The following is a list of web APIs available on the Roblox website.

Versioned APIs

In addition to the general Roblox API available on and documented at, there are a number of sites that provide documented and versioned static endpoints.

AbTesting API
Endpoints for the A/B Testing framework.
Abuse API
This api is temporarily offline.
AccountSettings API
All endpoints for account and user settings.
Ads configuration endpoints.
Asset delivery API
Serves asset content.
Authentication API
All endpoints that tamper with authentication sessions.
Avatar API
Endpoints relating to the customization of player avatars.
Badges API
Endpoints for badges and badge awards management.
Billing API
Real money transactions and interaction.
Captcha API
Captcha Api Site.
Catalog API
Catalog items browsing and searching. Content and user based catalog items recommendations.
Discussions API
CdnProviders API
Chat API
All chat and party related endpoints.
ClientSettings API
Used by various Roblox clients to retrieve configuration information.
ClientSettings (CDN) API
Used by various Roblox clients to retrieve configuration information.
Contacts API
Contacts and userTag management.
Develop API
Game development configuration endpoints.
Discussions API
Economy API
Endpoints related to transactions and currency.
Engagement Payouts API
This api is temporarily offline.
Followings API
Establishes follow relationship between subscriber entities (users, groups, etc) and source entities (games, groups, assets, etc.).
Friends API
Friends, followers, and contacts management.
Game internationalization API
Manages internationalization of games such as translating in game content.
GameJoin API
All endpoints around launching a game.
GamePersistence API
Endpoints for the in-game datastore system for storing data for games.
Games API
All endpoints for game discovery, and details.
Groups API
Groups and clans management.
Inventory API
All endpoints for viewing (but not granting) ownership of items.
Item Configuration API
Configure items (bundles and avatar assets).
Locale API
User locale management.
Metrics API
Record metrics across Roblox.
Midas API
Handle requests around making purchases using Midas.
Notifications API
All notification stream endpoints.
Points API
The web API for the in-game PointsService.
Premium Features API
This API is for premium features and anything pertaining to account add ons
Presence API
All endpoints for managing presence.
Publish API
All endpoints handling file uploads.
Ratings API
Surveys API
TextFilter API
High volume text filtering. No endpoints are documented.
Thumbnails API
Endpoints for requesting thumbnails.
Trades API
Endpoints for trading collectible items.
TranslationRoles API
Manages translation roles of developers in game localization.
Translations API
Users API
For direct Roblox user information.
Voice API
Presumed to be used in the future for Roblox voice calling.

Unversioned APIs

Catalog API
Roblox offers an API at that provides data for avatar shop searches, including information about the items found in the searches (further information about catalog items can be found with the product info endpoint). The responses are in JSON and contain information such as the asset type of the items found by the search.
The parameters used with the catalog API are similar to those used on the catalog page and are documented on the Roblox Developer Hub.

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