This list features soundtracks and trailers in the Roblox environment. These are melodies recognized by players on the site and will commonly hear these songs.

Over the years, Roblox had many promotional trailers (and songs) which have been released. Other songs released by Roblox is unique to Roblox's games and have never been affiliated in an official Roblox trailer.


Original ROBLOX Soundtrack

This was the first Roblox Soundtrack. It was featured in the first trailer, and the 2008 trailer.


01. Roblox Soundtrack - The Main Theme

Happy Home in Robloxia

This is music featured in the "Shirts... And Pants. Pants Pants Pants Pants" video. The song was made by Stealth Pilot.

Build Your Own Game

A track featured in an early 2009 trailer.

Explore ROBLOX

Music that was used in another early 2009 trailer.

Online Social Hangout

A track that was used in the trailer used in early 2009 to mid 2011.

Roblox Game Music

Music that hasn't derived from any of Roblox's game trailers, is unique to Roblox (created for Roblox), and is used in Roblox Game Servers. List may or may not be complete.

  • Iron Blades
  • Winds of Fjords
    • Winds of Fjords is a module from the Mod Archive website and is composed by minomus of DOMU and Fine Ground Coffee Crew. the file for this song is Winds of Fjord is also commonly known as "Telamon's Sword". Winds of Fjord was commonly used in horror & zombie games on Roblox.


ROBLOX - Game Trailer

The first official Roblox trailer ever made, it was created in late 2006. It was made before most of the features we have in today's Roblox existed (e.g. character animations & GUIs).

Welcome To ROBLOX

The second official Roblox Trailer. It was replaced in late 2008.

Explore ROBLOX

The third official Roblox Trailer released. It was released in early 2009, when older studs were still being used.

Online Social Hangout

The fourth Roblox Trailer made, it was made & released only a couple months after the "Explore Roblox" trailer released.

ROBLOX TV Advertisement

Main article: ROBLOX TV Advertisement

The first Roblox Commercial to air on TV; it is no longer being used as the latest ROBLOX introductory trailer on Roblox's home page replacing the long running "Online Social Hangout" trailer. It was published in mid 2011 and became popular, especially because of the phrase "IT'S FREE" at the end.

Google Pixelbook

An official Google Pixelbook commercial showcasing the features and apps of the product. The Roblox app is featured on this commercial, and also with this partnership, Roblox released a virtual item called the Crimson Ombre Wings that can be redeemed by purchasing the Google Pixelbook at participating retailers.


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