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Luobu Mystery Box Hunt (《罗布乐思盲盒嘉年华》) was a Roblox event. It began on August 19, 2021 (August 20, 2021 for Luobu). The event was sponsored again by the highest-grossing non-English animated movie Ne Zha, which was released in 2019. The Kid Nezha bundle was only available for LuoBu players through Tencent Video during Nezha's Devil Boy Descends Into The World. It was available on September 1, 2021, for free until September 11, 2021.

Hub and test game

Name Image Creator/Group
Luobu Mystery Box Hunt
Blind Box Carnival Picture.png
Neutral Thumbnail1.png
White Dragon Studio

Name Image Creator/Group
Action Tower Defense
Action Tower Defense.png
Lightning Dragon Group
A Wolf Or Other
A Wolf Or Other.png
Otter Space
Brawl Bomb
Chongqing YYGAME
Car Crushers 2
Car Crushers 2.png
Car crushers official group
Cooking Simulator
🍟Cooking Simulator🍟.png
iThink Game Studio
Deathrun 🍅.png
Team Deathrun
Dinosaur City Simulator
Dinosaur City Simulator.png
White Dragon Horse
Equipment Simulator
Equipment Simulator.png
Funky Friday
Funky Friday.jpg
Lyte Interactive
Growing up
Growing up.png
Lumber Simulator
Lumber Simulator.png
AntMan Studio
Ninja Blade
Ninja Blade.png
Hotpot Studio
Smash Party Battle
Smash Party Battle.png
Rock Panda Games
Snowman Simulator
Snowman Simulator.png
Gunslinger Games
Speed Race
Speed Race.png
Transforming toy simulator
Transforming toy simulator.png
White Dragon Horse

Avatar shop items

Name Image Objective
Kid Nezha
Kid Nezha v2.png
Obtained for free for by joining the hub during September 1, 2021.
Carnival Clown
Carnival Clown.png
Obtained only for Tencent Video users.
Head Blooming
Head Blooming.png
Obtained when collected 12 Blind Box Prizes.
Nova the Galaxy Scientist
Nova the Galaxy Scientist.png
Obtained if the player found 20 Blind Boxes and redeemed Reward N.
Forest Elf
Forest Elf.png
Obtained if the player found 20 Blind Boxes and redeemed Reward E.


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  • This is the first Luobu event to contain more than one experience.
  • Kid Nezha was only obtainable in Tencent Video in China with the Nezha's Devil Boy Descends Into The World event, but then was made available worldwide on September 1, 2021.
  • This event was confirmed to happen in a Group Shout in the group.
  • There's multiple references to the pop-culture characters in the event:
  • There is a bug in which the player can obtain both Rthro packages rather than only one Rthro package.
  • This event is one of the few events in Roblox in which the player can keep only one free item from a selection of free items.
  • The hidden boxes in the event were originally eggs in the testing game.