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This is a list of the most expensive items that are not limited on the catalog sold by the official ROBLOX account. Updated as of April 10, 2019.


Item Price Image

Violet Valkyrie

The most expensive hat.

50,000 Robux
Violet Valkyrie

Big Crazy Blue Hair

The most expensive hair accessory.

1,000 Robux
Crazy Blue Hair

Sparkle Time Bandana,
Blue Sparkle Time Bandana,
Red Sparkle Time Bandana

Tied for the most expensive face accessory.

8,000 Robux
Sparkle Time Bandana

Snow Queen's Necklace

The most expensive neck accessory.

5,000 Robux
Snow Necklace

Magmawrath Pauldrons

The most expensive shoulder accessory.

2,000 Robux
Magmawrath Pauldrons

Hologram Screens

The most expensive front accessory.

2,000 Robux
Hologram Screens

Bluesteel Swordpack,
Glorious Eagle Wings
Tied for the most expensive back accessory.

10,000 Robux

Kingfisher Tail,
Phoenix Tail

Tied for the most expensive waist accessory.

1,000 Robux
Kingfisher Tail


Item Price Image

Black Iron Katana

The most expensive gear.

2,500 Robux
Black Katana

Incinerator 6000

The most expensive building gear.

675 Robux
Incinerator 60001

RC Tank

The most expensive explosive gear.

2,000 Robux
RC Tank

Rock It Guitar

The most expensive musical gear.

2,001 Robux
Rock Guitar

Artemis Bow

The most expensive navigation gear.

1,750 Robux
Artemis Bow1

Staff of Crimson Chaos Fire

The most expensive power-up gear.

2,000 Robux
Staff of Crimson

Knights of the Splintered Skies: Bow and Arrow,
RC Tank,
Staff of Crimson Chaos Fire

Tied for the most expensive ranged gear.

2,000 Robux
Light Blue Bow

Bluesteel Midas Hand

The most expensive social gear.

1,000 Robux
Blue Midas

Ancient Eagle Mount,
Dark Pegasus,
Glorious Eagle Mount,
Magical Unicorn,
Wizards of the Astral Isles: Pegasus

Tied for the most expensive transport gear.

2,000 Robux
Ancient Eage Mount

Body Parts

Item Price Image


The most expensive head.

300 Robux

Sir Rich McMoneyston, III

The most expensive face.

10,001 Robux
Sir Rich McMoneyston, III

Korblox Deathspeaker

The most expensive package.

17,000 Robux
Korblox Deathspeaker

Avatar Animations

Item Price Image

Levitation Animation Pack

The most expensive animation package.

1,000 Robux


Item Price Image

The most expensive shirt.

0 Robux

ROBLOX has not posted a shirt

that costs Robux currently.

Expensive Red Suit
The most expensive T-Shirt.

178 Robux
Expensive Red Suit

Black Slacks,
Tied for the most expensive pants.

1 Robux
Black Slacks
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