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FRONTLINES is a first-person shooter developed by a group MAXIMILLIAN. The development was supported by Roblox Game Fund. FRONTLINES was released on February 22, 2023.


FRONTLINES is a first-person shooter where players fight against their enemy team, using primary, secondary and melee weapons as well as their gadget item. Players can level up to unlock weapons and custom loadouts as well as earn credits and skills. Credits can be used to purchase weapons and skills. Players can customize their weapons in the loadout tab. FRONTLINES has four game modes: Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Domination and Kill Confirmed, and supports 7v7 matches. Some mechanics of the game also include a kill cam.


MAXIMILLIAN Studios, who developed FRONTLINES, is a 5-person team consisting of cbmaximillian, sidnad10, 1231551, 101airsoft, and Doc_021.[1] FRONTLINES was inspired by Modern Warfare 2.[2]

MAXIMILLIAN Studios began developing FRONTLINES in 2019.[1] Roblox supported FRONTLINES development through Game Fund.[3] FRONTLINES can be seen in two Game Fund showcase videos.[4][5]


FRONTLINES received 13 million visits in less than a month after its release on February 22, 2023, which was contributed by coverage from live streamers and YouTubers.[1][6]

FRONTLINES is generally considered to be similar to Call of Duty, and is commonly praised for its graphics and gameplay. According to an Insider Gaming article, the game is praised for "its smooth gameplay, well-designed maps, and its similarity to Call of Duty."[1] FRONTLINES is also praised for including features that were not in Modern Warfare 2, such as a classic mini map, shooting while sliding, tactical sprint, weapon customization and map voting.[7][8][9] The game's release also generated reactions from a few popular community members including KreekCraft and KonekoKitten, as well as streamers like CouRage.[8]