn1, but built by skul4o. Located in an urban setting, the fort is a fair fort to raiders. Raiders spawn in their own base, with JC members spawning inside the fort. Civilians spawn in the middle of the city.

JC Fort Fang

Fort Fang screenshot

The fort has two walls, and raiders must get over both of the walls in order to get into the base. In order to get inside the base, one must purchase an aircraft to fly over the walls, or climb over the little bricks adjacent to the walls to get over the walls. The path to the second wall is a lot more complicated than the path over the first wall. Then, raiders must enter the main building, capture the flag, and hold it for 1800 seconds in order to win a raid. This base contains a recruitment center, multiple armories, a meeting room, offices, jail, and a flag room for raiders to capture the flag. All players earn credits throughout the game in order to purchase better weapons and vehicles. A second version, known as Fort Fang II, was scheduled to be released, but cancelled in order to be used for something else.

Fort Borealis (R.A.T.)

Place Visits: 1,151,850 (All versions combined)

Other R.A.T. Bases: Fort Fornax, Fort Hydrus, Fort Equinox, Fort Aquarius, Fort Velorum, Fort Celeste, and Fort Cygnus.


Fort Borealis

Fort Borealis is R.A.T.'s newest fort. The fort is located in a tropical climate on a series of 9 islands known as the Borealis Islands. The Borealis Islands were named after the Aurora Borealis, aka "The Northern Lights". These islands lie far north of the main Frostarian habitable continent. It lies in the Border Ocean, the ocean that separates the colonies in the frozen wasteland and the cities and society in the main continent around the equator planet. There exist 5 islands: Borealis Alpha, Borealis Beta, Borealis Omega, Borealis Gamma and Borealis Crown. The battle takes place on the largest island, Borealis Crown. The main fort is on the biggest island, with a man-made canal dividing the island right down the middle. The fort itself contains two outposts: a raiders' base and a Roblox Assault Team base. The goal of the game is to defend one base while trying to take over and attack the other. The R.A.T. base contains a main road with several buildings on each side. The raiders' base contains a broken wall with tents and multiple buildings. The base is relatively fair, with each side having access to the same weapons and vehicles, and spawning in their own base. To capture the terminal, players must stand on the terminal for the opposing team until a flash drive tool appears in their Starter Pack. They then must bring this flash drive to their terminal, and stand on it. In 20 minutes, the other team wins. Also, players can unsecure the other terminal, causing members of that outpost to spawn outside of the base. Fort Borealis has recently been released in August 2012, and was released as a part of the R.A.T. project Spectrum. The fort contains new technology never before seen by the Roblox Assault Team, such as a unique terminal system, new weapons, and new vehicles, in addition to other new technology. The fort took Celeste II's former gameslot and hit the front page almost immediately. The popularity of the game got RAT over 2,000 more members in the week of its release, as well as giving the gameslot over 1,000,000 place visits. It was also mentioned in its own article in the ROBLOX blog for it's fame of place visits and favorites. The base has now been moved to cj10127's profile because of the recent R.A.T. leader change.

Forward Operating Base (The Real U.S.S.F.)

Place Visits: 1,130,134

Other U.S.S.F. Bases: New York City Headquarters, Air Base Frost


U.S.S.F's Forward Operating Base

The Forward Operating Base is currently the headquarters and most popular base for U.S.S.F. The base has been visited over 950,000 times, and has been favorited over 18,000 times. The base is notorious for its large amount of weaponry and vehicles. Located in a desert terrain, the base is located on two remote islands, with a man-made secondary island where U.S.S.F. players spawn. The two islands are connected by a bridge. The first island is larger and has a tropical terrain. It contains the spawns for the raiders, allies, and visitors, as well as a village, a camp, and a large forest. The raiders, allies, and visitors spawning in different locations throughout the map. The spawns for the three groups previously mentioned are all marked by a flag. At the U.S.S.F. spawn, there is a hat changer table, as well as two different places to teleport. Players can either teleport to the village, or the camp. The camp is for members of the group only, and it contains two tents, one with tables and chairs, and the other being empty. The village contains a recruitment center, a church, and other various empty buildings. 

The second island contains the terminal needed to capture the fort. The terminal is contained in a walled compound bordering the island. There are two gates, one for U.S.S.F. players, and one that can be opened only from the inside of the base. Players can gain access into the compound by completing the obstacle course located on the wall. Inside the compound is a jail laying against the wall containing the gates, basketball court, a barracks building adjacent to the basketball court, multiple sniper towers, and the terminal. An airfield is also located on the second island, behind the items previously listed. 

Outpost Indigo (WIJ)

Place Visits: 1,096,580

Other WIJ Bases: Outpost Cerulean, Outpost Vermillion, and Main Headquarters

This fort is a rather unique, yet popular, fort among the ROBLOXian community. It was built by owen0202, but SilentSwords has the outpost on his profile. Outpost Indigo is known for its exceptional weapons, scripting, and other technology. The guns are battery powered, which is unlike any other guns ever developed in ROBLOX. Also, in order to win a
Outpost Indigo gate

WIJ's Outpost Indigo

 raid, raiders must access the base. This can be done by going through the cave in the side of the mountains, but in order to enter the cave, a raider must shoot down the forcefield. Once the raider enters the base, they must arm the bomb for 90 seconds to win a raid. WIJ must un-arm the bomb in order to stop the raid. Unlike Fort Vulcan, this base is rather balanced base for raiders, with both raiders and WIJ members having access to similar weapons.

Inside the base, there is the room containing the bomb, an armory, a jail, which are all protected by a wall. The raiders base, on the other side of the map, contains an armory and a fort in which WIJ or allies cannot enter. This is to prevent spawnkilling.

The remastered version of the fort, known as Outpost Indigo II, was released on February 23, 2013. Some of the most striking changes are how it takes advantage of Roblox's dynamic lighting, its re-mastered weapons, the wARC system of experience-based leveling up, and a completely re-built raider base that is much larger.

Swampy Moon Outpost (The Vaktovian Empire)

Place Visits: 880,287 (all versions combined)

Other Vaktovian Bases: Outpost Kaznan, and the Vaktovian Recruitment Center.

-Outpost Pyro- Swampy Moon Outpost

The Vaktovian Empire's Swampy Moon Outpost

Named after DevelishPyro, Outpost Pyro is the main fort of the controversial war group The Vaktovian Empire. The fort is set in a swampy terrain, and holds a walled fortress with two tall towers. These towers contain a flag room for raiders to capture the flag, as well as various armories, meeting rooms, and a holographic room. In order to win a raid raiders must capture the flag, and take a screenshot to have proof of victory. This base has been criticized because of its high lag, and because some of the members of The Vaktovian Empire get better weapons than the raiders do. Also, it is considered by some players to be extremely outdated, as some of the weapons and building style of the base aren't up to par with the current standards of other bases.

Fort Alianor (F.E.A.R. )

Place Visits: 657,216

Other F.E.A.R. Bases: Fort Cryo

This Fort was F.E.A.R.'s main headqauters and base, up until the release of Fort Cryo. Alianor was built by the members of Armacham Technology Corporation. There are two versions of Fort Alianor, both built and released during 2011. The fort was modeled after R.A.T.'s Fort Celeste. This base is heavily criticised by the Robloxian Community because members of F.E.A.R. and its divisions get weapons that are way more powerful than those given to the raiders at the fort. This base is in a mountainous atmosphere in a seemingly warm climate. A third version of the base, known as Fort Alianor 3.0, is currently under construction.

F.E.A.R. Fort Alianor 2.0

F.E.A.R.'s Fort Alianor 2.0

Alianor 2.0 is located within a tropical valley surrounded by mountains. Raiders and visitors spawn at the back of the map, and F.E.A.R. members spawn right outside the main gate. F.E.A.R. members access the base through the main gate, whereas the raiders have to go into the waterfall, sneak in between a rock, and jump over a wall to enter the base. There are tents located throughout the base for the specific divisions of F.E.A.R. listed above, each containing different weapons. The tents outside the gate are for members of Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) and F.E.A.R. Replica Forces. The tents inside the base are for the main division, F.E.A.R. Honors Division, and F.E.A.R. Military Police. Inside the base, the main building is a modern tower. The first floor of the tower contains rooms with screenshots of the history of the group, and an elevator. The second floor contains various offices. The third floor is taken up by a single circular room known as the flag room. This is where raiders capture the flag and hold it for 1200 seconds (20 minutes) to win a raid. This also contains 5 chairs for the five legendary members of F.E.A.R. There are also statues of the five legendary members of F.E.A.R.(SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX, BrianK2355, JasonIIII, and The13thHippie).  A third version of the base, known as Alianor III, is currently under construction, and is expected to be released soon.

Fort Topixa (N.F.C.)

Place Visits: 284,182 (All official versions combined)

NFC Fort Topixa

NFC's main fort, Fort Topixa.

Fort Topixa is the main fort for the group Nightfall Clan. It was introduced in the Fighters1234 era, and is currently on his profile, but it is not the official one. The official one is on bob104810's profile since he is the new Chancellor . It is one of the most fair bases on Roblox, and is unique in the fact that guns are not present at the base. The only weapon at the base is a linked sword. The base is extremely fair to raiders, as they can either climb over the mountains or slip through the fort walls to gain access into the base. Also, there is a Hide Name GUI, so raiders and NFC members can hide and kill. The base is located in a mild climate surrounded by snowy cliffs and mountains. Raiders and NFC members spawn near each other, and away from the fort. There are little ponds and trees dotting the map. Nearing the base, there is a statue of Fighters1234 holding an NFC flag. Inside the walled compound is one main building. The building contains several rooms. There is a lobby on the first floor, as well as a jail. Players can take an elevator to the second floor. The second floor contains a capture point, as well as a meeting and rally room. Players must hold the capture point for 20 minutes to win a raid. If at any point an NFC member touches the capture point, NFC automatically captures the base. This is the main criticism of Fort Topixa. A second version of the fort is currently in the works, and expected to be released before the end of the year... The makers of this will be the Virium corps members.The fort "Topixa" named by  shark6395 a former high council and Fighters1234.

Fort Wolf (F.C.)

Place Visits: 262,329

Other F.C. Bases: Frost Clan Headquarters and Fort Avalanche

Wolf image

Frost Clan's Fort Wolf

Fort Wolf is the main fort for Frost Clan. Built by Dignatio, it is a rather fair fort for raiders, with no gates to go through or walls to climb, however, there is a path in the cliffs directly to the main flag. Also, the weapons for the raiders, allies, and Frost Clan are all the same, making the base even more fair. This fort is a well liked fort by Frost Clan members and non-Frost Clan members alike because of how fair the base is.

Fort Wolf is located in a snowy terrain, with pine trees dotting the map, various caves and mountains, and also several ponds and lakes.

The fort is a wooden structure carved into the mountains. Inside, there are various passageways and rooms, which most are empty. However, the base does contain a jail, a library, and multiple lookout areas. There are two flags to capture, the midpoint flag (which most FC members guard) and the main flag.

Fort Kopervich (U.A.F.)

Place Visits: 215,246  (All official versions combined.)

Uaf kopervich

Fort Kopervich

The most well known out of all of Urban Assault Forces' forts, Fort Kopervich was introduced during Benblue9's era. It was built by Sunshine321 and Benblue9. Located in a volcano deep inside Russia, the fort is a relatively fair fort for raiders. Civilians, UAF members, and allies of UAF all spawn on the same location, with raiders spawning closer in a blocked off area on the opposite side of the map  to the fort. The fort contains multiple armories, hidden passageways and rooms, a cafe, soccer field, meeting room, rally room, prison, and break room. To raid, raiders can either complete an obby over a lava pit and sword jump to reach the gate, find a secret entrance in one of the many corriders in the volcanos side, or jump through a hidden wall in the cafe. It also contains a retractable bridge over a lava river, and a gate. It is arguable UAF's most liked and most well known fort. The fort is currently being revamped to come up to par with the technology of other clans.
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