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Lortex Security (LS) was a superclan led by Wardency. The group was created by Rebreb97, although only founded as a clan later in Darkggod and Shootingraw1's eras. Most criticism of LS was generated due of the reputation of Rebreb, as well as similarities of the name of Lortex Security and the name of another popular group, Vortex Security. As of May 5, 2019, Lortex Security has been shut down, and on June 12, 2019, a successor group called Lortex Armed Forces was formed.



The group was created by Rebreb97, a notorious false advertiser, in 2012.  Rebreb had intended for the group to be copied from Vortex Security in order to generate controversy, similar to how Jaredvaldez4 had made Team Vortex. She had then offered free VIP on a falsely-titled game for the gaining of members, and once the group gained around 20,000 members, Rebreb was deleted.  After Rebreb's deletion, the group was passed around by leaders and made into what it is today.


Shootingraw1 had made several major reforms to the group, including the replacement and addition of several high-ranks, the release of new technology, and several training reforms to improve the group's overall combative skills. Shootingraw1 caused the group's previously negative reputation to decrease to an extent. The group fought several major wars under Shootingraw1's reign, which drew even more members and funds to the group.


Like Rebreb97, Shootingraw1 was eventually deleted. The group was then given to Darkggod. Darkggod had attempted to carry out the reforms and regulations that were set in place by Shootingraw1. Under Darkggod's reign, the group has fought several wars, most notably against John's Cobras and H.A.U. They were victorious in the war against H.A.U. but surrendered to John's Cobras. Eventually, Darkggod retired from leading LS and gave it to Livium/McVoss.

After Darkggod1

[1] Like many, McVoss eventually quit, and the group was passed over to Toltem and Aso2. After Toltem and Aso2 resigned, the group was handed over to iMcLogic. Following iMcLogic it got handed over to Fertility and Impresario. Functionized got a hold the group and sold it to Wardency .


Wardency was the final leader of Lortex Security. He was terminated from Roblox on March 15, 2019. Due to a recent update on Roblox, no new leader was able to be declared.

All Known Leaders

Rebreb97 (created group, owned ?????-09/20/12)

jarymap, opticfeed (10/21/12-10/23/12)

swatcaptain774, KriHavok* (10/24/12) [OCCUPIED BY VORTEX SECURITY]

Shootingraw1 (10/24/12-01/~05/13)

Darkggod (01/~05/13-05/19/13)

iBurning (05/19/13-06/01/13)

Darkggod (06/01/13-07/04/13)

Toltem (07/04/13-?????)

The leadership was passed between Shootingraw1, Toltem, and RoFact multiple times before 07-27-13.  Exact dates are unknown due to this.

Livium, stix7, Ramerion* (07/27/13-08/03/13)

iCrowned, Toltem*, L2N, Dravum, Shootingraw1 (08/03/13-08-27/13)

JustAGnome, LSGroupHolder (08/27/13-09/11/13)

LordClutch (09/11/13-?????)

JustAGnome (?????-11/02/13)

MrChappie, Dzyrus (11/09/13-12/08/13)

Fertility (12/08/13-1/06/14)

Impresario (1/06/14-6/10/14)

JustDefiable (6/10/14-9/10/14)

Functionized (9/10/14-2/08/15)

Wardency (2/8/15-2/24/19)

None (2/25/19-Present)

  • possible leader but not certain


There were five divisions of Lortex Security.  Boarding Brigade (BB), Airborne Assault (AA), Heroic Healers (HH), Oathsworn (OS, OA), and Officer Operations (OO).

Boarding Brigade

Boarding Brigade was the ocean division of Lortex Security.  They were supposed to transport members to locations and protect the oceans. The division was never put into use.


Airborne Assault

Airborne Assault was the air division of Lortex Security. Specializing in tactical air operations, this division was for the pilots, ensuring their troops get from A to B as fast and as quietly as possible. This division was active in early to late 2016, when the neglect of the division became apparent.


Heroic Healers

Heroic Healers was the medical division of Lortex Security.  They healed members to prolong their fighting time. The division was never put into use.



Oathsworn were the protectors and enforcers of the Warden. Their duties as a member of this division were to uphold the Warden's values and be the enforcer of his words. This division was active in early to late 2016, when the neglect of the division became apparent.


Officer Operations

Officer Operations was intended to be the high-rank training division. It was run by Epicency, who neglected it, occasionally changing the status from early 2016 to early 2019.


Group Places


This was the training place of Lortex Security.  It was only operable by Lortex high ranks.


Assembly Point

This was the assembly place for Lortex Security.

Assembly Point

Initiation Bay

This was the initiation place of the Lortex Corporation.

Initiation Bay

Transmisions Citadel

This was the planned fortress place of the Lortex Corporation, developed in early 2019 by Marinist, toon2400, and Epicency.





Recruit is the first rank a member can become in Lortex Security.  This rank is unable to access most Lortex Security places and can only rank up upon completion of Initiation Bay.


Private is the second rank in Lortex Security.  This rank gains access to all public Lortex places and can rank up through trainings.  Members of this rank may not use Initiation Bay to rank up.

Private First Class


Corporal is the first rank that is allowed to join divisions.  They may join Oathsworn, Heroic Healers, Boarding Brigade, or Airborne Assault.  Officer Operations is off limits to members of this rank.


Sergeant is the first rank that is allowed to join departments.  For information regarding departments, members should contact members General or above.


Lieutenant is the first rank that is allowed to join Officer Operations, which trains members to become Colonels.


Captain is the last low rank.  Members may not be promoting through basic trainings held by officers after they are promoted to this rank.


Colonel is the first officer rank.  These members are allowed to host basic trainings.

Senior Colonel

Colonel is the second officer rank.  These members are allowed to host raids on other groups and lead defenses as well as host basic trainings.


General is the first high command rank.   These members are allowed authority over all members except Commanders and the Warden.  This rank is generally filled with developers.


Commander is the second high command rank.  These members run the group under the supervision of the Warden.


The Warden is the leader of the Lortex Corporation, ruling over Lortex Security, Royal Entertainment, and many other groups.