The following is a list of groups which have the most place visits. This list is based on place visits alone, and no other aspects of these users are taken to account with this specific listing. As place visits are constantly increasing, the numbers listed may not always be accurate until they are updated. This page was last updated on June 25, 2019.

Group Amount of Visits Most Visited Game
Badimo Around 2,700,000,000 Jailbreak
DreamCraft Around 1,200,000,000 Adopt Me
Super Heroes™ Around 989,000,000 Super Hero Tycoon
Rumble Studios. Around 934,000,000 Mining Simulator
A.W. Apps Around 823,000,000 Flee the Facility
StyLiS Studios Around 773,000,000 Phantom Forces
Fashion Famous Around 731,000,000 Fashion Famous (Mobile)
Robloxian High School Group Around 694,000,000 Robloxian Highschool
ROLVe Community Around 619,000,000 Counter Blox
wenlocktoad vs indra Around 558,000,000 Zombie Attack
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